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  1. Yup! Certainly is a long way to go but we are getting there. Decent keeper and a decent defense coupled with an experienced midfielder and someone who knows where the goal is and we will move up that table. Hopefully the rest are in before the SA game, but all will be revealed They have had long enough to prove their worth to us.
  2. McMinn will be the one that will be getting shown the door. He has cost us numerous points with his sheer stupidity at times, stuck up for him many times but enough was enough! Glad we now have an experienced keeper in Hutts with Paddy playing backup. Few more (on way) and we'll be fine.
  3. Donate with confidence and with the backing of the Club here - https://www.gofundme.com/f/brechin-city-supporters-club
  4. And who's going to fund yet another managerial layoff? Don't think it would change anything, last thing we need is yet more upheaval.
  5. Add McCabe to that too, absolute rank despite his dads best efforts to big him up to be something he's clearly not!
  6. Absolutely deserved that today! Great win, finally
  7. The City Club bar located within Glebe Park will be open from 12.30pm showing the 12.30 game. Away fans welcome!
  8. Can certainly say Mark Wilson comes across great when speaking unlike previous managers... knows where the weaknesses are in the team and won't shy away from any questions put to him.
  9. Wilson did make reference to that when he came into the lounge late on after the game.
  10. I'm sure during the international week we will hear of our new manager. Loving the rumours though...
  11. McIntosh will be out for a wee while after being injured against Elgin.
  12. "Never going to get Relegated "What makes you think that? Exactly what I thought! Clearly knows something the rest of us don't
  13. Smith was backed to be actually! Slow international clearances, a couple injured and one carrying over a ban led to him having to play a couple.
  14. Think we are needing someone with experience and not a rookie to get us out the mess we are currently in, but as has been said, there isn't much going about. This appointment absolutely has to be the right one
  15. How late in the season is it we have to wait for change to happen... Clearly something isn't working...
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