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  1. Not much busta, its hard to get on when your not subscribed :(

  2. what's happening on sky sports the day?

  3. Im sure that was directed at me for saying Sportscenes better than MOTD
  4. Just me seeing the irony of lichtieforlifes name?
  5. theres a mad man in a field.... im chasing him...... he owns a shotgun....... and a cat

  6. my moneys on Central Korea, nobody notices them so nobody will realise they get bombed. It's a shame but being trapped between North and South Korea leads to this sort of incident.
  7. It's obviously a giant freddo wrapper being used as a temporary o-zone layer until it heals itself. Brilliant thinking yet again by the scientists of Earth
  8. Why? God will come down and cleanse your soul. You obviously have bad deeds tarnishing your existence so only a CONFESSION will suffice! You know its true because to God your not just somebody in a crowd, your his best friend
  9. syill pished and away for a game of footie! This wont end well........

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