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  1. Never heard of this guy but sounds like the world is a better place with him gone. Well done to Trump for sending a strong message that enemies of the west who stand in opposition to our Christian values will be bombed tae f**k.
  2. Shoedn't of bothered opening this thread.
  3. The ideology of individualism has always been very strong in England. It is what made England lead the way with the Empire, industrial revolution etc. The whole "an Englishman's home is his castle" has always rung very true. The average working class Englishman thinks himself superior to all others, not in a racist way though.
  4. Watching BBC Scotland so why the f**k are they showing England, it is a different country.
  5. Labour have deserted the working class and are now a party of the bourgeois metropolitan elite.
  6. I've stuck a load on under 54.5. The Kirkcaldy boy isn't SNP.
  7. Dugdale is closet SNP. She's just too stubborn Her SNP MSP girlfriend is the dominant partner in the relationship I think.
  8. Why are people who were humiliated and kicked to the kerb like Alexander and Dugdale invited back to act like they have wisdom now?
  9. Btw the Betfair vote on SNP under 54 I looking very good considering the Kirkcaldy boy is not technically SNP.
  10. What a man Boris is btw if this result is true. Bedwetters up and down the country sitting on Twitter crying about him for months and he goes and does this.
  11. Well looks like Scotland has delivered but Labour has let us down yet again.
  12. How have the Lib Dems managed to f**k this up so much. Swinson
  13. My mate is in Perth, Australia where they are 8 hours ahead so it's 6am tomorrow morning so I'm just waiting for him to wake-up and he can tell me the result so I can go to bed.
  14. So Tory majority, Boris loses his seat, May is back in as PM with the majority that she failed to win last election.
  15. Yes, people all over Twitter getting excited because they are in an echo-chamber of their own making.
  16. See all these people all over social people begging for Labour to win it. Imagine the shit-show if Corbyn actually got in power.
  17. Why is it so fashionable for attention whores to post on social media begging other people to #PleaseVote. If you don't vote because you can't be arsed or you just don't care then fair play, doesn't matter to me.
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