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  1. A failed drugs test was the least of his worries. 2yr ban from that but this was more serious https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/2615219/darren-mccormack-attempted-murder-trial-james-martin-dead-leith/
  2. I agree The team to finish last will be between Stenny and Brechin
  3. I clearly misread what this said, but continued with it anyway
  4. Genuinely thought the topic title has been the brechin city managers team tactics over the past two seasons. Keep the ball (in defence) punt it up top, then undecided on what to do after that
  5. The match probably be on the iPlayer for up to 30days. Just fast forward it to the 'highlight'
  6. You know its a bad sign when the Committee are in the attacking half for longer periods than your strikers and they were sat on their arses the whole time!
  7. Not really seeing the penalty shout other than a blatant dive. At the time I thought Duggan did the "form a plank" and fall over and the highlights confirms this, as mentioned below Duggan pushes the ball ahead of Sinclair then he draws his feet together just before he makes contact with Sinclair and falls over. If he'd kept a natural stride I think the ref probably would have given the penalty. Not seeing too much for the head knock either. It's not as if the Brechin player batters into him, too quick to jump / Raith player too slow to jump and its just a collision with the Brechin guy going over the top through momentum. Ref probably didn't see too much in it either, but I get your point, in this day and age, anything which could be classed as a head knock is generally called back.
  8. Fife might be blue but Angus is RED! Didn't see too much between the teams in the first half and couldn't grumble at being one down. Kalvin was immense with his running throughout the match and a deserved man of the match. Didn't have to many expectations of a draw let alone a win after Raith's win against Dunfermline but absolutely delighted. Puts us up to 8th as well.
  9. Weather is supposed to be picking up Friday / Saturday so the ground will have a chance to breathe from Friday to Saturday so can't see the ground getting harder before the match.
  10. I thought the rules are if you forget your PE kit, you have to do the class (match) in your pants?
  11. Watching that is like being back at primary school where it was "A's v B's" or however your classes were divided up. Excellent use of both kits by Stenny. Not really surprising it ended in a draw really!
  12. You know the Angus Derby isn't bringing in any interest when it's started by a BLUENOSE Loon and replied first by a City BHOY!
  13. Compared to recent weeks (months (year and a half)) that was the first time in a while that the fans have seen a high press, more attacking formation and execution of a game of football. As others have said, it was like night and day compared to previous matches where we would line up with 5 at the back and only really counter than compete man for man. Every team has their expectations over the season and we're no different. We know that we're not going to be winning every game but we do expect our team to compete over the 90 minutes and we've not been doing that under Dods. But what we do expect, at this level at least, to be on a level playing field to the rest of the division as they're predominantly part time teams as well so it should be down to individual performances or the manager to make the difference between the two teams. We've not had that so yesterday was very refreshing to see the team do the right things, albeit, a mistake to let in Nisbet for the first ultimately the undoing of us. Listening to a few Raith fans on the way out I overheard one say it was good to get the three points despite being an under par performance from you guys. Obviously missing three big players had an impact from the Raith perspective but no doubt you'll be happy that McGlynn could see out a win where as under Smith you may not have and i think that could be the closest comparison to how the Brechin fans are feeling despite the defeat. Under Dods we'd have probably collapsed to a heavier defeat but with Campbell in charge there is renewed hope that things aren't going to be as negative.
  14. Some Stats Team From To Record G W D L Win % Jim Weir Brechin City May 2010 September 2012 96 33 28 35 34.38 Ray McKinnon Brechin City October 2012 May 2015 116 50 26 40 43.10 Darren Dods Brechin City 10 June 2015 Present 143 35 23 85 24.48 Jim Duffy Brechin City January 2009 May 2010 45 18 10 17 40.00 Weir sacked for being pish and not liked by the players, Duffy resigned for personal reasons but wasn't liked by the fans, McKinnon left for a bigger club. Dods stats being skewed by the promotion and disastrous year in the championship but still a terrible percentage win rate.
  15. Sadly, he wasn't binned by Brechin. Duffy's final year ended by him resigning as his father had passed away a couple of days before the final match he managed. He kept that to himself until after the game and handed in his resignation then. Even the players didn't know. Duffy went up in my estimation after hearing that. He ground out results and got us to the promotion places and whilst his management style isn't the greatest and we had a tiny squad under him, the players we did have worked their socks off for him. As quoted, he is a good coach, but I believe he's of the school of thought that he can only do so much, once the players are on the pitch it's up to them to make the difference rather than him 'playing' from the sidelines with continual instructions i.e if you don't know what you're doing by the time the whistle is blown then there's not much i can help you with! I think he'll do well at Queens Park.
  16. Always funny to see some greetin faced c***s throwing their handbags after they lose
  17. Well its either that or the local Dundee slag has cut her prices for the weekend and everyone's jumping on board
  18. Its the opening of the V&A in Dundee today which is right next to the bridge so yes it'll be complete chaos for the whole weekend there. https://www.vam.ac.uk/dundee/season/2018/opening-weekend
  19. In hindsight I think everyone should have stuck to posting in the match thread rather than the frivolous topic on Darren Dods' future that @FifeSons started
  20. you quote that and miss out scramashes instead of stramashes
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