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  1. As good as Zanatta's pearler of a goal and Vaughans audicious lift over the keeper were - I'm gonna give this one a miss. Still in shock and it's been 7 hours...
  2. Raith TV have just set up a last minute commentary feed.
  3. Can confirm Ando still leaps like a salmon. Took in the Brora v Forfar game today up at Dudgeon Park to tick it off the list and had a good chat with Grant on the sidelines while snapping the game. A familiar face in Wayne Henderson in the dugout too.
  4. Kit would have been a certified banger if the giant lion badge was debossed instead, this looks a tad tacky and Spanish tat shop as someone else already mentioned. Example
  5. Really enjoyed that commentary from GMFC TV. Ref went card daft in the last five minutes there. What a difference with Hendry back in the team. Musonda bossed it in defence.
  6. Paid the £12 and got a Paypal confirmation and it's coming up with: Season Ticket Holder / Login Purchase not yet validated or refunded. Please try in 5 minutes (Paypal timing delay on payments) There seems to be some issue accessing the system, return to the Home page and login or re-enter your season ticket details
  7. Cannot wait to see that run by Ross on the highlights. That'll be our goal quota reached at the recs for the next few seasons to come.
  8. The stream has dropped for me multiple times and I'm running it at 360p. Had no issues whatsoever with any other teams platform and my internet is ample, good to know it's not just me. Missed the first goal and large patches of the match. It's currently running but it's incredibly laggy and the sound is out by about 3 seconds. £12 down the drain.
  9. If you're reading this, Eric. Please do the honourable thing and stand down. We were doomed the moment you employed that fucking clown Gary Locke.
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