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  1. Yeah, I thought I recognised it and had a look yesterday. There was a scheme towards the end of the 2019/20 season. The full details aren't on the County website any more, but from the PR published elsewhere, it looks like it was 25% off for ST holders only "from the surrounding areas". There's tweets from people saying their driver hadn't even been told about it and let them on for free instead! This new scheme is a blanket £5 so roughly the same deal from Inverness and Alness. Not as good the closer you get to Dingwall, and would be a great deal if it was actually possible to use from Tain as the press release tries to imply. So it's a similar thing, extended to matchday ticket holders (although if you've bought online and intend to collect on the day, I'm not sure how that'll work). The blanket fare should be much easier to administer though.
  2. As a general rule, this is a good thing. However... The saving of £1.90 from Inverness or Alness is less than Ross County have put matchday ticket prices up by this season. The first eligible service (25A) from Tain on a Saturday doesn't arrive in Dingwall until 17:40.
  3. The primary reason for this will have been the lack of supporters bus. That wasn't due to a lack of interest (as sometimes is the case). The BISC couldn't source a coach. Presumably the local firms were all booked up with holiday tours and taking gloryhunters to Ibrox. The same happened for the Hearts game on the opening day of the season. Without a reasonably priced bus, an away day to Paisley from the Highlands can be prohibitively expensive for many, even at the best of times. We do have a reasonable number of fans in the central belt too. Our group would normally have been out in force on a sunny Saturday in August. We probably had half the number we would have had pre-covid though. Partly that's people getting in to different habits because of the enforced break we had, but I think a bigger factor (especially for me) is a feeling of apathy with the club since appointing Malky Mackay. I'm certainly picking and choosing my games more carefully now. More widely, I can see away attendances falling across the country this season (with a couple of notable exceptions). St Mirren appear to be the cheapest in the league (but still £25) and with the cost of living crisis, folk are going to have prioritise much more. On the game itself, I wasn't there, but the reports are not good. Not panic stations yet (County went 10 without a win at the start of last season - although did at least have one point after three games), but it's worrying they can turn in such creditable performances against Hearts and Celtic but then be so dire in what would have been considered a winnable match.
  4. I think you meant to direct that at TheScarf rather than me, but I suspect County were reporting the number of tickets "sold" rather than the actual attendance. That's a fairly common practice rather than fiddling the figures, as such. (I agree it's a fairly pointless thing to do, and I don't know if ICT do the same thing or not) Therefore, season ticket holders are included regardless of whether they were actually at the game or not. Due to historic reasons, there were still a number of legacy season tickets in circulation - people who'd got long-term tickets as part of previous investment in the club or as gifts, but maybe didn't always (ever?) use them. My understanding is they've been cut back since our most recent Championship winning season. There were also people like me who paid a share of a season ticket despite knowing I wouldn't be able to realise its full value, but wanting to support the club's immediate return to the top flight.
  5. TheScarf is probably right in saying County are in a bit of a false position because of the chairman's investment, but while our rise through the leagues might have been slower than ICT's, there's no particular reason to think our natural position is any lower than theirs now. Despite the growth of the city over the last couple of decades and a Scottish Cup win, the good people of Inverness don't seem particularly bothered about their local team.
  6. The Highlands-based sports journalists do a great job reporting news from the club, but there isn't enough scrutiny along with it. Whether that's because they (understandably) need to protect their symbiotic relationship, lack of capacity, or a perceived lack of interest, I don't know. If County were a bigger club there would definitely be interest in the club arbitrarily cancelling tickets of legit fans. I've no major issue with the decision to give Celtic the whole East Stand for the League Cup tie in itself. It's midweek, it's on TV and it's a cup game so STs don't apply. The language around it is poor though. It's clearly a stalking horse for moving ST holders and giving Celtic and Rangers more (if not all) the East Stand for future league games. If it wasn't they wouldn't have needed to refer to it as a trial or make a pointed reference to the "low uptake" of home tickets. The latter point was also pretty tone deaf given they were cancelling legit County fan tickets, and while their efforts to restrict away infiltration of the home end appear to have worked, this was after years of inaction. You can't blame fans for not having responded before seeing the outcome. It's a vicious circle as well. You simply will not get more home fans attending games if you increase away allocations. It has an impact on the atmosphere and the resultant increase in police (and horses!) presence is unlikely to make people feel more welcome. It's a legitimate business decision, but whether the short term cash grab pays off long term, we'll have to wait and see.
