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  1. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    What the f**k do you do if you actually get up at half 6, worryingly what do you not do (shower, brush teeth etc) if you get up at 8
  2. What games would you like to see remade?

    Broken sword could be an interesting remake, could it work in first person mode,
  3. Marvel Punisher

    Once disney started banging on about their own streaming service this was always going to happen to the netflix shows,
  4. fitba games from the past...

    Through balls have always been unbalanced in footie games, either too easy to do or too shit, to this day no footie game has a properly balanced through ball, purely down to shit AI defenders Not sure if it was that one or the snes version, but i used to have a front 3 of overmars, batistuta and hasselbaink, through ball cross batigoal nods it home for his 50th of the season lol
  5. fitba games from the past...

    Iss, is pro and iss pro deluxe broke the mould on footie games, they were awesome
  6. fitba games from the past...

    Kevin keegans player manager on the snes was awesome, until you learned what letter of the alphabet started you off with the best team One glitch that was funny in that game is that if your money went over 2.14bill (something like the memory in a computer system) it reverted back to 0 and your club was in the shit lol
  7. Barcelona

    This surely has to go into the gold section just for the pure ridiculousness of it
  8. What games would you like to see remade?

    See i had thought of that but aa an EA game they lock most of it behind lootboxes Create your own boxer, if you wanted a left hand for him though you'd need to luck one from a pack etc
  9. Resident evil 2 remake

    You face Mr X earlier as well if you're not careful
  10. Resident evil 2 remake

    Claire's first game takes a different path as well at a point in the RPD, and a wee bit once you get out of the station, plus the lab at the end as well, Once you do her 2nd game you get the true ending as well mind you, Oh and get used to cursing a lot more, it feels like claires weapons are way shitter than leons
  11. YES Bar

    She also took money off them for future ecents seemingly that had no chance of happening given the winding up order the bar got or whatever companies house done to them I dont care for politics at all, but it looks like the owner has done the off with the money and done quite a few people, shite behaviour full stop
  12. E-Chat Quick Question Thread

    The earlier samsungs like the s3 etc arent that big but do a job
  13. Resident evil 2 remake

    Did you do claires 2nd run?
  14. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    Browns first booking was a red, lunge off the ground studs up and caught the boy late, its a shocker that he regularly gets away with, dont care for his goal, shit like that happens, but he deserved a red and thats twice in two weeks he's gotten lucky
  15. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    I take it you have a valid permit to fish in these waters sir?