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  1. O'Connor was done out of atleast 3 or 4 goals last season by Adeloye's poor decision making. Got himself into some great positions where it was literally a case of just squaring the ball to be fired into an empty net. Seems to have the right instincts to grab a half dozen if our new striker is willing to pass.
  2. Sets up a new company every other week it seems. Will never forget Lachlan Cameron chasing him away whilst Restor-a-roof were his front. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/exclusive-roofing-boss-hugh-clarke-4321388
  3. Talk about a seriously overinflated ego, glad he's gone. Yes he had some great moments but he also had some turgid moments. Should have been dropped in February last year for some time out, like McCall used to do to reset the younger players. If he thinks he's too good to go on trial after two seasons battling relegation then he really needs a reality check.
  4. It must be frustrating for the smaller teams in particular within the LC, getting through the group stages can be a proper money spinner for them. Especially this year with a small increase in the prize pot making it a little bit more lucrative.
  5. I always had the feeling that there was a great idea in essence to raise money, however it was let down by lack of staff capacity. Probably a case of biting off more than they could chew as there simply isn't the level of staffing required to run a subscription service with a steady stream of content.
  6. Best performances were always through the middle, just didn't suit him to sit wide left.
  7. The naming convention is no issue imo, although it probably would be if the followed a similar path for Celtic....that one could send mixed signals. Will leave it to people I'm guessing have lived experience to determine whatever they want to be called.
  8. Out of interest how long do the injections tend to last? I find around Easter my hayfever goes insane, to the point I occasionally need steroids from the doctors to assist with my asthma. Luckily this year I have avoided them. However, on particularly bad early season days I have been known to rattle through 10+ tablets just to control my breathing. This year the doctor prescribed fexofenidine didn't dent it so I've reverted to the over the counter stuff as it seems to be working. Thankfully now we are getting into the middle of the summer I'm down to one a day if that, unless the grass has just been freshly cut. One thing that does help, although isn't that practical for being out and about, is a salt inhaler. Using one of those every now and again can help the breathing issues. I've been lobbying the doctor for a past few years trying to get in for desensitising treatment, but the GPs are still not having it due to the pandemic.
  9. One of the premiership sides has clearly found a way with 11 B teams this year. Feeling very meh about it as per, would take a trip on the ferry though and be done there and then.
  10. Assuming you are with PCS, have the same vibes coming from them at my work via the three unions we have - PCS/Prospect and F something or other. PCS told us in 2019 that we were roughly 25% behind inflation over the past 10 years. With 2 years of freezes and no offer on the table for this year yet, it will obviously be a much wider gap. On top of that there is the illegal theft of wages disguised as pension contributions which are never added to the pot - The Firefighters Union challenged this and won their battle in court plus quashed the attempts at overturning a couple of years ago. However, they have still refused to payout to anyone. Alot of my colleagues are jumping ship on level transfers to ScotGov because the wages are effectively what we get with London weighting added on, so it is a no brainer for folk up here. You will also find in the UK Civil Service (not sure if ScotGov are the same) that the SCS level staff have still had their pay rises over the past couple of years. The very people telling us we are all in this together with the cost of living rises and we should add to our expenses with unnecessary journeys back into the office because they like to see people. Alot of very very angry people now on our internal message boards.
  11. For long rangers there was Gilmour from the half way line and Roberts chipping the Partick keeper.
  12. It is early doors yet, they are all adjusting to new managers in some fashion as well so not fully unexpected. Hamilton having only admitted yesterday that they punted Taylor. Which is potentially useful for us if we are swimming in the same pools for targets.
  13. Would quite like us to go down a full white / full black route for the kits where possible. Always thought that looked pretty classy compared to the mix and match efforts.
  14. Fine I'll just have to buy the away top now on the off chance it sells out and buy the third one later (Sorry trying to figure out the justification to the better half).
  15. In with this school of thought. Looking forwards to seeing the third strip now. Away top though is class imo.
  16. I'd be quite interested to go to that one if it was open doors. No idea what level they would be at, but given how much money the American's chuck at uni sports I can't imagine they'll be anything like the sides in the WoSFL.
  17. Genuinely thought it was a fairly well known term, have heard it used plenty over the years in various places. Just means at that stage where your that bursting your back teeth tingle.
  18. There is a player in there with Maxwell and no doubt he will continue to develop. I don't buy into the hype around him though, to me he'll top out at Championship / bottom 6 level. Crawford is certainly a better midfielder, I found Maxwell a bit of an enigma and never really understood what his natural position was. As a wide man he's on par if not slightly ahead of Crawford, through the middle I take Crawford everytime.
  19. Would take Tenby, they can keep the rest. Pembroke Dock was like the wild west when I was down there working on one of the big LNG plants. We had quite a few issues with the locals because 70% of the site was travelling labour and they were demanding the jobs for themselves. We even hard a farmer taking pot shots at one of the cranes, protests at the gate to the site and people trying to block the entry to the car park. My lasting memory is stopping in a village somewhere in the valleys to ask someone if there was a pub nearby as I was swimming at the back teeth. The company car at the time had a Derbyshire plate on it. Before the window was even fully down the guy had launched into a full anti English tirade at me, until he heard my scots accent then he was brand new. One of the guy I worked with explained that in the valleys they can be properly territorial due to all the second homers who have been buying the place up and wrecking the housing market.....similar to what is happening up here now.
  20. Africa was declared free of wild Polio a couple of years ago, what wasn't mentioned at the time was that vaccine derived polio is absolutely rife throughout central Africa and into parts of Asia.
  21. Was Junior Mendes still turning out for Montserrat whilst with us?
  22. Far far too early to be talking about panic buys, the kids haven't even finished for the summer yet! We all know the way the summer goes normally where squads are still being tinkered with and loans sorted all the way through the league cup and into the first couple of games. Yes, we're short of bodies just now. However, so are every other team in Scotland.
  23. Seems to be a fairly regular sight on the M8 these days, one of them even made the paper a month or so ago. On another note, we're just back from a mini road trip around the NW of Ireland. On the main roads they have a hard shoulder which seems to be a sort of do what you need to do lane. Quite a few times we'd come up behind people driving along at 80-90kph and they'd fire on their left indicator and move over to let the faster traffic pass. In general the behaviour on the roads was far better, we only had a couple of motors (on UK plates funnily enough) riding our rear bumper. As soon as we came off the ferry and hit the A77 it was c***s galore.
  24. It was mentioned when Chalmers moved on that we could "sign two players for the money he's on". So no doubt there will be a decent chunk of change sitting from his wages being freed up and the money Dunfermline inexplicably paid us. Have there been any murmurs around backroom staff yet?
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