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  1. I think you are thinking of the rather bizarre 'Kenco coffee jar' at the Silverton End in the last years of Boghead - I'm sure someone posted a picture of it fairly recently.
  2. You are making some rather knee-jerk assumptions there. Dumbarton FC had serious financial health problems prior to the pandemic, and whilst the monies you mention are very welcome they have to be balanced against a situation where an already overdrawn company has generated virtually no income since March last year, whilst still having to cover it's obligations. Now, we could argue over how that situation has developed, and I'm not defending it, but it's a reality all the same. Further than that I'll reserve comment.
  3. Bad as these figures are, apparently they would have been MUCH worse had Buckinghamshire not been included.
  4. Good read that. As one pertinent example, removing charitable status for independent schools in Scotland is long overdue, but no-one seems to have the political cojones. Thus the canard of kids from middle-class homes 'swamping' state schools is allowed to run. I'd take that risk.
  5. No, it's because the Queen, Help for Heroes, The One Show, William and Kate, Fleabag, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, 'Spoons, The Great British Bake-Off, Babs 'n Cilla (God Bless 'Em), Love Thy Neighbour and Colonel Tom. And Boris, 'e's one of us.
  6. Aye, a very late Andy Anderson header from a corner. The term 'daylight robbery' springs to mind. The 70's was easily my favourite period in Scottish football.
  7. I attach the picture in my avatar which shows the Turnberry End at Boghead - I think it dates from the late 1980's. The two-window block at the left-hand end was a refreshment stall with serving hatches on both sides, ie on the outside and via a small stair on the covered terracing. The Turnberry name came from the club buying the roof, lattice girderwork and pedestals of the Ayrshire railway station in the 1950's.; I think the pie stall was their own design !
  8. You forgot the supine opposition Granny. But it's not as simple as that. There's a growing anger amongst natural Tory supporters - farmers, fishermen, road haulers - and when the effects of EU departure become visible in services, banking, freedom of movement and rising unemployment there could be considerable political pressure. comfortable majority or not.
  9. The Tories must be privately getting very concerned about the optics of all of this. It wouldn't take much perceived hardship for a population mostly, and I stress mostly, unused to it to take a very dim view of such matters. Brexit was prosecuted on the basis of bombast and ignorance and now reality is biting. Bring it on.
  10. That's an incredibly bold move by the SFA considering that Dundee can't master sending an Email.
  11. Unbelievable - I was about to post exactly this when I saw yours. And I know the woman personally.
  12. Nice to know that Scottish Labour is still stuck in Tammany Hall backdoor carve-ups.
  13. Gordon Brown is the most overrated political figure in the UK. A youthful socialist, he and many of his Labour contemporaries soon sniffed the career coffee and became a fully paid-up Atlanticist. He bankrolled Blair's illegal war in Iraq and struck a grubby deal to enable him to become an UNELECTED Prime Minister. Since being papped out he's tried in vain to become Scotland's conscience. A superannuated fud, of appeal only to Archie MacPherson and a few elderly acolytes.
  14. Absolutely. They didn't need a big name, only a remotely competent one. Tony Gugliano has the chance this time, TBH I don't know a great deal about him.
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