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  1. I think we need to separate the football from the other stuff as the two are not really related. The target audience for Abba tributes, psychic nights, comedy clubs, etc., will likely be very different from those of us whose obsession is the fitba club. As has been said it might bring in some revenue and the guy behind it all seems very enthusiastic - so far, so good. However, your point about the Board 'focusing their efforts on the football side of things' is absolutely spot-on. On current evidence though, keep your expectations low.
  2. I think you are being incredibly naive if you think that mid-term local elections and Parliamentary bye-elections are any barometer to future GE's. And in my experience the Americanisation of English politics has not been replicated in Scotland. Like Highlandmagyar I am a natural Labour voter who will only ever return to that ticket in an independent country. I think you need to recognise that large swathes of the English electorate have now lurched so far to the right that well-meaning but ultimately futile wishful thinking won't cut it. Nor will an uninspiring leader like Keir Starter.
  3. Yet more bread and circuses for the gullible 20% who can't see this for the distractive shite it is. That reminds me, we haven't yet had a visit from the Earl of Dumbarton, I wonder where he is these days.
  4. Like many successful businessmen Robertson didn't always get it right, but by God he made a difference to the club on and off the park. And as he was never shy of seeking publicity I suspect the two stunts you refer to were just that, publicity stunts, like the 'signing' of Johann Cruyff and the 'Third Force In Scottish Football' wind-up.
  5. It was interesting at the dinner on Saturday night to be reminded of the purchase of DFC in the late 1960's by Hutchison Engineering and how the stewardship of the club under the Chairmanship of owner Robert Robertson produced arguably the club's golden period of the last 125 years. It was a very successful partnership of owner, boardroom and playing staff, and is in stark contrast to the last decade and more in which remote majority shareholders have attempted to mine profit from speculative land development, with the football club becoming the vehicle for it. The ownership issue is fundamental here, and my main concern is that despite all available evidence the club BoD appears to still have confidence in Cognitive Capital as per the statement of last Sunday.
  6. No, just no. Nothing against Sparky but the season just ended absolutely convinced me that my long-held view on players returning to former clubs was spot-on. Time for Managers and assistants to make new pals.
  7. In the same way that John Reid (remember him ?) pushed ID Cards when he was Home Secretary. I seem to remember he had some sort of connection to the De La Rue Group which had an interest in the scheme.
  8. Aye, and Chris Hamilton playing very well in midfield this season on loan at Arbroath, in contrast to his time here where he became frustrated and eventually anonymous before Hearts withdrew him. It goes to prove the old adage that it's easier to look a decent player in a decent team than a poor one.
  9. And how the English love it. Meanwhile back in the real world....
  10. Should I be worried about seeing Willo Flood in a local Gregg's this morning ?
  11. I think you just nailed it there Jan. As regards Carswell, I feel he has now been here too long and it is showing both in attitude and performance. His conduct at times has been poor for a club captain - I would opt next season for Ryan McGeever - and it's probably best for both parties if he moves on with our good wishes. My main concern is just how you sell the club to incoming players on a shoestring budget and a pitch that has become notorious.
  12. No, Andy had just become third to every ball.
  13. I'd echo your thoughts Jan, but of course we don't know whether the conversations were one way - it may be that young Sam didn't fancy warming his backside in League Two and perhaps Paul Paton decided to move on. We simply don't know. As regards Norway, perhaps keep but on the understanding that he needs a physical sidekick up front, and whilst he is literally a big character I think a negative call needs to be made on Josh being that guy. Ainslie Park excepted, Stanger has shown good potential, and I'd really like to see us with Carlo back on loan if possible. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if that list of players on two-year deals shrinks by a couple of names Enthusiasm remains firmly on hold for now.
  14. A dignified message, fair play to him
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