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  1. A failed drugs test was the least of his worries. 2yr ban from that but this was more serious https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/2615219/darren-mccormack-attempted-murder-trial-james-martin-dead-leith/
  2. I agree The team to finish last will be between Stenny and Brechin
  3. I clearly misread what this said, but continued with it anyway
  4. Genuinely thought the topic title has been the brechin city managers team tactics over the past two seasons. Keep the ball (in defence) punt it up top, then undecided on what to do after that
  5. The match probably be on the iPlayer for up to 30days. Just fast forward it to the 'highlight'
  6. You know its a bad sign when the Committee are in the attacking half for longer periods than your strikers and they were sat on their arses the whole time!
  7. Not really seeing the penalty shout other than a blatant dive. At the time I thought Duggan did the "form a plank" and fall over and the highlights confirms this, as mentioned below Duggan pushes the ball ahead of Sinclair then he draws his feet together just before he makes contact with Sinclair and falls over. If he'd kept a natural stride I think the ref probably would have given the penalty. Not seeing too much for the head knock either. It's not as if the Brechin player batters into him, too quick to jump / Raith player too slow to jump and its just a collision with the Brechin guy going over the top through momentum. Ref probably didn't see too much in it either, but I get your point, in this day and age, anything which could be classed as a head knock is generally called back.
  8. Fife might be blue but Angus is RED! Didn't see too much between the teams in the first half and couldn't grumble at being one down. Kalvin was immense with his running throughout the match and a deserved man of the match. Didn't have to many expectations of a draw let alone a win after Raith's win against Dunfermline but absolutely delighted. Puts us up to 8th as well.
  9. Weather is supposed to be picking up Friday / Saturday so the ground will have a chance to breathe from Friday to Saturday so can't see the ground getting harder before the match.
  10. I thought the rules are if you forget your PE kit, you have to do the class (match) in your pants?
  11. Watching that is like being back at primary school where it was "A's v B's" or however your classes were divided up. Excellent use of both kits by Stenny. Not really surprising it ended in a draw really!
  12. You know the Angus Derby isn't bringing in any interest when it's started by a BLUENOSE Loon and replied first by a City BHOY!
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