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  1. Cameron was on the SRE page this morning stating that all of these 'linked' names are clearly bollocks...some ofnthe more experienced managers and their agents will maybe try to use media connections to get their names out there, but that's about it.
  2. It was interesting that Lachlan said on Facebook that McCall would have only signed if the clause about being able to speak to clubs was included in his deal. As many have said, I think this was something that McCall has known was going to become available and that he has been trying to engineer since the end of last season. It doesn't detract from his achievements at Ayr, but if I'm being honest it does make me think slightly less of him now. I'm not bothered so much he went to Thistle, given his emotional pull, but just the way that it looks like the whole move was something he's known was on the cards since the end of last season and has, probably, tried to manufacture given what was in his contract. Again it wouldn't bother me as much if he hadn't spouted all the crap about being loyal to Cameron but then again, he's excellent at the PR side of things. I just feel he's been a bit hypocritical.
  3. Cameron basically just called him out on his constant whining. That lot constantly feel like they're involved in the running of the club and when they didn't get something they wanted, spat the dummy. Social media really is awful sometimes.
  4. Not sure how I feel about that. Experienced in full time football but last few posts weren't great and not sure he would keep the attacking brand of football....
  5. Given that things have been going relatively well it might make sense that we don't change too many things. Perhaps there's also a feeling that the senior boys should front up and take a lead as well. Looking at that list is quite depressing but none of us expected McCall 5 years ago, maybe we'll get hit with some leftfield option.
  6. He really does open himself up to it on there, so many illiterate troglodytes about to mash their keyboards with "no ambition" and "why did we even give them permission, look at clyde blah blah" patter. Having slept on it, incidentally, the more I think McCall was probably aiming for this move - especially after his comments after we lost to Caley in the play-offs. Might explain the rolling contract; there's not anything you can really do to stop someone leaving. Like any job, really.
  7. He's the first manager that's ever been any good in my time supporting Ayr.
  8. They're not my suggestions of who I would want, more who we could be linked with.
  9. My two are currently flying somewhere over the forth bridge, such is my rage.
  10. So let's be realistic- we're sitting joint top of the league, full-time, good group of young players and experienced pros, known for playing good football and a managerial position that probably comes with a lot more freedom than other posts - we must be an attractive post to lots of managers who are available. John Hughes applies for everything, so he'll be linked regardless. I'm then struggling to think of other options. Peter Houston?
  11. Said on our thread that I'm kind of glad for McCall as a perso, he's exercised some demons and things have come full circle for him. Did a lot for Ayr, we did a lot for him. Would have been better had this happened in the summer but that's football. Hope you get pumped though.
  12. I'm not entirely sure how I feel. On a personal level, glad that the guy has conquered his demons and things seem to have come full circle for him. As an Ayr fan, I'm pissed off that he's chosen to go to a rival club in a worse position after all his soundbites in the media over the last five years. But, managers and players come and go and it's a reflection of where we are. Lachlan does a good job of keeping us competiIfve within our means and knows he's not the man to take us forward. He's always been very honest about that, and responsible in not selling to the first person who comes along. If they're taking Scally too then take them to the cleaners for the compensation. Shall we put Geggan in charge for the loosest banter-fest of a training session?
  13. What other realistic options do we have? John Hughes?
  14. It's a fair point to consider. He's in a heart v head scenario; the logical choice would be staying at a club where you've rebuilt your career, where you're pretty much untouchable and working on something special and he has a lot more freedom than other managers. I get the heart may pull him to Partick but it's a very uncertain club just now - new owners possibly, financial problems, bottom end of the table - and why would you give up a very secure job for that? Sure, Partick have more cash than us but they're a basket case of a club just now.
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