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  1. Doubtful. He appeared on the BBC rumour page the day before he was appointed Watford manager so just the usual shite journalist being told to make up some pish to sell a few papers and get those internet clicks cos their careers are pointless
  2. Every time i type pie and bovril, well just pie so the address appears into my phone's address bar I'm getting automatic suggestions for piers fucking Morgan
  3. I'm no mathematician but a £5 bet at 33 / 1 does not equal £2,210?
  4. Phoenix from the flames. I think they've finally come to terms that they died EDIT Is that the Celtic end?
  5. I present to you, Inverurie Loco Works yesterday!
  6. Even with those odds Clach still couldn't score last time out
  7. I hope for Montrose's sake there's not Machado about nothing in that signing
  8. Probably cos it had strippers in there on another day (or maybe that's the queue for that night) so not frequented by birds much!
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