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  1. James Bonds

    Brosnan Craig Moore Connery Dalton
  2. I'm a Celebrity 2018

    That was hilarious, when the giant wave gubbed them and you see harry at the bottom going "what just happened" Harry is brilliant
  3. I'm a Celebrity 2018

    So Harry gets to another semi final lol, Wonder if they will do the water course challenge this year given a stiff breeze probably knocks harry over and john barrowman has a gubbed ankle
  4. Resident evil 2 remake

    It looks completely different in that zombies are much more dangerous (no dodging by them in tight corridors) plus its the resi 4 camera viewpoint (not the worst thing tbh) The 30mins play demo video looks good, im really looking forward to how much bigger and better the umbrella lab will look along with how fucking nightmarish William birkin and the tyrant thing look, infact f**k playing the b game (if thats still in it) as that big fucking green coated tyrant was a b*****d lol
  5. Resident evil 2 remake

    Given its the over the shoulder viewpoint id guess we're getting resi 4 type controls, they were pretty decent iirc
  6. Advertising Update

    Ad blockers work great on android
  7. Check out @RangersFACTS’s Tweet: Morelos was also flagged offside here
  8. Premier League 2018-19

    He was onside there as well, neville is having a mare
  9. Premier League 2018-19

    Never a penalty, shite decision and how after 2 replays neville still thinks it is a penalty is beyond me
  10. Must have missed that, i was watching for funny handshakes though
  11. So the linesman flagged and madden overruled him did he?
  12. Genuine question given he correctly sent off a rangers player, what else did he do that aided rangers and went against hearts?
  13. What part did madden play in Rangers win?
  14. Resident evil 2 remake

    A good viewing of what the new resi remake will look like, f**k me it looks outstanding, and quite nerve racking Out jan 25th, can see this being a major seller
  15. Marvel Punisher

    Im sure in a flashback they are effectively having a picnic at a table next to the carousel, russo was there as well, so both kinda correct lol