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  1. It could but it doesn't lose 99% of its value overnight, it would still have assets etc that give it some form of value, and even a shock scandal etc is something that can be analysed and i dare say avoided in the future Crypto is literally something that someone created out of thin air, theres nothing to it, its like a ponzi scheme but you don't actually see the people fucking you over
  2. But it did happen out of nowhere, dropping 99% of its value its something that people could look at the coin for days or weeks, analyze it and predict it The likes of netflix tesco etc, there are physical reasons why it goes tits up, absolutely nothing like that in crypto
  3. Crypto is probably worse, at least with the dot com bubble if you invested in something you could actually see it, it might have absolutely no assets other than what it did online etc but it was still visible Crypto is essentially someone just making something out of thin air, there's literally nothing to it at all
  4. I think it's more the fact that with any actual business etc you can investigate why the crash happened, netflix, tesco whoever But with crypto, theres absolutely no way to even guess why it crashes other than it did,
  5. Thought this was a thread about dealing with all the obesity in the country
  6. Some amount of people are going to be burned big time with crypto aint they, and i highly doubt by accident
  7. How that isnt a red only the ref can explain, thank f**k for VAR next winter, an absolutely shambolic tackle
  8. Thought the women took the place of the teenagers this episode in that you felt that the comedy was forced, the lines the men got to say were just tremendous though, Im convinced they could do a show of gerry and joe on a car journey and it would be fucking hilarious
  9. Nah patched it the now mate, just canny bring myself to try organising it all again, pretty much all I've did since Thursday night lol, Might get a miracle later in the week but i doubt it,
  10. Unless a miracle happens im staying home, outbound flight overbooked so unless i can find another way to Gibraltar im losing hunners on different legs of the journey It was a risk i know, still scunnered its fell through
  11. Ah well fucked it, going to Gibraltar on Monday morning, two nights on the rock, head to seville on wed morning, night in seville with mates then back home somehow, havent booked that part yet lol
  12. Holidays only start on the Sunday night, ive resigned to not going tbh, its too much of a jaunt
  13. Its ridiculous, best i can find now is flying to either lisbon, crashing in portugal and getting to seville from there, or flying to almeria and again getting to seville from there, both are shit journeys The Madrid option is fucking brutal with train times
  14. Haha, although that was a helluva dark moment for an mcu film, Still quality though
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