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  1. Ah right, is he LB? Could of sworn I have seen him play RB.
  2. I have read in a couple of places that we do not have any cover at RB if Gary Miller isnt fit. Why is Scott Morrison not considered adequete cover?
  3. 72 hours!! Maybe we should try it out and write a letter of complaint if we do not still smell fresh after their suggested timescales!
  4. Just bought some deodorant and it offers 48 hour protection... does that mean there are some skanks out there who would not shower for 2 days?
  5. Just noticed last night all 6 favourites won at Thirsk... combined SP acca was something like 1,750/1...!
  6. How did you get on??? Anyway my PTTGOYN is people who through bread out for the vermon birds in the middle of the high street (or eqivalent ). It's bad enough having to duck dive bombing seagulls without attracting them with bread.
  7. Uruguay in the final - good shout!

  8. Cheers mate, just need them to beat Peru tonight! ;)

  9. So what if I was? However, no. Just wondering if the homophobic attitude on the terraces extends to the forums.
  10. Question - has there ever been an openly gay poster on P&B?
  11. Just can't wait 'till Saturday!

  12. You may see his positional play improve playing alongside a more experience defender like Munro.
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