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  1. Kudos to Sparta and Leverkusen - always good to see the bigot brothers being subjected to a bloody good hiding.
  2. There are vantage points just outside K-Park from where you can see almost the entire pitch - an ideal opportunity to support your team without giving these scabs any money.
  3. K Park is small enough to offer vantage points from outside. See your team in action + deprive sell outs of income = win win.
  4. If I've worked this out correctly, the unseeded teams should be regionalised as follows: North Alloa Athletic Brechin City Brora Rangers Cove Rangers Cowdenbeath East Fife Elgin City Forfar Athletic Kelty Hearts Montrose Peterhead Stirling Albion South Airdrieonians Albion Rovers Annan Athletic Clyde Dumbarton East Kilbride Edinburgh City Falkirk Partick Thistle Queen's Park Stenhousemuir Stranraer This is on the basis of a purely geographical north-south divide, which throws up the possibility of, for example, Stirling Albion being drawn in the same group as Brora Rangers, a 400-mile round trip, and unable to be drawn with Stenhousemuir 10 miles down the road. As far as I'm aware this is how it's worked in the past, hence the occasional switching between the north and south categories for 'middle ground' clubs.
  5. I've just e-mailed this to Motherwell. I can't see this abomination of an idea gaining the number of votes required to pass, but don't want to leave anything to chance. Feel free to copy/paste/modify and send to your own club. Hi there, I'm writing about the ongoing proposal to expand SPFL League Two, specifically with the introduction of Colt teams, and Motherwell's stance on this. Quite simply, this is possibly the worst idea I've ever heard presented in Scottish football, and that's saying something. Celtic and Rangers are the epitome of everything wrong with Scottish football. These two clubs have destroyed any iota of competition in our game with their financial duopoly. To improve the status quo in Scottish football, we need to reduce the gap between these two clubs and the rest of us. This proposal will do the exact opposite, using the lower leagues to strengthen and develop their youth players. It is also extremely insulting to fans of clubs in League Two to suggest their clubs should be used as training fodder for Celtic and Rangers. I'm not aware of Motherwell's stance on this, but I would hope we would see sense and see this idea for what it is - an abomination. We did the right thing in 2012, when the equally absurd notion of the new Rangers being parachuted into the top flight was floated - leaving it up to the fans. Quite rightly, that notion was treated with the contempt it deserved. This deserves the exact same treatment. I've been a Motherwell fan for as long as I can remember, going to home and away games regularly for over 20 years, but if we vote in favour of this proposal - irrespective of whether it gains enough support to pass - I will have no intention of stepping foot in Fir Park again. I don't want it to come to this, but at that point I could no longer associate with a club championing the polar opposite of what I believe is right for Scottish football. This is not in any way supposed to come across as blackmail, but merely an attempt to convey my opinion and that of a lot of football fans. Obviously, I can't speak for every Scottish football fan, but a quick look on some of the most popular forums will show you a groundswell of opinion vehemently opposed to this absurd notion. I remain optimistic that as a fan-owned club we will do the right thing again and do our bit to get this ridiculous notion in the sea where it belongs. Thanks for your time.
  6. Yep - the scenario outlined gives them an extra away game at Hamilton and one of Livingston/St Johnstone. Hamilton still need an extra home game, so the most efficient solution would be to send Dundee to them for a third time. Of course, they may want to avoid this to ensure the three teams in the relegation picture play each other home and away twice, in which St Johnstone would go to Hamilton for a third time instead.
  7. From what I've worked out, the most efficient way (minimal number of fixture changes) to ensure every team has an equal home/away split is to have the following fixtures for a third time: Hamilton v Dundee Livingston v Dundee Motherwell v Livingston OR St Johnstone v Dundee Motherwell v St Johnstone However, in the past the SPFL has managed to come up with more convoluted solutions, so it wouldn't surprise me if this isn't the case.
  8. Replace 'Accies' with the team you support and you have arguably the worst cliché in Scottish football. "If ever a team was on a bad run and needed a result, they're guaranteed to get it against us!" - fans of every club.
  9. If I've worked this out correctly, on the basis of a purely geographical north-south divide, the teams with corresponding seedings should be as follows: North Dundee, Dundee United, Ross County, St Johnstone Brechin City, Dunfermline Athletic, Falkirk, Inverness Caledonian Thistle Alloa Athletic, Arbroath, Cove Rangers, Cowdenbeath, East Fife, Elgin City, Forfar Athletic, Montrose, Peterhead, Raith Rovers, Stenhousemuir, Stirling Albion South Hamilton Academical, Heart Of Midlothian, Kilmarnock, Motherwell Livingston, Partick Thistle, Queen Of The South, St Mirren Airdrieonians, Albion Rovers, Annan Athletic, Ayr United, Berwick Rangers, Clyde, Dumbarton, Edinburgh City, Greenock Morton, Queen's Park, Spartans, Stranraer The cut-off point is between Cumbernauld and Grangemouth, with Falkirk being the most southern-based team in the North section and Clyde the northern-most in the South. The only problem with this is that the higher concentration of southern-based teams gives a slight advantage to some teams in the North; for example, Morton are unseeded in the South section despite finishing higher in the Championship than Brechin who would be second seeds in the North section. In any case, it seems unlikely to work this way as last year we had the geographical anomalies of Hearts in the North section and Edinburgh City in the South despite Tynecastle being geographically further south than Ainslie Park and Falkirk featuring in the North with Stenhousemuir in the South despite Ochilview being further north than The Falkirk Stadium.
  10. Interesting to see Hearts get the short straw and have to visit Ibrox for a third time. They've never had an uneven split of home/away games in the past but will now, whereas Aberdeen and Hibs are both 'up' by a 20/18 split each, but neither of these imbalances have been rectified by the fixtures. I can see the argument that Hearts aren't involved in the race for second place like Aberdeen and Hibs but would be somewhat disappointed in the circumstances given both sides' historical advantages. The arrangements for the bottom six are downright bizarre. Thistle going to Perth for a third time was obvious, but the additional changes for St Johnstone are unnecessarily convoluted. Not complaining, as we have the advantage of 20 home games to finally make amends for our 18/20 split in 2009/10, but the 19/19 split for all other teams could also have been achieved by sending Ross County to Dundee instead of switching two additional St Johnstone games.
  11. We will most likely get the third trip to Dens to balance out last season's situation when Dundee had three games at Fir Park. Funnily enough we had three away games at Celtic Park in the 2009/10 season when we were on the wrong side of the imbalance. As for the top six, Kilmarnock will certainly be at Ibrox for a third time, and most likely Aberdeen as they have had three 20/18 imbalances and only two 18/20 splits or Hibs as they have had one imbalance of 20/18.
  12. So perfect that in the 20 seconds or so he was on he managed to capture the third goal!
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