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  1. 54_and_counting

    Fifa 23

    Defending can be brutal, it takes a while to judge when to let go of the sprint button when tracking back your your guy can turn back when someone cuts inside etc, Sometimes you just can't defend when yoir opened up, again its good that way because it feels more real
  2. 54_and_counting

    Fifa 23

    I like it, i feel its more football like, its harder to just dribble and through ball, actually quick one touch passing works so well now
  3. 54_and_counting

    Fifa 23

    Not had much pack luck, had to buy abraham, stones and guendozi just to be competitive, Got coins and shit for when decent packs are released
  4. 54_and_counting

    Fifa 23

    Stamina will be gone on them, i get the same with mine
  5. 54_and_counting

    Fifa 23

    Only issue with the position mods is that players have specific positions they can play and thats it lol
  6. Seeing this thread reminds me of this and other drawn games like it Would love another broken sword game
  7. The car chase scene in the last series there, view from perez and the crooks car, tight road, barely space either sidr of the car Cuts to the helicopter view of the chase, its like a fucking dual carriageway they are on, then back to the incar view, road is back to being a shitty tight we road lol
  8. 54_and_counting

    Fifa 23

    Tried the webapp last night, opened the loyalty packs, got absolutely shite cards, gonna patch it till the actual game comes out
  9. 54_and_counting

    FIFA 22

    Oofftt, Decided to have a look at the market since the game has almost finished, people still trying to seel cards for over a million lol, Wish id focused on pele icon card earlier, he's fucking ridiculous,
  10. Rockstar can say what they want, wouldn't surprise me if they leaked it on purpose to get everyone talking about it again, and get everyone focusing on GTA again
  11. 54_and_counting

    FIFA 22

    I've never got a Ronaldo, still running reece james as right back and vertout as my cdm lol Enjoy using pele as CM though, he's unreal
  12. Get a mini snes or an emulator and play "a link to the past" Imo still the best zelda game ever made, absolutely fantastic fun from start to finish
  13. 54_and_counting

    FIFA 22

    Ive started the pele sbc, dont really care for much else, something to do till 23 comes out
  14. Given the media frenzy and how they immediately portrayed him as the killer from the first minute, mitchell had absolutely no chance of a neutral, unbiased jury for his trial Wether he did it or not it will never be known 100% probably, but lets not kid ourselves that when the jury was selected they didn't already have an opinion on him
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