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  1. Been back in the gym for about 9 weeks since I had surgery on my ruptured achilles. Number of reps and the weights I'm lifting are all far beyond what I was doing in pre-season before my injury so I'm pretty happy with that. Going to start running again at only 16 weeks post surgery, but that's going to be a fairly humbling experience.
  2. Good to see the old JVC handycam is still in use.... The fact the camera was at a wonky angle, coupled with the frame rate, made that video unwatchable. I know it's volunteers and they mean well but it's really not a great reflection of the club.
  3. I'd rather we kept O'Connor tbh, I think there's a decent player there and if something were to happen to Mullin or Chalmers I'd much rather have him in than JML. That said, he's not had much luck with injury at Ayr, but I wouldn't blame him for wanting to move somewhere with more minutes.
  4. An utterly insipid performance from everyone tonight in an Ayr jersey. Injuries and illness aside that performance was reminiscent of our efforts in the league cup group stages. Second best all over pitch. Safe travels to the Dundee fans, great numbers for a Friday night game two days before Xmas.
  5. It'd be incredibly harsh to judge Ecrepont on yesterday. He was playing out of position in a makeshift defence, hopefully he gets a bit of time at left back alongside a more stable defence. Defence is an absolute priority in January, and depending on Dempsey's injury we might need some sort of midfield cover. At least yesterday showed we can score goals when playing so poorly, but it was impossible to get any foothold in the game due to Partick targeting out right hand side. It just seemed to be aimless balls up the park time and time again. With Kirk and Musonda they can carry the ball and play out from the back. That's probably helped cover the lack of control in the midfield at times.
  6. It'll be interesting to watch it back, but I certainly think that leading with arm is definitely a foul. Think he left a bit on McAllister a few mins later at a corner, so second half could be quite spicy.
  7. Before the equaliser, Graham led with the arm into McAllister. I wouldn't say it was particularly malicious but a clear foul.
  8. We've been poor, granted but this referee, Jesus wept he's been abysmal.
  9. Realistically the obvious choices are Macron, Joma, or Nike/Adidas teamwear. Macrons sizes are off but their kit is actually quite good quality and can probably easily do custom designs. Joma doesn't appear to be highly regarded by supporters of their teams but the stuff looks OK. Teamwear is fine but you end up with the same kits as pub and youth teams more often than not. Umbro have had a bit of a resurgence this last few years- did they not make Ayr kits in the past?
  10. It really was - the management were a disgrace. The absent rate and turnover of staff in the year I was there was absolutely mental. It was my probation year and it was just about getting through the year and out of there as fast as possible.
  11. I've been in a school that added after-school clubs into the WTA before. That seems to be uncommon though as it inevitably ate into planning and prep time more than anything else.
  12. I'm not in favour of the strike action for a few reasons, most of all if we keep pushing for 10% then there are going to be cuts made elsewhere that are going to make our jobs much harder. The only way to fund it would be through cuts or tax rises and neither of those seem particularly palatable. For example, I've taught several children with additional needs (and some that have often been violent) or who don't speak any English and the lack of support for staff and these pupils is shocking. Some pupils take years to get an additional support diagnosis and untill that's confirmed we don't get much support with helping these kids. That then has a knock on impact on staff, both in terms of in class experiences (I've been bit, kicked, spat at and punched) and in terms of hours worth of additional time spent in meetings, filling in forms etc. I'm not going to turn down a pay rise (let's be honest, most of us here wouldn't) and we are all facing pressures to do with the cost of living. But I think we also need to be aware of the wider impact that a 10% rise would have.
  13. Think the biggest positives from last night were that we are in the next round and avoided picking up any injuries or suspensions. Bit of a non event in the end. Pollock never really troubled McAdams and we forced their keeper into a couple of half decent saves in the first half. Once Dempsey scored it felt like it became a bit of training game. We never looked in danger but at the same time, a one goal lead is never secure. Bangala had lots of effort so can't fault him there but I couldn't really tell what his role was and, if we are being honest, he looked really limited. Put himself about physically but decision making on and off the ball was interesting. Might be worth letting him go out on loan for the second half of the season and seeing how he goes but I'd be surprised if he was here next season. Felt like the whole game had a feeling of just do enough to get through it.
  14. I see that the distribution company for Hummel have gone into administration. Not sure how it would effect Ayr, but I have quite liked their stuff. Wouldn't mind a switch to Macron though - their stuff has always been pretty decent.
  15. While I agree the standard of referees isn't great (and trust me, I've experienced my fair share of shocking calls - and gotten away with quite a few myself at club level), you can't control the referee. Teams and players need to be as honest with themselves as much possible and look what they can do better so that they aren't reliant on a referee's decision. Across the game today I thought out contact work was poor, especially in attack with our ball presentation and accuracy in clearing out. Lots of examples of players either flopping on to their backs after the tackle, giving a clear target of the ball for the NZ jackal, and our clear out being too slow or not accurate enough in those rucks. NZ were far more composed in the 22, and look after the ball much better than we did. That all being said, we really do need to have a clear look at what constitutes a deliberate knock on as it seems to be that 9/10 times any sort of attempted interception or knock-on in a tackle is given as a penalty. Dempsey should feel pretty hard done by there as his arm is outstretched for the tackle before it's even been passed. If he doesn't have his arm out and makes the tackle, then there's the potential for it being seen as a no-arm tackle.
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