  7. You think his is quiet? We didn't even have a match thread for last weekend's Celtic game until 5pm on the Friday!
  8. Tickets are now on sale for the Killie and Aberdeen games and we appear to be charging all fans £28. The Jailend used to be cheaper than the East and West stands on account of the godawful view. Now it's the same across the board. And £28 is scandalous for a big game never mind a run-of-the-mill game like Killie. I makes it even less likely I'll bother going to a game when I'm back home visiting. Have we worked out the vast majority of our home fans are season ticket holders so this allows us to fleece away fans for all they're worth?
  9. You obviously don't spend enough time on Twitter, and for that you have my respect.
  10. It was two apparently. I don't even feel slightly bothered about cancelling my Sky subscription for this season. Look at these numbers.
  11. Sounds about right. Get it out of the way and move on. I enjoy the outrage from Celtic fans that Sky have the temerity not to select one of their away games for TV. How many times did County get on Sky in the end last season? Twice?
  12. Except they've since quote tweeted themselves to say it's six months. I don't know what the source for that is though.
  13. There's three different scenarios. 1) The plug gets pulled tomorrow á la Brooks Mileson at Gretna and we're fucked. However, there's no particular reason to think that scenario is likely. 2) Another apex investor takes over. There's no one that fits this bill currently involved, as far as I know. But there's no shortage of rich landowners in the Highlands who might be keen for a plaything or a bit of sportswashing. 3) A managed transition is the most likely, I think. The tap is gradually turned off and we regress to leaving within our means, perhaps with some more modest subsidies from some of the local businesses currently involved as sponsors. With the infrastructure and fanbase the club has, mid-table Championship is probably a reasonable expectation - with occasional prospects of challenging the play-offs at either end.
  14. There's easy wins cancelling tickets from newly registered users with Glasgow post codes, but you presumably have a purchasing history, so this seems a bit egregious?
  15. Pretty sure the club could stream home Premier Sports Cup games as others are doing. There's also scope for streaming league games to international audiences. The club evidently don't think the maths adds up for those. It's league games to domestic audiences where their hands are tied due to the deal with Sky. It's back to normal this season after streaming during the pandemic.
  16. Important to get this right for your Sorare line-up, fair play for asking. It's Ross Munro.
  17. It's possible the offer could have been conditional on the basis of a resolution to the court case. As far as we're aware it remains ongoing. Either way, the club are happy to at least give the impression the decision not to stay was Paton's. I think the phrase "disappointed but not surprised" fits my thoughts well here.
  18. The "it" in this context was of course the appointment of Malky Mackay rather than the column. I suspect you know that, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
  19. Harry Paton is also out of contract, and there have been conflicting reports about the length of David Cancola's contract. I don't think there's any need to panic about lack of signings yet. The nature of the market we're operating in is that these deals get done later (be it loan signings or guys who are weighing up options elsewhere). The early stages of pre-season and the League Cup should be navigable by the players already on the books supplemented by youngsters. But the lack of updates on the out of contract players is a bit surprising (especially as the decision on "releasing" Paton should be an easy one).
  20. In his P&J column following Malky Mackay's appointment at Ross County, Richard Gordon described fans who took issue with it as "desperate to be offended". So as much as he might be a competent broadcaster, that sums your point up nicely.
  21. Whether he should have been playing the last few months is a question I'm not sure I have the answer to, but actively offering him a new contract while the charges remain outstanding feels like it would be a step too far IMO. Story here: Canadian-born Ross County Football Club player Harry Paton (23) has trial over allegations of abusing and assaulting former partner deferred (ross-shirejournal.co.uk)
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