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  1. Where's Claire the cheeky chappess?
  2. Surprised Rangers didn't bring Hamstrung on. Thought he was stripped.
  3. Great effort. They will be absolutely knackered after that.
  4. Thought S & W were in charge today?
  5. If I was a Rangers supporter I'd go for Lamps over GvB. But I'm not, so I'll go for [insert some useless chunt here].
  6. Petrie has no balls. Anyone with ambition would take a full-time job in football.. If he's such a financial wizard he should have all his ducks sorted. Probably fills cash machines. Okay, a bit tongue-in-cheek. Don't bash me.
  7. Who wears the trousers at Dens? McPake should tell him to shut the f*ck up and concentrate on his day job.
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