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  1. For what it’s worth, when people haven’t been able to do the things they’re used to for so long, it’s understandable there’s going to be those who get carried away. When the first lockdown restriction were eased, it coincided with warm weather and lots of folk were meeting with more than one household and probably nipping indoors to use the loo. It’s just human nature to push the restrictions once they start to ease up. What the governments should have done is allow these places to reopen under certain conditions, like you say. But the problem seems to be that the conservative govt. are more interested in popular decisions and hyping them up with “super Saturday” rhetoric. Again, it will be interesting to see the impact of all of this in the coming weeks. If there’s no significant spikes, it may suggest that community transmission is far lower than previously thought. If there are spikes, it may be hard to reimpose restrictions (in whatever form) now the genie is out the bottle.
  2. I just don’t know what they hope to achieve. They are everything that’s wrong with the Indy movement, it makes those of us who are (probably) moderate and rational about it look like nutters and it alienates anyone who might be considering independence off the back of the pandemic and the response to it. I equally think anyone who can’t wait two or three days for a pint up here is a bit of a roaster, but should be left to the relative authorities to deal with.
  3. Absolute state of the utter helmets on the border. I’m pro Indy, and I’m concerned about the risks regarding the border too, but that kind of behaviour is just embarrassing and completely counter productive. Plays straight into the SNP-bad narrative and makes us look like a bunch of Anglo-phobic tinpot idiots.
  4. Seems to be the opposite of what Leitch was referring to yesterday. He said there was "no chance" of crowds before October - although he then did discuss Murrayfield being used as a test venue for the Edinburgh v Glasgow games in August - a crowd of 1000 in a 67,500 stadium... ETA: I know that October is when the Champ will resume, so we will possibly have crowds in some form. I'm just curious as to why Aberdeen feel that they can say such a thing. Apart from a shameless attempt to shift more season tickets.
  5. Hey folks, me again. Finally had some time to collect in the loaned gym equipment and been told what I'm to sell it for. It's based in Edinburgh, so if you're on the hunt for some plates then have a look at the Gumtree add below: https://www.gumtree.com/p/weight-plates/cast-iron-weights-plates-olympic-bar-sized./1377043297 Ideally looking to sell the plates as sets, but open to offers if they don't sell in sets. They're actually in good nick, I re-painted them all a few months ago (some are a bit scuffed again but it's purely cosmetic). Just not suitable for olympic lifting like we are doing, but ideal for home gyms if you're just looking to squat/bench etc. No bars for sale, I'm afraid. Edited to Add - sold pending collection. All of it went in about 20 mins - just a handful of odds and ends left, but they may be gone as well.
  6. Bus drivers don’t have to wear them, certainly not in Edinburgh. My brother drives for Lothian, they were told that they didn’t have to wear them as they have a screen on the cab and they tend to be quite removed from the passengers anyway. Curiously though, they were also told that drivers cannot and shouldn’t be enforcing the wearing of masks - they can’t refuse someone on just for not wearing them, despite the guidance from the government. The guidance from head office is just to “not engage”.
  7. No, I don’t expect the start date to change either. It was more interesting the comments about screening. In terms of rugby, the lads I know at Edinburgh/Glasgow who are back at Murrayfield haven’t been doing testing as far as I know , but all of their work has been socially distanced and outdoors fitness and conditioning. Wonder what these changes mean for different sports from tomorrow.
  8. https://sportfirst.sportscotland.org.uk/articles/next-step-for-athletes/ Of course, the full update hasn’t been published as far as I can tell so it’s possible some of the caveats and conditions aren’t listed.
  9. There were a few articles I read, only happened a couple hours ago. Let me see if I can find a link...
  10. I see that all contact sports at the professional level in Scotland are now allowed to resume, provided there is "screening" (e.g. temperature checks) upon entry. Not sure if this means that testing is no longer a requirement, but certainly that's how I read it.
  11. The "pay what you can/want" idea is an interesting one. I think Albion Rovers did something similar and had a far higher number of season tickets sold, and they also had a higher gate receipt. I Granted, their average crowds are far lower so a 125% increase on 300 is far easier than 1,500 but I would be interested to see what that would do for the number of people going to Somerset and the net financial gain of such. Of course, it's risky because having 3000 season ticket holders would be lovely, but if they only paid a £1 each it wouldn't be much use. Probably not the year to try such a scheme, either.
  12. All clubs are going to be in the same boat this year, with reduced budgets, and that means players wages will (unfortunately for them) be reduced accordingly. We all miss the usual summer speculation and signings and all the excitement that goes with it, but there's no point in the club trying to sign players for the reasons that both Robbo and Skyline have mentioned. I personally think it would be foolish for any club at this level to be gambling on start dates and potential crowds until it's clearer what and when these things will happen. Stranraer maybe have reached agreements, but as we have no idea what the terms of those deals are there's not much point in looking at what they're doing and trying to compare. These could be pay as you play deals which costs them nothing till the season starts. It's nice to hear about rumours and what discuss potential signings etc. but with most Scottish club players still furloughed there's not going to be much movement.
  13. Probably right, but it's the faff to post them all out! So a lot of stuff has been borrowed already but hopefully we can get this back from the players this week. Here's a list of what we have so far: Open to offers, but need to discuss with club before agreeing to anything yet. They're all olympic size plates.
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