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  1. The alternative to doing really badly and getting sacked is doing really well and getting poached by a bigger club, his reputation successfully laundered.
  2. If there was going to be a club in the Premiership inadvertently using motivational quotes from a famous anti-semite in their promotional material this season, it was always going to be Ross County, wasn't it? At least they've deleted it now, which demonstrates more self-awareness than usual. And I'm glad we've avoided a "Henry Ford apologised in 1927, surely it's time we gave him a second chance" narrative...
  3. Speaking as someone who was identified as a close contact last week, if you're double-vaccinated you have to isolate until you receive a negative PCR test. Then you can get back to normal. So if the positive tests were done this morning, as suggested, there wouldn't be enough time to turn around PCR tests for close contacts pre-match.
  4. Rangers fans on Twitter saying County have specifically requested a red zone so there won't be any away ticket sales as they have to move ST holders. Seems a strange one given Aberdeen fans were in last night and there's no longer a requirement for red zones.
  5. I wouldn't take sophia too seriously. However, there's a valid point in there. The opinion of a few dozen people on social media doesn't necessarily correlate with the (allegedly) 2,500 who were in attendance on Saturday, or the wider offline support.
  6. It's really been almost 5 months. Mackay was appointed in late May. I know the season itself is only 9 games old but it's not like he's just in the door. He had the whole of (an admittedly covid-disrupted) pre-season to prepare for the campaign. MacGregor has been conspicuous by his silence recently. His last intervention of note was that disastrous interview with the P&J where he got any number of things wrong about Mackay (showing his due diligence wasn't worth the fag packet it was written on the back of). There's no Cormack-esque vote of confidence in sight. You'd think he'd have to raise his head back above the parapet soon, whether it's to back his man or to recognise it's not working out. ETA: And as others have pointed out, MacGregor has not been shy to take action when it's not been working out as he wanted. See Willie McStay and Dick Campbell in particular. Owen Coyle to a lesser extent, and Jim McIntyre when the entire media class thought it was an outrage (although a lot of County fans think should have been done sooner).
  7. Interesting, thanks. They did at least win a game at the start of 86-87! But that makes this County's worst start to a league campaign in my lifetime (I was born in early 1987). Let's hope things have improved by the time we get to the 15 game mark and we don't have to start looking even further back for a comparison.
  8. Nope, I mean since we joined the SFL in 1994. It's hard to imagine having had a worse start in the Highland League, but no one (to my knowledge) has checked further back.
  9. I know some people are (me included). Outside of social media, the Hearts game seemed particularly sparsely attended. I looked up the figures and it was 500 down compared to other games against them in recent seasons. I've just had a look at the St Mirren attendance and it's broadly comparable with previous seasons. Maybe a sign the hardcore support is consistent, but fewer less committed fans who would normally go to the big games are bothering. Probably too small a sample size to make such a sweeping generalisation though.
  10. A number of factors, including, but not limited to: it's a long-term project high player turnover in the summer pre-season disrupted by covid tough opening fixtures we're not getting routinely hammered the chairman stuck his neck out on a controversial appointment However, there's no getting away from the fact this is our worst ever start to a league campaign. Ross County managers have been sacked for much less. Unless we see a marked improvement in the next two games, hopefully that'll be an end to Mackay's sorry tenure.
  11. There's a good argument that the likes of Gardyne and Mckay could have been useful squad players this season. However, they were both high-earning senior players so I understand the need to prioritise within the budget constraints that exist (despite what some people think about Roy's largesse). That said, given what we know of ICT's financial woes, I imagine both took sizeable cuts to their wage while dropping down a level. I wonder how much consideration was given to offering similar cuts to stay on at County to aid the transition to a younger squad?
  12. It still amazes me that the very next day Roy went and appointed Mackay. It's one thing abandoning it all in exchange for success but to abandon it all in exchange for our worst ever start to a season?
  13. I don't know his personal views on the issue, but in his defence, he was receiving representations both for and against the appointment so it would have been a difficult thing for someone in his position to take a side on. However, he did pass correspondence on to the club and I know Steven Ferguson followed up personally on some of the more constructive criticism that was received.
  14. There's a strong argument just to leave them to it but I think it's important to provide balance so I'm continuing to chip in occasionally, even if it's not appreciated.
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