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  1. Nice to see this thread is still on the go. I’ve signed up for my 4th marathon. Stirling 2021 in May. As always I’m starting from scratch. Haven’t run the length of me in a year.
  2. There were times he burst through yet it would take a wonder pass to actually reach him. Houston has a plan for him obviously. I'd have let him go instead of given him a deal. Having both Shepherd and O'hara at the club at the same time might hinder both of their development.
  3. Sorry but Shepherd just doesn't have it. I saw nothing last night to suggest otherwise. Nothing against the guy personally. I didn't see any positional sense, his decision making in terms of where he made certain runs and which headers to challenge for was debatable and there was no composure for his chance. He certainly got in the way when O'hara headed over. Perhaps on that occasion O'hara should have been making it clearer that it was his header. We looked fine though. Moving the ball around far quicker because we are down to one of Kerr and Sibbald.....
  4. Couple of great strikes for Hippo's first 2. His third reminded me of hus goal against Second, just enough power behind it to get it past a deflection. Best goal for me though was Fash's header. Great cross, superb placement.
  5. One of the broadsheets suggested Disney ordered a re-shoot. I'm not fussed, the ending was brilliant.
  6. I loved it. Scarif was just stunning and that 60 second scene near the end? OOOFT.
  7. 2 tickets going for this after I fell out of my loft. Drop me a PM if interested.
  8. 2 tickets going for tomorrow's Super Furry Animals gig at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. Drop me or Nizzy pm if interested.
  9. This all the way. It's been a chore but I enjoyed the Tara episode. I've quickly grown bored of Negan. We'd heard of him for how long? There has been plenty of opportunity to take him out. I can understand Saviors not risking it but after the opening episode there's no way any of Rick's group wouldn't have taken thier chances.
  10. I'm really enjoying this. Some unconvincing acting in the early episodes turned out to be spot on after the big reveal (should have seen it coming). Ben Daniels is brilliant and it's pretty brutal in places but I have one MAJOR concern: It's just not scary. Not great for what's meant to be a direct sequel to the original.
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