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  1. monty feck, talbot have the trophies and success built over 40 years, let dervul have their 15 minutes of fame as we aw ken, once the pieman is bored the vale will be backk where they were....
  2. so have the natives of dervul sobered up enough to get their winnings fae the bookies
  3. well done darvel, from 3 men and a dug to beating double euro champs. aye john gall put money in but its totally deserved
  4. aye put the away one on the shed side at barrfields, why not put the home and away dressing rooms at opposite ends too as well as segregating the fans.... more stramashes, barneys and rows at that ground than most
  5. haud oan, the away bit is flat , could darvel not put a big marquee on it to provide cover
  6. hows the recreation park kop, suspect with all the rain it wont be finished for the game
  7. doesnt everyone support talbot there so they woudnt speak out hurlford probably would be ok with the mature trees on the blair cres side and the kirk on mauchline rd largs are probably tighter but corner pylons would aim the light away from the house windaes
  8. good to see troon back in the land of the illuminated, that remains largs (planning was in), hurlford, beith, arthurlie and krr
  9. neilston training lights ditto shotts, ashfield for speedway, ardrossan's are a new set of lights on existing pylons
  10. still bigger than cove rangers, albion rovers, east fife, dumbarton, annan and they have hosted spl sides
  11. aberdeen at home, will it be switched to rugby park
  12. imo as a bare minimum for all clubs they should have a raised level area for wheelchair users and access to a accessible toilet. never mind licensing for the scottish cup. then again how many clubs dont even have proper able bodied toilets.
  13. since the eearly 90's ardrossa winton has provided and improved facilities for disabled fans, it started with a smooth raised gravel platform on the school end terrace, this was later concreted and a concrete path laid from the main gate, a cover was later built and even a shelf for one's pie and bovril fitted along with accessible toilets, access to the catering was via concrete paths at the hill place end the access to cover and food is via smooth concrete paths.... well done awr
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