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  1. Cannot wait to see that run by Ross on the highlights. That'll be our goal quota reached at the recs for the next few seasons to come.
  2. The stream has dropped for me multiple times and I'm running it at 360p. Had no issues whatsoever with any other teams platform and my internet is ample, good to know it's not just me. Missed the first goal and large patches of the match. It's currently running but it's incredibly laggy and the sound is out by about 3 seconds. £12 down the drain.
  3. If you're reading this, Eric. Please do the honourable thing and stand down. We were doomed the moment you employed that fucking clown Gary Locke.
  4. Signing news at 11pm tonight. Edit: Need to change my avatar...
  5. According to the club's official Facebook page we are going to be updated with signing news at 9pm tonight on the official website.
  6. Cardle is the only one in the team that has ever really come out and said anything of truth about the situation. He's always come off as quite articulate and intelligent in his interviews and I wouldn't be surprised if he makes a move into management or coaching. Grant Murray, on the other hand, in his interviews slavers constant cliché phrases and generally gives off the impression that he's clueless. There has clearly been an attitude problem given our cup runs in comparison to our league form and Murray has completely failed to address that. The Rasmdens Cup and the consequent financial burden of terminating his contract are the only factors that are saving him from the sack.
  7. Another brutal performance. 3 wins in 20 league games is criminal. Why did we continue to punt the ball up the park to Baird and Spence today? We were devoid of any creativity or any sort of drive.
  8. Jeff Stelling and Charlie Nicholas have both been announced as two main guests for this years hall of fame show. Sounds like it's going to be another cracking night, gutted I don't have a ticket. Link
  9. Picture of aforementioned International Space Station. Taken with an iPhone. You can just make it out in the centre of the picture (not the big huge white ball in the bottom left).
  10. Thank god we won today as it's alleviated a lot of pressure. I'm now feeling much better about the cup final next Sunday as well, before today it was setting up to be a complete nuisance as the league is of much greater importance.
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