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  1. 1 hour ago, kenrobell said:

    Card readers are not expensive what is expensive can be the fees they usually want between 0.4-1.2 per cent of takings could possibly be the reason behind it if they took in ten k yesterday the card machine at that number depending if it’s credit cards of course would take 120 pound which doesn’t sound like a lot but if you you take in ten k every 2nd week it’s start to add up say over 20 home games means the provider would be getting 2k for the service
    The other reason behind it which might be bit far fetched is if someone working is getting paid casual in cash example not declared to keep taxes down

    Not trying to be cheeky but I was actually referring to WI-FI boosters which are both inexpensive and efficient in my experience.

  2. This is desperately sad news.  I saw the teenage Drew score Thirds last-ever goal at Boghead, watched him play against the Sons with Airdrie and Hearts and closely followed his career whilst getting to know him personally.

    One the hardest, most consistent and value for money Scottish players of the post-war era.  He was a childhood pal and team-mate of Bobby Kerr who captained Sunderland to the 1973 FA Cup.  A decent and very likeable guy taken too soon.

  3. 2 hours ago, Sweet Pete said:

    Great to see it so busy last night. Bought 2 kids' home strips and 2 season tickets, one of which is the excellent Young Sons membership. Merch was flying out the door and the place was jumping. Having an official shirt launch night was a brilliant novelty and it was cool seeing folk using the club for a midweek pint too. All things we don't usually have and a tonic to recent misfortune. It'd be ace if things like that could be more regular, but that may prove cost inefficient when not an anniversary. Maybe something for future discussion.

    Side note, and something I've mentioned to stadium staff in the past, but if the club could get more debit card machines they'd be laughing. They currently have 1 to serve all 3 bars plus the club shop, so on match days if (like me) you aren't the carry cash type, buying a pint is a palaver and the staff can be a bit shirty about it. Last night was a perfect example of when more machines would have been a boon as there were 4 people serving at the club shop (3 serving the merch queue and 1 the season ticket queue) all sharing one payment machine. The bar staff said last season that the reason behind this is the WiFi signal not being strong enough, but there are boosters available for signal strength. Definitely worth looking into. (Constructive criticism, not negative).


    Ahem.... this was raised with two Directors a month ago with a 'direction' to consider Argos literally up the road.  It's disappointing to hear how an avoidable failure to act impacted last night.

    Point duly noted Pete and thanks for raising it.

  4. 9 hours ago, FifeSons said:

    I was a big fan of Hutton, whenever I saw him play. Which, admittedly was only every so often, but his pass completion rate was always really strong and he did the simple things excellently.

    I think he’s one of those players that the majority of the fans weirdly hate even though they were really good. Colin Nish and John Dillon also spring to mind. I certainly wouldn’t put him in the same basket as Andy Little.

    Conversely, you get players like Hammy (from our last stint in the bottom tier) who are absolutely hopeless, but the fans love because they run a lot.

    Colin Nish and John Dillon should not be compared with Kyle Hutton.  Any weird hating came from Nish being gangly and awkward whilst JD's running gait always made him look short of pace.

    However, Nish's sublime lob of the Livi keeper from 40 yards and deft lay-offs and JD's almost faultless finishes from one-on-ones rather compensated.

    Conversely, to use your word, Hutton has always 'looked like a player' rather than actually being one, and he has lazily basked in his former Old Firm status.  I doubt he'll trouble the Hall of Fame 

  5. Let's not try to rewrite history here guys.  Kyle Hutton was for the most part utter gash and it took him almost 100 games to find any sort of worthwhile form at Dumbarton - because the midfield has remained poor since he left shouldn't disguise the fact that it was also poor when he was in it.

  6. 16 minutes ago, microdave said:

    Sad news about our record appearance holder Johnny Graham passing away.


    Very sad news indeed, and it has become a sobering month for Sons fans of a certain age with the loss firstly of Davie Wilson and now 'Casper', two members of the Sons 2nd Division Championship-winning team of 1972.  For those of us who saw them this was the side which set the standard all subsequent Dumbarton teams have aspired to.

    In my opinion it is entirely fitting that the two players who have made the most appearances for the club, Johnny Graham (385) and Lawrie Williams (372), were the two Sons players of the modern era who should have gone on to play at a higher level, but it was our great good fortune that they did not.

    Johnny's passing makes his recent appearance at the 50th celebration dinner of the '72 team's achievement and the induction of himself and his team-mates as inaugural entrants to the Hall Of Fame all the more poignant. 


  7. 6 minutes ago, Deanburn Dave said:



    Don't know about Hearts B team but I do know that Rangers and Celtic B teams last season really mixed their starting 11's depending on their other commitments.
    It really was a matter of luck whether you were playing against a really strong B team or a much weakened one. That's one of the reasons they shouldn't be in the LL. Damages the sporting integrity of the competition.


    I hope you shaft the three of them. 

  8. 24 minutes ago, The Moonster said:

    Carswell stated last summer that a big reason for him staying was that he was assured he'd keep the captaincy as it was important to him. Perhaps that has changed in a year but I suspect this isn't Carswells choice. I agree Carsy needs a fresh start, I just felt he'd be better making that start in any other jersey than a Sons one. 

