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  1. Love the hyperbole from the commentators about Ramsey, then he paps a shite pen.
  2. Great bit of business done with Dempsey. If we can land McInroy that's a good midfield three with Murdoch. Smith looked like great against Thistle so hopefully he can maintain that and get more game time next season and be looking to break in there. I was surprised Baird was offered a new deal at all, given how little game time he had but as many have said it was probably a deal with vastly reduced terms and probably reflecting the fact he'd be bin juice. Sad to see Muirhead go in a way, was a good player for us and one of the few that looked like he cared last season. That said, he's not irreplaceable and it means we are getting the surgery on our defense we desperately needed.
  3. Very good bit of business that. I did think he might fancy a change but that's positive we're looking to die down our best players. Will Murdoch not now be one of our longest-serving players?
  4. Apologies if someone has already done an overview of the squad, but this is what I reckon we have so far... 13 (14 if you included Moff) are signed up for next year, but I can see Gondoh (going by gametime) and McAllister being allowed to leave, so that takes it down to 11 (again, including a couple of youth players) Out of the out of contract players I'd like to keep Murdoch, Adeloye and O'Connor. Albinson isn't a bad keeper at all, and not against him staying, but I'd hope that it'll be someone who can really challenge McAdams as I think he's been making a few mistakes recently. Loanees I'd like to see us try to sign permanently would be McIrony, Dempsey and Maxwell. Realistically that means out of this years squad of 27 or so, that's possibly around 15/16 senior players staying.
  5. I'm Edinburgh born and raised and usually get a mix of confusion and sympathy when I say who I support. But more often than not it turns to conversations about away days at Somerset Park or previous players. Quite interesting to chat with folk who are fans of other clubs. I've seen two or three different Ayr shirts on folk in and around Gorgie over the years actually.
  6. Really enjoyed last night; big crowd, decent weather and a good win. Aye, Partick were going through the motions a bit but we still played well and deserved the comfortable win. Tomi wins 2 penalties, scores a goal himself and should have won another penalty and/or red-card - great performance from him. Smith really stepped up last night, that long pass out right to McInroy was brilliant, and I hope he gets a bigger chance next year. It's tempting to look at last season and say we kept too many players, but I think our squad now is massively better than it was 12 months ago. We had far too many passengers like Chalmers, Wright and Walsh and there was a really weak mentality (the capitulation at Arbroath was the prime example). Given how many times this group have battled back from a goal or two down to salvage something shows that they aren't the same gutless shitebags.
  7. It doesn't bother me too much now, think I'm more numb to it more than anything. Just about everything about this season should be put in the bin and set fire to.
  8. I don't mind it, much prefer this year's though. It would look better if the Jewson logo wasn't the big blue square but I guess that's their branding. Good to see the cost of living being taken into account though. Defo will explain why it's a teamwear option rather than bespoke but for the right reasons.
  9. Given our colours, there's only so much you can do with the home kit unless you want to go down the 90s nostalgia/abstract graphic trend thats popular just now. I like simple kits. Long before my time but I'd like to see a 60s/70s retro effort one yet. Simple white shirt, black crew collar and cuffs. Like the idea of there maybe being a third kit this year just to give some options. That said, might be a good idea if we were to carry over an away shirt to be a third choice the following season, would maybe give a sense of better value for fans?
  10. Hard to disagree with this assessment at all really. We've shown plenty of spirit and fight to come back from a goal or two down at times, so I don't think the team are gutless shitebags but we haven't exactly taken the game to the opposition (unless we've given them a goal or two head start). We're at least creating plenty chances, but that counts for bugger all if you don't take them. Going to be tight and nervy on Friday night.
  11. McGinty would probably be fine in a massively improved defence next year. Since Bullen came in he has hardly been a weak link. Not necessarily the best centre back but far from the worst. Can't fault the teams commitment and resilience but the execution hasn't been there at times this year. Evidenced by our ability to fluff multiple chances the last two weeks that would have seen us home and dry. Also might have got sunburnt today..
  12. Not being able to buy tickets in advance online will cause problems too I expect...
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