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  1. Highlights now up on the Brechin website. https://www.brechincity.com/bcfc/p/v/303
  2. It's not nonsense though. You're still making the excuse that it's acceptable behavior 'because its football'. The same issues don't exist to the same extent in other sporting events either whether its a team event like Rugby or Cricket or individual sports like Tennis or Golf (perhaps Ryder Cup excepted!) The comparison to the average joe at his desk is still relevant cos ultimately a football player is simply trying to do their job to the best of their ability, it just so happens when they do it well, as you say, folk chant their name and celebrate wildly. Some times it is nice to get a wee boost if your boss or client / customer is grateful for the way you did your job. Everyone enjoys a compliment no matter what their task has been.
  3. Sadly with this attitude, you yourself are adding to the problem, not actually helping it in any way at all. We can all see that football is rife with complete morons on and off the field of play but distancing yourself from these people is the best thing you can do if you have the brain capacity to do so. No one has the right to feel they can just give someone pelters for no reason at all other than they wear a different coloured strip to the one you allegedly support or in life in general. That's just the definition of someone being a c**t for the sake of being a c**t. You say that weaponising someones mental health is beyond banter yet slagging someone off / pelters / winding someone up is ok? How do you know its ok? If you put yourself in their position, how many times when you've been at your work has someone put you down, given you pelters etc week in week out? I'm sure that in Cox's case as with other footballers, not just at this level other than being given pelters on the pitch, i suspect that they've had the rejection of playing at a higher level and being told they're not good enough and all of these factors have contributed towards their mental health. How the individual deals with that is another thing though. Some have the mental strength to shake things off, water off a ducks back, however, in Cox's case, its probably manifested itself inside his head into something greater to the point where he tried to take his own life and this can now be used by opposing players and fans to put him off during matches. I've seen comments on here with regard to players invite things on themselves (Bobby Barr as everyone's lower league favourite hate figure) however, he's reacting to getting it in the neck from fans and fans give it back in retaliation. It's a vicious circle and I doubt that it's going to change any time soon. Rather than dishing out abuse / pelters / wind ups to the opposition and having a laugh with your mates about it, just support your team, you know, as a 'supporter'. As you've said, football's not a life and death situation.
  4. By his own admission i think he regrets it
  5. hook line and sinker? sadly not. when a topic like this appears and the usual suspects get rolled out and i quite clearly spotted you were on the 'bantz' with your in the know havering shite....oh yeah got me good there.....idiot
  6. Paul Hegarty SOS I've been told. Dave Bowman I heard You hear a lot? Maybe you shouldn't listen to your arse every time you fart though
  7. Jermaine Jenas is a Pars fan on the BBC news this morning!
  8. Fort William can achieve that scoreline in one match, we've at least spread it over 6 games!
  9. At least we've now signed the guy who scored the goal against Dundee in the friendly though
  10. A failed drugs test was the least of his worries. 2yr ban from that but this was more serious https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/2615219/darren-mccormack-attempted-murder-trial-james-martin-dead-leith/
  11. I agree The team to finish last will be between Stenny and Brechin
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