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  1. You're probably right, I'll try to dig out the paperwork and have a look. Our electricity bill is certainly quite low, about thirty quid a month currently so I assume they are working already.
  2. We're in an mid-terrace new-build and our energy use appears to be way below average. We both work full time so we're out most the day but even in the coldest of winter days the heating only needs to be on for an hour and the house is very warm. Not sure if having a brand new boiler/heating system also make a difference in terms of being more efficient. Ours also came with solar panels and I'm still none the wiser as to whether or not we actually have them registered/set-up to be seeing any benefit from them.
  3. After the 2nd and 3rd, I need a change of pants for the journey home. Erect
  4. The epitome of Jekyll and Hyde tonight. First half was utterly woeful and relegation worthy. Didn't think we managed to string two passes together and gave away two soft goals (a front post corner then not getting a tackle in with 4 players around the QP player). Second half was a total turnaround, we seemed to be a touch quicker and more urgent. McKenzie did well when he came on, won a lot of headers and flick-ons and could've had a goal himself. Still not entirely sure what his position actually is but he worked hard and made a nuisance of himself. O'Connor also made a big impact, and I really like him as a player. He looks to go forward and is capable of some really nice play and touches. Was good to see him cutting into the box more and getting some more shots off. If he can work on his end product a bit more then I think he'll be able to contribute plenty to the team. Delighted for Dipo; he needed those goals tonight and the celebration after his first showed that. Hopefully he can start to add a few more in the next few weeks. Big McGinty leading the full time celebrations was joyous too, and what a header! We are still obviously in need of another striker and something creative in midfield, as if we turn in another first half performance like that we'll be dead and buried by half time but at least we know the players, whatever their limitations, aren't gutless shitebags.
  5. Think the last time I was up there was a challenge cup game against East Stirling in 2017. Purely selfishly I'm glad it's Friday night as I can't do many Saturdays and it's a short enough drive from here, but I feel sorry for QP fans if Fridays become a regular occurrence for their home games.
  6. Just my own experience with companies like these... I fell into the payday loan trap about ten years ago when I was living down south. I was playing rugby (not at any sort of elite level but for 22 I could survive on it) and there were a few months where I wasn't being paid on time. I started off with Wonga to pay my rent, but then soon enough I was having to take out extra loans with multiple companies and just roll over each month and it quickly spiralled. I think I must have had a couple of grand in loans just being rolled over each month, barely able to pay back the interest each month. It was far too easy to apply and be approved for a loan that I clearly could not afford. I think I was stuck in the cycle for about 2 years (even after I moved back to Scotland) and I dread to think how much I paid out in interest over that time. I was very lucky that my parents cottoned on and were able to give me an interest-free loan to pay it all off before it got much worse, but these companies are the absolute dregs of society. Funnily enough, in the last couple of years or so I've had a few hundred quid back in compensation from some of these lenders that went bust. But, I was young and naive and that doesn't make up for all the hardship it caused.
  7. He's signed for Doncaster. I'd take Crawford, not seen or heard him linked with anywhere else but whether or not he'd want to come back and be a target for the boo-boys straight away remains to be seen. Allan is unrealistic, but on paper would be a good signing. Griffiths is an absolute no.
  8. I think there’s clamour for Bryden because he has potential, but I think it’s also due to the idea of being “one of our own”. We all want to see home grown players who are fans coming through, but he’s only 18 and throwing him in before he’s ready could harm his long term development. He is in the squad on merit and I want to see him get plenty game time and be more than just a squad player, but it has to be managed correctly. Dipo hasn’t managed to get the goals yet, but he’s not far away either. This is his first full-time football for a couple of years so hopefully his finishing improves as he gets more training under his belt. Ashford got into some good positions yesterday, but similar to last season he seems to try and take too many touches before firing off a shot. O’Connor is very similar in that he tries to have a go and beat a defender but the end product isn't always there (did think he was one of our better players yesterday, he did seem to track back fairly well to help Houston). Without wanting to sound too much like Bullen, we’re not exactly a million miles away; the theme seems to be nearly, but not quite. The problem is that that is all fine and well when it’s your first couple of pre-season games but not after 4 competitive games and I’d be expecting better by now. There needs to be a couple of quality additions and some positive results, as I don’t think Bullen has much credit in the bank with the support right now.
  9. I think it was the 19-20 season? Pretty sure we made an arse of it at home to Stranraer and that was a reason we couldn’t get an extra player in that year…
  10. I don't think anyone connected to the club said he had an attitude problem or was disruptive. I'm sure it was things like he was a complex guy and that he required a bit of man-management and understanding. To me, that would suggest maybe he needed some help with confidence and being quite far from home probably didn't help him. Personally, I wasn't fussed that he wasn't the type of forward who ran aimlessly. He could have stayed rooted to the 18 yard box all game for all I cared, so long as he scored goals, which he did (although we could debate whether or not he should have scored more). The only issue I have is that things really dragged out over the summer and it seemed like he (or his agent) was happy to string the club along while looking for more money elsewhere. I don't think we'd be discussing him in as much detail still had he just turned round after the final game and said he was away. Either way, this is all moot as he isn't an Ayr player anymore. Good luck to him, hopefully being closer to home and a two year can provide the stability for him to realise the potential he has.
  11. Just had the look and feel of a pre-season game. I got the impression (going by Bullen's comments during the week and today's selection) that the group stage is viewed as an extension of pre-season and it played out like that. I'd have any of Ashford, JML and O'connor involved from the start, and we have Kirk and Bangala still to be involved. If I'm clutching at straws I'd say it's hard to read too much into today's game, as disappointing as it was.
  12. Watching the stream from croatia...any chance they could move the camera? Its fixed in the centre circle.
  13. I'd always assumed he was Scottish because he'd played Scotland age-grwde stuff. Was surprised to hear his accent when he was interviewed.
  14. Wasn't Reading born in England? Certainly has an English north-east accent? I don't many of us would really care where the players come from, provided they're half-decent and show effort and commitment on the pitch. Makes a pleasant change from the usual merry-go-round of jobbers who always seem to be looking for a club this time of year.
  15. Surely we'll have mix and match black and white shorts for home and away kits? Pretty sure we wore white socks with the away kit in Dunfermline.
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