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  1. Even with Watford at Chelsea and Norwich at Spurs I don't see that happening!
  2. Football advisor at brechin for the past year will so that to you
  3. Everytime i see Tapatalk I can't help but think of this
  4. I don't need to imagine. I watched the video and I've concluded the above from it
  5. Frankfurt backroom staff doing his best goose impression
  6. Amad off the bench to win the Europa League and then go back to man u with more silverware than them this season
  7. With that headwound on the 5th minute they didn't help it with the Terry butcher look
  8. If the past month is anything to go by then I'll be awaiting for the HL statement and the rebuttle from fort
  9. Exclusive footage from John Hughes interview with the Dunfermline board on his plan for the future reface-2022-05-08-01-04-08.mp4
  10. As much as I'm enjoying the Simpson's memes i am a sucker for a classic!
  11. You Sir, are a liar* *or not a very good watch collector, there's always room for one more!
  12. I dunno about that. He's been pretty spot on with the starting 11 most weeks this season
  13. Calling cards of high brow intellects for the past couple pages
  14. Better than any Edinburgh or Glasgow derby this season so far already
  15. What's the ram your 1902 all about on the Hibs flag?
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