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  1. Why am I getting the feeling that had Calderwood not been there you would have been on here demanding to know why ?
  2. My view is that Calderwood should have tendered her resignation and Sturgeon should have accepted it. However, none of us experts here on a fans football forum are 24/7 in the cockpit of trying to control a pandemic and the FM has presumably had to make a very serious judgement here, I mean it's hardly a plumber fucking off in the middle of a bathroom refurb is it ? That should not be interpreted as partisan support for Sturgeon or the Scottish Government, but on the other hand it would not matter a damn to elements of the media what was decided - haters are gonna hate irrespective.
  3. It's not going to go away. In today's Sunday National, sister paper of the Herald, there is a long piece featuring the views of Craig Mulholland, Head Of Academy at Rangers. Quelle surprise, he is all in favour. If anyone is in any doubt the banner headline 'Colt Teams Are A Daily Discussion At Rangers. They're A No Brainer' should dispel it. Imagine Scotland's youngest club laying down the law - the utter cheek of it.
  4. I've just been watching an utterly cringing, creeping piece on the BBC News dripping with fawning sycophancy about the Queen's television address later today. There is nothing quite like the dry boak to start a Sunday.
  5. Gordon Smith in yesterday's Herald suggesting yet another league reconstruction which would see Sons in a 16-team division with surprise, surprise six colt teams. In that undemocratic event this temporary dislocation from the game could well become permanent for some of us.
  6. I would hazard the increase in the Tory vote around Motherwell will have much more to do with 35 years+ religious bigots of the blue persuasion who paradoxically previously protest-voted SNP to oppose 'Catholic' Labour than any youth vote. I know dozens of them in my locale.
  7. There's a Ballymena Unionist councillor citing God's verdict on the recent changes in NI abortion law.
  8. If you look closely, King Kenny has his right boot down a rabbit hole.
  9. He was the Manager, Jackie Fearn, whose son Ian played for us briefly in the early 1970's.
  10. The young John McGhee and Jim Kilgannon are in there.
  11. I'll leave this one for some of the older hands...
  12. On December 5th 1964 we drew 4-4 with Berwick in an astonishing game in which I'm sure we came from 0-4 down, culminating with a very late Chic Halliday penalty equaliser. My memory might be playing tricks but I'm pretty certain we wore the white strip that day, one of its first outings.
  13. I won't dignify that last sentence with a response, and as for the horseshit about 'Remainy' companies - Jesus wept. But I will ask how it is that a competent Government can miss an opportunity to procure vitally-needed medical equipment due to a 'communications error'. I think we may already know the answer to that one, and it has everything to do with political dogma and not communications.
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