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  1. Twatt City Dull City Pronounced 'Eh' apparently Eh City (is that not Dundee?)
  2. Saw it in the Villa game yesterday, McGinn got a concussion substitution off and by default the opposition get an extra sub for free.
  3. I reckon Rolex are a different kettle of fish though. Because they've restricted production the sought after models have gone completely nuts and the 'lesser' models are being hoovered up at inflated prices now cos of the Instagram generation creating hype over the brand. If i had the chance to buy a Rolex around the time you got yours it may have appealed but these days i wouldn't go near one.
  4. For the price point on that watch from when you bought yours to rise 20 -25% in such a short space of time is quite impressive
  5. Just as a matter of interest i popped onto Chrono44 to look at this watch again. I know you didn't buy it to make money off it but it's gone up in price quite nicely https://www.chrono24.co.uk/seiko/ref-srpc44.htm
  6. Thinking a chronograph https://www.chrono24.co.uk/junghans/junghans-meister-chronoscope--id20593534.htm Although second hand, it may fit the bill? Through a dealer as well (i filtered out the private sellers on Chrono24)
  7. Paddy was happy to be a bench warmer. The majority of his appearances would have been since Buzz left for Stenny but the team as a whole didn't have much confidence. The odd appearances he made while Buzz was with us varied from playing an absolute blinder to having some absolute howlers. Typical for a sub keeper at this level. I would say he needs to command his box a bit better and be more vocal to his defence. Providing they can provide a decent level of cover then he should be ok. However, if the defence is all to hell then he can only do so much to keep the ball out of the net!
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