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  1. Pish Adverts

    Come to think about it! ALL ads are crap, but the voice on the" Mums on bingo" one is absolutely appalling.
  2. Calling Cards of Morons

    I hate baseball because, as a child I was accosted by mormons and persuaded to have a go, but only if I gave them promises!!! I preferred rounders.
  3. TV shows that have gone on too long

    Pointless and the rest of the mindnumbing quiz shows with idiots on them!
  4. Pish Adverts

    That life insurance ad where daughter says Hi dad,its June, no its not its fuckin September
  5. My Immortal - Evanescence, Amy Lee's voice, wow
  6. Dentist

    i have visited a dentist once in the last 35 years, hence my motto " if you want to keep your own teeth, the don't let a dentist near them". Money grabbin b*****ds! they do work which is totally unnecessary, just to keep you on their register, to fund their lavish lifestyles. Rant over thank you
  7. Word Association

  8. Are they all as bad as this season has proved? Craig Thomson, Andrew Dallas, Alan Muir etc have had a very poor season, and some clubs are paying with their lives in the league. Is there any accountability to their employer for poor performance?, if not, why not! Modern technology will probably be the answer, but knowing the SFA we won't see it for decades. They have a difficult job at times, but at our games there is 4 of them and they still get major decisions way wrong, it seems that the assistants do NOT help much, and when they do it can be mind boggling what they see. is the training up to scratch? and also their attitude to players?
  9. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    And he is spouting political bias, that's not the job of a football manager, he should keep his mouth shut on political leanings, or he won't get the support he wants or needs
  10. Gordon Strachan

    Big wins against Gibralter and Malta make us easy qualifiers, according to the media, but us fans who have witnessed the dire performances from the team and the manager, know different. We, at the moment are a 4rth tier footballing nation, and that won`t change until we unearth some gems!
  11. Did you all read the report of the galatasary game from an independent ex-fifa ref, who says that our beloved William should stick to a kilt and never put a referee kit on again! Worst ref in the champions league EVER! it was on back page of the "Scottish" Sun. lol, either Wed. or Thurs., canny mind.
  12. Latest Polls and Latest Odds

    Does anyone know who invited the only tory in Scotland (Mundell) to open a foodbank in Dumfries! Not even in his constituency, but he was delighted to do it, I find this totally unbelievable! he has since had to apologise to the sitting MP, for not giving him enough notice! Is this something to celebrate in the 21st century?
  13. Next UK Labour Leader

    Could'nt care less!
  14. Sacked by ITV, understandable!
  15. unfunny comedians

    Harry Hill- childish drivel Ricky Gervais - just not funny, just not! Miranda Hart - Comedienne?, joke! Lee Evans - Too ugly! Russell Brand - Total waste of space! Nothing much to add.