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  1. I was about to seal my orifices with holy water and I'm not even RC. Then I watched this. Sorry if already posted.
  2. McCall masticating furiously on the sidelines was a sight to behold.
  3. Do Rovers get any money if Nisbet goes? I guess the Pars will have some sell-on clause when he does leave.
  4. Austin MacPhee sitting at home watching videos. Dirty bugger.
  5. Basically Peter Grant accused Michael Stewart of being a low down Yankee liar regarding some story about Leigh Griffiths getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop in the Scotland camp. Tom English tried to educate PG re the distinction between an outright lie and a factual error but PG was unable to grasp this. Daily Record has full transcript. Soon to be a sitcom.
  6. Ah.. a convert. I just watch the goals on the BBC highlights or club websites. Fvck watching the pish that's served up in-between.
  7. Some cracking goals and all round play from Celtic but I thought SJ's 'just let them shoot - our goalie will save it' approach was a bit Sunday League.
  8. It's something to run up your pole. If you have a pole.
  9. First half was a washout for Dundee. Second half I thought Dundee controlled the game. Pretty sure Strachan will have a massive influence despite the party line.
  10. Iran isn't it? Persian methinks. They don't like Arabs.
  11. You were dreaming of the second half.
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