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  1. Having been in the Falkirk Stadium's dressing rooms I would reckon they are significantly bigger than those at most, if not all, West of Scotland League club grounds.
  2. What makes you think 'the West Region doesn't have a established history of even keeping meeting minutes'. Club Secretaries can all access minutes going back several years online within the SFA Club Extranet.
  3. As if, they brought half that to the West Cup tie a couple of years ago. The other half must have had a premonition.
  4. Can anyone advise what the 'Pinta Man' Trophy was - played for by Central League Clubs late '60's early 70's.
  5. One really shouldn't accept everything set out in newspapers (incl the online versions) as read, never mind drawing conclusions based on that. The conversation with the journalist lasted 50 mins. It is his choice what he includes, what he leaves out and the context, order and emphasis used. For the avoidance of any doubt whatsoever, Wishaw Juniors will be submitting an application for membership of the West of Scotland League as proposed by The Lowland League.. Membership of the S.J.F.A. & W. of S. J.F.A. and previous Junior F.A. 's such as the old Scottish, Lanarkshire and Central Leagues has, down the years, provided stable environments for clubs like ourselves to operate and serve our communities, particularly in recent years throughout periods of significant social and economic change. We look forward to the West of Scotland League serving that same function and to meeting old friends, making new ones and to facing new challenges.
  6. Not sure that you are entirely correct in this. I have a recollection of reading somewhere that in the earliest days of football, when there were no leagues and matches were basically friendlies or annual 'challenge competitions', the earlier established clubs (most of whom disappeared long ago) preferred to play annual matches against each other (for various reasons including financial) rather than play against 'newer' poorly supported clubs. Else they fielded second or third string sides when they did play them) ( a bit like modern rugby) and that the term 'junior' was coined by the printed press as a sort of 'catch all' term to describe the 'newer' clubs and possibly slowly over time applied to the 'smaller' old clubs (many of whom were being left behind by the rapid growth of the big city /large town club with greater supports and which were a better financial proposition in terms of away support. Presumably when the SJFA was founded and the Junior Cup competition established, it was a deliberate use of the term 'Junior' at that point in time in order to clearly differentiate themselves as being something 'different' - a sort of early marketing ploy. Presumably also as a result of this if you weren't 'junior' then by exception you must have been 'senior'. When Leagues started the differentiation would have been continued. Perhaps some of the many learned football historians out there can help with this.
  7. Good Pitch and dressing rooms. One container type seated stand. One other covered area also with seats. Hardstanding down one side, Hospitality cabin. Pie stall etc. Own floodlit training pitch. Nice people, nice place. Even laid on a sunny day for us.
  8. Couple of seasons ago we played 22 games in 52 days after being knocked out at semi-final of Scottish Junior Cup. Killed our promotion hopes stone dead.
  9. We had goal not given at Benburb a couple of years ago when it rebounded off the wheel. Ref didn't see it. Fair put us off at the time and the Bens went on to give us a bit of a doing.
  10. He scored both goals in Cumbernauld's 2 - 1 victory over us in the Scottish Junior Cup that year.
  11. David McGlone's The Juniors 100 Years gives this as - Saltcoats 2 (Brunton & Barr) St Anthony's 1 Donnachie at Firhill after (1) Saltcoats 1 (J McLellan) St Anthony's (McNeil) 1 - at Firhill (2) Saltcoats 3 (W Mclellan 2 J McLellan 1) St Anthony's 3 ( Donnachie 1 Brown 2) - at Love Street after extra time
  12. The lad that went to Rangers - are you talking about Alan Mitchell ?
  13. Yes to that question. I think Wishyman's loyalties lie with Shotts Bon Accord and not the Wishy.
  14. WISHAW v LUGAR Match OFF - Pitch Frozen.
  15. Don't know of any websites that provide what you are looking for but if you contact the chap that until a couple of years ago published the annual Scottish Non League Review he can supply you with those booklets covering each of last 30 years and also booklets giving Scottish Junior Cup results per decade going back to 1950. Apparantly he is close publishing more going further back.
  16. We had a free Saturday on Saturday 19 August 2017 but we didn't complain.
  17. The Club would like to thank Rab Sneddon Snr, Paul Burns and Kevin Grant for their hard work in looking after the team for the last few games and for keeping us in the chase for the play off place. Thank you gents, much appreciated.
  18. We wish to thank the other applicants who submitted CV's / applications etc in connection with the post of manager all of which were of a very high standard. We very much appreciate the interest shown in our club.
  19. The club are delighted to announce that Kieron McGuiness has been appointed as team manager. Kieron will be assisted by Paul Finnigan and goalkeeping coach Barry Fraser.
  20. Congratulations to all our friends at The Albert - magnificent achievement. Commiserations to Gartcairn but still a great season guys.
  21. There are a couple of seats left. Buses leaving The Beltane at 11.30
  22. Yes the Tranent game will be covered in the programme. Your faither wasn't wrong. Mr John Chapman of one of our main sponsors James Chapman (Butchers) Ltd has told us of several occasions when packed trains left Wishaw for Juniors games. Some of the crowd figures given for games in the past were well in excess of those enjoyed by many senior clubs nowadays. In reply to Larky 1878 as everyone knows we have been very much a hostage to fortune with the weather this season hopefully no more rain will fall before tomorrow.
  23. Hopefully we can get something arranged as there will be people at The Beltane making recordings. We understand there will be similar arrangements at Hurlford.
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