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  1. I think the way to do it is to complete the Premiership season, or enough of the season to deem it "competent" (for want of a better word). However, the Championship ends early, too early to be competent, and is declared null and void. Therefore, we don't get relegated after finishing bottom and Hearts don't get promoted. The seethe from Gorgie would be magnificent.
  2. Does anyone remember the days when John Hughes was saying anyone we brought in would be better than what we have already? Those were good days, filled with promise for the future.
  3. We could do with another striker but if Roy is willing to sanction a six figure transfer for a striker in the sixth tier of English football then he's taken leave of his senses.
  4. At least Celtic are continuing their shitebag behaviour of not offering away fans PPV, so I don't have a dilemma over whether to pay for this or not.
  5. It's this, combined with failing to do with Raith what we've brought him in to do, which leaves me scratching my head over the decision-making process that's led to his appointment. If we get relegated it'll be thoroughly deserved.
  6. Roy should have a Zoom call scheduled with Tommy Wright for first thing Monday morning. I don't know if he'd want the job, but he has to be asked. Derek Adams would be an interesting one. Standard lack of imagination, but not necessarily a bad idea. He's had a reasonably successful time in England and has hopefully developed his people management skills in that time. He's doing well at Morecambe in League 2 just now, so he might have loftier ambitions for his next job. To John Hughes I say no thank you. The club are operating on a much smaller budget than in recent years. Hopefully Roy is able to free up some additional funds for the new guy to save us from relegation. Might as well get the benefit of our much-envied benefactor.
  7. I doubt anyone would have forced him to do that interview. Seemed to me like something he chose to do, to front it up, as he put it. He could easily not have done it and no one would have blamed him.
  8. It's absolutely right allegations of this nature should be investigated, but if Ross County, the referee and SFA are all satisfied there was no wrongdoing (beyond calling Morelos a fanny) hopefully Rangers will say something to put the record straight. There's nothing wrong with admitting there was a misunderstanding. It won't fix all the damage done to Gardyne's reputation (he'll forever be considered by some sections of the Rangers support to be a homophobe and/or racist, depending on how much attention they've been paying), but it would help.
  9. 10 man Killie managed to score 3 against us. I wouldn't worry too much.
  10. I'm not fully in the Ketts Out camp, but if we lose this it's hard to see how you justify keeping him on.
  11. It would be very helpful to know what the referee heard and booked him for, wouldn't it?
  12. I've thought a lot about this recently. Changing the management team is a very risky strategy. There's no reason to think it would be a panacea. Therefore, I'd stick with them but focus on fixing two main things: Sign some better players. Naismith is a good start, but I think Roy would be best spending any budget he can free up on two or three others as well. Of course, we'd need to trust the management can identify some players better than what we already have, which is by no means a given. Look at the injury situation. We're getting a lot of injuries. Is something wrong in training? Someone mentioned the sports scientist was released due to budget cuts? Get them back. If we can do something on both of those points I think we'll get ourselves over the line and stay up. However, I'd be looking at making changes for next season unless Kettlewell starts to show he's able to make our squad more than the sum of its parts on a regular basis. ETA: Of course, if Tommy Wright wanted the job, please disregard my point on not changing the manager.
  13. Not interested in stirring up the "due to the ongoing situation with Rangers" debate, but do the BBC get a better deal out of the SPFL and UEFA(?) for not broadcasting commentary from Ibrox?
  14. Of course people can change their team. Particularly among the Highland teams' supports there are plenty of people who would have considered themselves primarily Aberdeen, Rangers or Celtic fans before County and ICT climbed up the leagues. There's nothing wrong with people deciding that supporting their local team is a better option than following a bigger team from afar.
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