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  1. It has decent replayability with 5 difficulty modes and a shop which you unlock points for by completing in game challenges
  2. Same, had been looking forward to this until seen the spoilers, f**k that, utter garbage plotline
  3. 40hrs to complete midgar is a bit of a pisstake, they are clearly gonna just pad the f**k out of what was already a good length section in the original game
  4. Its been of the most anticipated remakes for years, one of the most requested, and they treat the fans like this, brutal Id much prefer to wait till the full game is out in its various parts
  5. Will it not annoy you that it wont be the full game when its released
  6. Ferguson really was outstanding in his days,
  7. Wow you clearly missed the point, and i mean not just shaved the post but row z thunderbolt missed my point
  8. That was a joke, not even close to accidental hand ball, the defender literally dived to punch it away and the VAR still told the ref to have a second look at it, utterly embarrassing lol
  9. Accidentally knocking a bobby over gets you arrested, stealing one of their hats on purpose to celebrate a goal is deemed fine Fucking shambolic police force
  10. Supposedly the steward that tried to calm it down has been arrested as well
  11. Dunno if celtic want a replay, copenhagen might take 4 or 5 off them this time lol
  12. Funnily enough, to me it seemed that rangers borrowed a bit from Scottish football on wed night, we were happy to sit in and hit on the break, flood the central areas and force braga wide to consistently hvetto put crosses into the box Ive noticed our domestic opponents doing that, knowing full well that they have numbers in the box to defend the crosses
  13. If celtic looked at the lazio results as a marker then they should have remembered that a lot of times in the group stages, teams from decent countries dont bother their arses etc Same for some of rangers results, 4 points off porto doesnt mean we'd beat braga,
  14. Football gods against you, ffs you got the penalty to equalise, copenhagen literally handed you the equaliser f**k all to do with football gods, just that celtic were shite
  15. You did, the police didn't let rangers players near the rangers fans when we won just before New year,
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