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  1. Yeah, they probs have his dna from an underage hooker or something like that, the shit that they hooked other coppers with
  2. He must be guilty given the guy that killed blakewell said about this is what happens to a rat, buckles cleverly knew blakewell was getting done in when you seen him shaking like f**k pouring out the milk
  3. Again though its that obvious you start to wonder is he dodgy or just looking out for himself
  4. I actually like him in the show, his "bent b*****d" lines to gates were tremendous lol People using the scottish link to put the two of them together, has the show even said that one or the other or both were actually scottish at any point An outside bet is the nonce copper from season 3, fairbanks was it?
  5. Might have thought that, but with the nest not getting another series, compston might well be needing the work 😂 Nah would be a massive twist if he drops out,
  6. Think then writers are throwing H symbols about everywhere now to have us all talking lol
  7. Probably find that hastings and his team will solve the journalists murder, so the ac merge will still happen but ted gets to lead it and he'll recruit steve, kate and maybe chloe (if they don't turn her or bump her off this series) I can see ryan going down in a blaze of glory this season,
  8. Aye, thats the best and worst part of it, obviously RNG plays a big role but at times you don't feel its that, you feel that its you that's made the mistake, Breezing through a downed alien craft mission (i play xcom 2) without losing anyone and you feel like a god, then an escort mission pops up, and one of they stupid enemies that can de ammo your weapons with a cloud thing that blows up, hits your whole squad as you accidentally walked into his line of sight with your last guys last move lol
  9. The worst part of the game the now is the snipers one shotting you in close quarters, theres no sway or effect on their aim when they run, slide then aim, its a fucking joke how its working the now
  10. I thought the statement the lawyer had was what lakewell was meaning, on tape he says "i didnt talk" but he wrote it down or something like that There might not be a mole in ac-12 given that the permission to take lakewell out of jail will need signed off from way above, the routes would have been known to the armed police units, their commanders, etc
  11. Yeah clone wars was fantastic at times, landing at point rain episode and the full umbara arc were just tremendous
  12. Aye there was no jokes, no funny quips or anything, even the flashback was of the building being blown up, Was a really good episode, the bit with buckys arm shows the wakandans werent even 100% sure that he was completely free of his brainwashing
  13. Yup, the original on the ps1 was good the newer versions simply blew it out the water, i regularly go back and play xcom 2 when ive nothing else to catch my attention, the whole tactical aspect is tremendous, how satisfying is it when you set up and ambush and your team rains death on the enemy
  14. Never played the first MGS on the ps1? Was such a defining game, the stealth mechanics was completely fluid and unreal at the time, simple things like chapping on a wall to distract a guard etc
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