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  1. 2 more wins for scotland in europe this season seemingly all but guarantees 2 CL for a future season A remarkable achievement given the absolute doing the scottish clubs gave the co-efficient over the years (and i include the OF in that statement)
  2. Both probably, knows he's made of tracing paper so fakes injuries to avoid scotland games incase he gets injured
  3. Was one of they games that happen from time to time, ive seen rangers steal games like that and ive seen it happen to us previous, it'll happen again, we just need to carry on As for the goal and the penalty, thems the breaks, forster played well, the type of performances that bring about a penalty save As for VAR, still naw from me, we lost today when it could have helped, but footballs all about the 50/50 decisions that we can "discuss" with others, remove that and football is boring as f**k at times As for the resident celtic fans, enjoy the win you b*****ds 😂😂
  4. Nah didn't get many bites, was a poor attempt at 2am
  5. Apparently there was a pitch inspection tonight and it essentially failed, ball isnt moving and water not draining away
  6. Do you think Ruiz has control of his weight? Probably put on the stone celebrating the win over AJ. If id won like ruiz did back in june id have put on more than a stone lol
  7. Probably to take a lot of punishment to try and get inside AJ's reach, probably didnt expect AJ to get so light, AJ went all rocky 3 on ruiz
  8. Cant see AJ losing this now, he knows the belts are hos again, that knowledge will give him the energy for two more rounds
  9. Ruiz nose can take some punishment as well, he's taken some amount of jabs to it, the wee c**t has a brick face lol
  10. Ruiz has an uncanny concrete chin, one of the most solid in the heavyweight division that ive seen
  11. This is AJ's fight unless he becomes even more stupid than he was in june, think his corner need to keep drilling it into him to stay the f**k away from ruiz and wait till ruiz makes the mistake
  12. Joshua seems to have recovered from the ruiz blitz a couple rounds ago
  13. Maybe, although fighting someone the complete opposite in build, speed, style etc would be hard to focus 100% of the time,
  14. AJ just needs to keep avoiding him, keep him at bay with the jab and not let him in, but every so often he gets stupid and closes the space and tried to hammer ruiz and gets punished for it
  15. His ego most likely stops him, fernandinho at the back for example, guardiola said recently he likes him there, It like he will not admit to mistakes in the hope city can just score enough to cover them
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