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  1. Weirdly enough I heard a couple of songs this week and went digging to find out where the sample was from. samples Samples also by the KLF samples * I'll gloss over the use of a Gary Glitter track in that one though! samples samples That's all for now
  2. Going by what was mentioned on the previous page about footballers watches encrusted with jewels my choicese of 'money no object' might not go down too well! Christophe Claret Blackjack 21 watch with inbuilt casino games! Saw this featured in a Watchfinder email from a few years back and I was amazed by the non standard features which have been built around the normal watch movement. £200k + price tag but no don't gone up since the article was published. Jacob and Co Astronomia, the above version is a casino themed one although there are others based on the movement design. Again like the Christophe Claret watch the Engineering invloved to make the watch work is phenomenal. You have a Tourbillon movement which turns the four arms which itself has a triple axis Tourbillon which keeps the time. Completely over the top and something which as a watch i feel is completely pointless as it detracts from actually being able to tell the time easily but as a piece of art / engineering its right up there with the best of them. $1million dollar watch. Finally, the Patek Phillipe Grandmaster Chimes. A double sided handcrafted work of art. Up there as one of the best watch manufacturers in the world, there's a video on Youtube showing the craftsmanship that goes into one of these watches so its little wonder that the watch is worth over £2.5 million! On a more realistic budget, when my mortgage is paid off I'll be looking at a Grand Seiko Spring Drive, one of the most accurate automatic watches which performs almost at the same level as a battery powered quartz watch as twice as accurate as the best Rolex Superlative Chronometer. I'd also be looking at getting an Omega Seamaster, probably one of the James Bond limited editions. I'm sure there's others that would take my eye but I can't think of any at the moment.
  3. The guy on that Twitter account doesn't have a good look about him 🤔 😱
  4. I wasn't looking for bites. As you've mentioned in the Queens topic agreeing with another member that its some year to become 'moneybags fc' Its no secret that the steps Queens have taken to step up to the professional outfit that they are and presumably significant investment which has assisted that. The playing squad which i reckon has at least half of its players from the Championship level will be on wages far exceeding League 2 salaries for a lot of players. How far in advance are Queens Park looking? 5 yrs, 10 yrs, and what are you trying to achieve? Average attendances at matches (Covid excepting) are on a par with the majority in this league and the league above so the sustainability aspect isn't something which can be maintained over a long period. It'll plateau eventually (maybe its already at its level considering the competition for fans amongst other glasgow based teams). The last thing Queens want is a Gretna situation where there's a short term injection of cash, good times roll, then something happens, the funding isn't there and you're left with crippling debts (extreme i know) and I'm sure as a borad you wouldn't allow that to happen. Football as a whole isn't sustainable though and the only thing that appears to show 'ambition' as is mentioned so often here is throwing money at the problem. Fair play to the people who have that sort of money to band about on a football team, but to call it ambition is misguided to say the least.
  5. I always enjoy reading about these ambitious clubs, regardless of which division they're in. There's been a number of 'ambitious' clubs in the leagues to date. Below are a list of some which you may have heard of. Glasgow Rangers (pre 2012) Heart of Midlothian Livingston FC x 2 Dundee FC x 2 Gretna (pre 2008) Airdrieonionas FC (was it the SPL that fucked them with the 10k seating pish?) Kelty (work in progress) Queens Park (work in progress) I'm sure there's others that can be named but they all pretty much have the same levels of 'ambition' or financial mismanagement as most others call it. Chasing the dream with a rich backer will give a degree of short term success, yes success will bring fans in / back to the club they support / supported, but if it can't be sustained then what happens, the ambition runs out and you join the rest of the 'also rans'
  6. @OfficialCatchup Catchup with @RampantFM, @Mozzaplays & @MrBenGrant covering all the latest from Scottish Non-League. Bearing in mind what you said 'Reading on twitter that old firm colts in league 2 might have enough support to be approved ' how the f**k does a random shitty twitter account with mixed comments from about 30 odd folk ranging from aye great, to no f**k off and everything in between come anywhere near to have enough support to be approved. I've said it once and i'll say it again.......kindly f**k off
  7. There's your first mistake. Now kindly f**k off
  8. Surely if @Bairnardo is involved, just go straight for the midget porn 🤪
  9. Surely by the photos she's aiming for a part in Starksy and Hutch
  10. Well when someone thinks of something, I'm sure that'll mean there's a light at the end of the tunnel 😉
  11. I've suggested to the wife about taking a trip down Cadbury alley, but it always leads to a dead end
  12. OTFW? Opposite The Fat Women I don't think 'leave' was an option in that scenario 🤔
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