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  1. Wasn't he the guy who introduced the ripped socks ?
  2. Can I offer some thoughts ? Firstly, I commend you for engaging in a forum which I would agree is overwhelmingly hostile to your views, and I include myself in that. Having said that, I reckon that like quite a few I know personally on the political right, were to meet we'd amicably agree to disagree. However, I also feel your air of at times casual arrogance and rather condescending superiority do you few favours. Perhaps unintentionally it too often comes across as 'I'm Alright Jack'. Stay here and fight your corner DPB, but show others the respect you would expect for yourself. OKI III
  3. As regards the impact on hospitality I'm sure a savvy caterer could come up with a brunch-style menu or a buffet rather than the traditional three-course offering. The price would need to be sensitive to the more informal food perhaps. And I think there would be uptake for streaming. I'm not going to attempt early KO's at Elgin, Annan or Stranraer but I would certainly stream the game. The players and staff might not fancy a crack of dawn start however.
  4. I take it we'll hear no more from the hyenas who were demanding that the SG 'fall into line'.
  5. And what ? Decades ago Rangers surrendered their 'unofficial' signing policy and many of their current players openly genuflect on taking the pitch, yet the stands are still crammed with religious bigots chanting anthems of hate. Do you see the parallel I'm making with a large swathe of the Tory vote ?
  6. As Mark Twain once almost said, reports of Forfar's demise were exaggerated and the Loons fully deserved their point. For a team decimated by injuries and on a run of bad form there is certainly nothing lacking in their spirit. I thought McCallum and Munro in particular led very well by example. Dumbarton on the other hand served up too many reminders of last season for my liking. Ball after ball shelled from deep to a 5'9" central attacker with predictable results, a couple of players who simply weren't at it attitude-wise, and a tendency to repeatedly surrender possession cheaply. And we've got ourselves into a bit of a hole in the up-front department, as we have two forwards of almost identical stature who look as though they will function best playing off a target man, only for that target man to be able to provide late cameo appearances only. We are where we are but I'd definitely consider starting Michael Garrity at Stirling in place of Ally Love, as he contributed well in the time he had today. And maybe we'll have a week when the training is cack but the match performance is really good.
  7. Aye, you'll get more rigorous political analysis on Steve Wright's Love Songs.
  8. I don't think Starmer is quite that bad but for those of us of a certain age this week certainly has echoes of an ebullient Neil Kinnock in 1983. In other words, never ever underestimate the capacity for Joe Public to tell pollsters one thing and then vote Tory in the privacy of the ballot booth. The Tories might be in utter disarray right now but if they can quickly replace Truss and her cast of idiots with people even remotely competent whilst reassuring their base (pensioners, shareholders, the City, British Nationalists and generally self-interested greedy folk of whom there are millions) they will still fancy their chances in two years time. In the same vein Sturgeon and Co have about the same time to convince people to continue to vote SNP. She could do worse than replace the ineffective and at times risible Blackford with Tommy Sheppard as Westminster Leader ASAP.
  9. Interesting, because the UK has been desperate for ARM to list on the LSE. We'll see how that plays out.
  10. A visit to Forfar demands a bridie, you can have a pie anywhere. I'm still raging at there being no lentil soup at Stenny a few weeks back
  11. To paraphrase a notorious newspaper headline from yesteryear - Who Currently Runs Britain ?
  12. I reckon he's a security guard and no-one told him the factory shut 18 months ago. It would explain the Email volume.
  13. His successor died of influenza. His name was Copious Mucus.
  14. Listening to this on Radio Shortbread - that miss sounds mental.
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