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  1. I used to access Wings on a fairly regular basis before I formed the opinion that the Rev was an obviously intelligent but rather strange individual who applied forensic analysis to mundane statistics and opinions in order to mould them into fodder for an equally strange but adoring following. If we take things to their logical extension, it is not Scottish politics or Scottish independence that is the crux, it is the Rev's ego.
  2. I commend your boldness Jan, and your ideas have one primary virtue - we have hardly been a silently purring machine this season which no-one dare upset. The Shiels conundrum is also interesting; he provided the one genuine chance we had yesterday by dint of pace in the attacking area, and not for the first time in his spell here. Defensively he has been found wanting but he is not without potential We currently lurch from dogged display to insipid pish, but Stranraer apart the natives below are now stirring and by the New Year we could find ourselves in ninth. And for that reason I second the motion.
  3. Smiles...I'm frankly a tad surprised you paused long enough in your orgy of left-handed typing to notice anything.
  4. Perhaps, but the Montrose team I watched yesterday were extremely left-wing with Blair Lyons terrifying Tumilty.
  5. Disturbing echoes of the East Fife defeat today - when the decent players don't bring along our more modest talents we add up to not a lot. All it then takes is a fit, physical, committed and organised team to overcome us, and Montrose fitted that description in fine style today. Having said that, whoever thought that a lightweight trio of Frizzell, McLuskey and Crossan was a good idea, merely confirmed that the latter pair are now underperforming on far too regular a basis. Money will likely be an issue, as always, but I hope Jim Duffy is trying hard to shuffle the squad in January. And he could do worse than seriously consider the goalkeeping situation.
  6. Be under no illusions friend, no-one, yourself included, will benefit from Brexit - the polar opposite. Johnson will get the keys to number 10 because enough people like you are 'bored' with Brexit and don't have the intellectual depth or attention span to appreciate the full implications. In the event, they are buying into a charlatan begging them to allow him to amputate their legs on the grounds that they'll soon be running around. Fucking liar conning fucking idiots.
  7. If you consider airy waffle and generalities as 'killing' then yes.
  8. How many times has Johnson used the word 'fantastic' and we're only 20 minutes in ?
  9. It's one rule and it's quite simple; the SNP acts in the interests of Scotland whilst the Westminster-controlled parties do not.
  10. There's definitely something of a post-Championship hangover still going on, but I get the feeling that if we can somehow stabilise financially whilst getting shot of Brabco then things will start to look up. In P & B terms, Montrose, Forfar, etc., are decent clubs on and off the park and don't wind us up like the perma-seething fannies such as Falkirk and St Mirren.
  11. Very true, and I'm sure none of our resident right-wing hyenas will choose to make the correlation between growing levels of child poverty and hunger and educational attainment. It may be difficult to concentrate fully when you are malnourished, but what the Hell, let's not allow facts and reported evidence to get in the way of savaging political hate figures. There are many complex issues at play here, none of which will be solved by simplistic dogma.
  12. I'm fascinated by the bullish attitudes towards the Tories in Scotland - where are these three gains for example ?
  13. I'd like to give a massive shout out to the owners of C & G Systems and Stuart Carswell and Kyle Hutton who earlier today provided a wonderful visit and meet session at the stadium to my grand-daughter and a bunch of her excited primary school pals. They were shown all around the place, got to sit in the dressing rooms, had races on the pitch and took their packed lunches in Bar 72 where the players answered questions and signed autographs, etc., From the feedback I got, this appears to have been a great experience for the kids and an excellent bit of PR for DFC - thank you, and a huge well done to everyone involved.
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