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  1. Yeah, baptiste was obviously the follow on as you probs know, saved starting a new thread when they are essentially linked by the main character anyway Although a missing sequel would be good
  2. 2 year bump but worth it if this series is as good as the last ones Started 9pm tonight
  3. There could be a variant of kang in the quantum realm i suppose, he was trapped there by his timelines avengers or whatever and ant man accidentally releases him (obviously not knowing who he is) into our timeline, Wonder if we'll see some form of the f4 in ant man 3, richards and pym were very good teammates in the comics iirc,
  4. Seen a few say now that loki was meant to be a 12 part series, but they halved it in two due to covid time constraints, so that's like a mid season break episode Was very good, "kang" was bloody good, got to imagine that if kang is the big bad in ant man 3, that they'll be another hero to go along with ant man and wasp, surely lol
  5. Wonder when they'll drop the sylvie name and call her enchantress
  6. Worth taking the risk? We literally shut the country down for over a year to minimise said risk, put people out of jobs, absolutely fucked the economy, all because they didn't want to risk anything Even when we took the risk by allowing games at hampden with large crowds, the cafe up the road from it was still asking its customers to wear face masks when not at their table because the government says theres still enough of a risk lf passing the virus while walking to the toilet 2 people on a bus that holds 65 people still need to wear a mask because again the government deems that not wearing a mask is too risky But 12k at hampden, 3k at a fanzone twice daily (tell me again what part of watching the euro game between france and switzerland in the fanzone is a once in a lifetime thing) is worth throwing all that "risk" away
  7. Or look at it this way Glasgow had zero fans, then 12k with another 6k daily at a fanzone set up in a public park, now back down to a couple of thousand,
  8. Ah so covid knew scotland hadn't been to a final in ages and decided to take 4 weeks off did it?
  9. Or perhaps the individual clubs should just throw money at the scottish government, like the rugby must have done given the relaxation of all restrictions they got
  10. It shouldn't, do you think all stores in buchanan galleries for example have the same capacity? A recent wee jaunt to edinburgh, seen the new st james quarter shopping centre, people queuing up for the lego shop for example as it had a capacity of about 20 if lucky, john lewis over 3 floors didn't have that problem How the crowds get to the grounds shouldn't really be an issue, public transport is limited capacity, theres no limits on how many can walk the streets, so its about just getting fans in through the turnstiles, and thats it
  11. Yet level 2 still allowed an unregulated fan zone to exist that held 2k fans twice a day
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