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  1. Good post. It's a football truism that the team that controls the midfield generally controls the game, and it's interesting that criticism is now being directed at the defence - that will be the same defence that held out at Montrose and Falkirk when we were backs to the wall for long spells due to midfield deficiencies. Simply put we have very poor ball retention in midfield and an imbalance of grafters over creators, whilst playing McKee wide vastly diminishes his presence. If Stokes is fit I'd be tempted to give him a role to hopefully inject some energy, with Geggan dropping behind a midfield of Pig, McKee and Stokes/Wilson. We do though have an issue at left-back - PB again looked well off it in the last 30 mins last week and his inability to get forward is IMO reducing the effectiveness of Wilson. Maybe time to give Muir a chance ?
  2. It's a pretty crowded field, but that must be one of the poorest attempts at trolling I've seen on here. Of course we need trade deals and until recently the UK had the best one available. Now it is signing up for any idiocy which can generate a ba'hair of what we had before and a favourable headline in the Brexit press, and never mind the planet-fucking consequences.
  3. Aye, and I'm really struggling to understand how deals like these fit the planet-saving hogwash narrative we are about to hear at COP-26.
  4. The original Johnny Red (character real name John Redburn - now is that a clue ?) flew fighter planes. It seems you fly kites. Badly.
  5. Ian Wood will never come out publicly and state what everyone else is thinking, ie the truth behind the decision. Not only was it politically totally partisan, it is on almost every other measure completely incomprehensible.
  6. I can understand your frustrations but as a Trust Board member I can hopefully address some of them. As regards communications, a newsletter dated 20th June was sent to the membership, followed by a short statement dated 14th July which was in response to an Email sent to the Trust from an individual based overseas who was making claims which may have locus to the takeover of DFC by Cognitive Capital Ltd. In addition, on 1st July the Trust Chair, the Community Director and myself had a Zoom meeting with Henning Kristofferson, joint owner of Cognitive. But you are correct, we are overdue another briefing to the members but I can assure you that a great deal of background work has been going on in the interim, mostly of our own account as the Board of Directors of DFC has in my opinion not shown a similar appetite. As regards the takeover, we have concerns, very real concerns, about both individuals and their intentions, and you can expect another Trust communication soon. Finally, there seems to be a view that the Trust is akin to a well-oiled political machine - it is not. In any volunteer organisation there is usually only a handful of people willing and able to do the 'hard stuff' with others making a valuable contribution in other ways. Please bear that in mind. Anyone who thought that they had seen the last of Brabco's dream had better wake up and smell the coffee - it hasn't, but we'll continue to try and uphold the well-being of the football club.
  7. Thoroughly deserved win for an impressive Queens yesterday, and a reminder if it were needed of how brittle we can be across the entire pitch. A stark reminder too of two venerable clubs now powering in polar opposite directions off the pitch, all of which feeds directly into what happens on it.
  8. A draw wouldn't be a terrible result, but we really need to have a go; if we cede possession from the off then Brown and Gillespie will dictate proceedings in the midfield, so we need to ensure it is a contest from the first whistle. We backed off at home to Airdrie and Cove and scraped a point from these two games.
  9. Thank f**k. I can appear in public again.
  10. This game was never going to be a gimme but by God, this is rancid.
  11. This game was never going to be a gimme but by God, this is rancid.
  12. It's quite depressing that for a 'last-chance' gathering such as this the de facto host is the Benny Hill of global politics. I look forward to seeing his boosterish piffle is received.
  13. Even by the Telegraph's rabid right-wing standards this an absolute brammer of a piece. For 'ever-so-patient Lord Frost' read 'aggressively obdurate and bone-headed', whilst that 'tragic period of weakness in British politics' was on reflection demonstrably an accurate portent of the shitfest which is now unfolding by the day. And if 'no self-respecting nation would ever regard an unequal treaty as a settled matter' why would the UK Prime Minister not then pursue a just settlement instead of expediently and duplicitiously signing it in order to indulge his own timeline and catchphrase ? 'Jingoistic' doesn't do it justice; I suspect the laptop was bouncing on the writer's lap as he typed it.
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