    This.  If it was so important then his captaincy last season left a lot to be desired, and from what I can gather things weren't too great off the pitch either and not just Traininggate.

    Sometimes a fresh start can be in the interest of both parties, and maybe the player himself would now be open to offers.

  9. 9 hours ago, strichener said:

    And there was a future oil fund promised by the White Paper and we now have an SNP government that doesn't want to extract our natural resources.  What is going to pay for that 5% reduction in our energy bills that was also promised?


    Thanks for proving the very point I was making; politics, like life itself, is a constantly evolving business and anyone who clings to 'once in a generation ' headline is either misguided or a purblind fanatic, or both.

    Boris Johnson has this morning claimed that he intends to serve a THIRD term - will you be filing that for future reference ?

  10. 55 minutes ago, strichener said:

    Not everyone that voted No wanted to stay in the EU, nor did everyone that voted Yes want to remain.  The two things are completely separate.  It is hard to hold the Yes side to the same level of scrutiny given that everything is rebutted with we aren't independent.  One thing that can be is that there was a promise of the last referendum being a once in a generation opportunity.  Politicians shifting position is as predictable as coastal erosion.

    As I recall there was the desperate cobbling together of the infamous 'Vow', allied to the No campaign's scaremongering over the EU acceding to a future membership application from an independent Scottish state.  Then came Brexit and all bets were off; is it any wonder that any 'promise' was rendered as worthless as the 'Vow' ?

    And yet we are to believe that only the advocates of independence have shifted position ?  Aye, right.

  11. 1 hour ago, Salt n Vinegar said:

    What? Even after Brexit, the UK is STILL importing cheese? 

    That is a disgrace. 

    I can report that we have gone without Edam in Dumbarton for months now, both anecdotally and according to the Edamwatch website.

  12. 1 hour ago, BFTD said:

    Probably realised it would be a good way to get frothing roasters to call in demanding that the unions be forcibly disbanded before the proles get any more ideas above their station.

    'Their station' - very good that 👏👏

  13. 26 minutes ago, carpetmonster said:

    If anybody's looking to travel to downstate Illinois any time soon, I'd get that hotel booked right now, we about to get a shitload of abortion tourism. Nice to have Republicans contributing to the economy of blue states tho, rather just being a fucking drain on Federal tax resources the whole time. 

    On hearing this news I was wondering if there will be any sort of sizeable migration of  more informed and reasonable people from the 'medieval' US states to more tolerant states.

    I would imagine that if that WAS to happen we could be right back almost to 1861-style polarisation, with everything that implies.

  14. 8 hours ago, Bring Back Paddy Flannery said:

    Was it an individual error? The majority of own goals tend to be unlucky or unfortunate rather than a blatant individual error but I’ve read hee haw about the game other than on this thread so I have nae idea.

    Very interesting to see that Buchanan was selected as captain over Carswell, that really does point to Carswell being stripped of the captaincy, which isn’t a bad thing IMO. Mind you, the last guy I want taking it off him is Gregor Buchanan. 

    I can only assume that Wallace and McKee are carrying slight knocks. Lets hope Layne’s starting spot was down to Byrne just arriving home from holiday rather than us being interested in signing him, although I’d far rather see our own players or potential signings get minutes over some charity case we are allowing to train with us.

    Wallace had a groin twinge (cue wild celebrations in Methil), McKee has tweaked his hamstring and Lynch broke a bone in his foot on holiday, whilst stone-cold sober.  All typical pre-season stuff.

    Apparently the trialist keeper may get ninety minutes tomorrow.

  15. I get the feeling now that if Johnson doubles down then never mind his Parliamentary 'colleagues', some of his erstwhile cheerleaders in the media may find a few tasty headlines behind the sofa cushions to hasten his departure.  Even the Daily Express has its limits.

    If only Labour had someone like Andy Burnham as leader.....

  16. 6 hours ago, Day of the Lords said:

    Isn't she the arsehole that was shoving a microphone under the noses of parents who'd just lost their kids in some horrendous accident? An absolute cuntress, so obviously any and all episodes of her being publicly humiliated make for excellent viewing. 

    She's the arsehole who was suspended by Sky for being secretly out on the razzle during lockdown.

  17. 14 hours ago, Ervin H Burrell said:

    Looks like it's leaking again.


    I read this article and it follows many of recent times in which McWhirter has sold his journalistic integrity to dance to the right-wing editorial tune of The Herald.  

    His colleague Kevin McKenna meanwhile has the best job in Scotland; write basically the same two articles repeatedly thro the year on a 4/1 ratio.  One is a condemnation of the SNP littered with references to 'elites' and cod appeals on behalf of the poorest communities, and the second is basically a regular rant against anyone who does not share his religious indoctrination.

    I often wonder how Scottish society would survive without the contributions of these sages.

  18. Presuming the intention is to pair Wallace and Byrne up front then it will be interesting to see how that will impact the team line-up.  I don't think we can play both McLean and Orsi as wide players - one only I reckon - and there will need to be a balance of football and graft in the midfield. I wouldn't object to a middle four of D.Wilson/McKee/C.Wilson/McLean or the first three with McLean in a floating role behind the strikers.  And I don't see Carswell as a must-pick this season.

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