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  1. Ages since I've been on here, what day is it? Who's the prime minister? Have we landed on the moon? Anyways, just wanted to say a massive WELL DONE to Largs Thistle players, management, committee and supporters. Great if we win the league, but I'll cope with 2nd place and promotion if we need to.
  2. Didn't think either was worth a penalty, sore one
  3. As long as there's no fire, flood,pestilence etc I should be ok
  4. Wahoo, 1st game I'll be getting to for way too long
  5. Should be ok, though if you can avoid the Haylie Brae would be safer
  6. Normally I'd offer to pick ladesiders up on the way over, but going via greenock
  7. Since about 8pm. Wifey watching Celeb BB so I have the option of scrolling or drinking wine. Managed both, multitasking
  8. Yahoooo, game on tomorrow. I've missed the fitba, the soup, the chilli n cheese, the 'banter'. And we lost 0-5 last time here v Maybole, so time for atonement
  9. Winton's match report described it as a 'big crowd' so seems to have been a success. I like Ardcol's idea, worth a try
  10. Wasn't impressed with his shenanigans at Bonnyrigg a few years ago. And pretty sure I had verbals with the gonk at a Theesel game
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