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  1. Would guess it would be 1 in 1 out unless another striker?
  2. They always cream themselves over the "big" team in the league, which is typically whoever came down the previous year.
  3. Totally agree, every club is currently in the race to 40. Once you hit that point it is time to re-evaluate. If we are on it by Halloween, it will be hard not to be looking up. Just now I think most people would bite your hand off for a playoff berth.
  4. Stephen Reynolds is surely the answer for worst career trajectory. Packed it in after being with us to go sell ice cream.
  5. Are cross border free agents tied to the window or is it just loans/transfers? Loan wise I would guess someone from either Burnley (now we've ingratiated them with our third kit) or Sheff Wed (Bully connection)?
  6. Very please with the signing of Mullin as already mentioned, if he recaptures his form from the Ross County charge in this league we are laughing.
  7. For a team to turn sour that quickly, something has clearly gone on in the background. Would happily take a trip up there in the Scottish Cup this season. Could see us getting a result assuming Ross isn't bagged by then.
  8. He seems to have accidentally taken over Brechin or something, having gone there as a consultant a couple of years ago. Even appeared in their squad photo looking like he'd just been to the garden centre. Maybe not a bad shout as a caretaker but couldn't imagine him looking to get back into it long term.
  9. Huge change in mentality this season. Going a goal down early doors would have buried us last year, if anything last night it settled us and made the players dig deep. It is the first time since the McCall era I've seen our players genuinely look like they were having fun. Everyone put a shift in and fought for each other. Going to single out Houston, we've all given him a fair amount of criticism that last few years. Last night he showed us that promise we saw when he arrived on loan. It is the first time I can remember seeing him being vocal on the field and his confidence is clearly back. Really hope the lad keeps his head up and kicks on as there is a player in there. Deserves alot of credit from last night especially for his goal.
  10. Octopus seem to be trying to become generators on a small scale as they are hoovering up the domestic solar market as they have tariffs like Agile, which to my understanding is a ying/yang type thing where the rate you are paid for exporting energy changes daily. The Yang being if you have to buy in you are also paying the same rate back. They have partnered up with Tesla to start building solar networks in theory leading to lower energy prices as it is the export you are buying from other Octopus users. No doubt they'll be bought up at some point if it works as well as they claim.
  11. See Celtic are starting to offload a number of their excess players, would assume guys like Mikey Johnston will find another Premiership gig. Hopefully as their excess filters out it will push guys down the order at other clubs to get the ball rolling with completing our squad over the next week.
  12. Think it might be a charity sponsor, although I could just be making that up. Have a vague recollection of that been mentioned.
  13. The 3 x 16 league format would be far more interesting than what we have just now. Although the Championship for the last few years has been pretty interesting from a perspective of teams trying to out shite each other. There are a number of ambitious clubs in the pyramid who would offer plenty to the leagues and shake things up a bit in the lower divisions. However, they are also paralysed by nonsense playoffs based upon self preservation. A larger tier 3 of 20 (i,.e 16,16,20) may also be an interesting prospect with the door swung open for teams from HL/LL (plus the pyramid below them - with a proper promotion relegation setup.) Just now I don't feel it is fit for purpose. Probably mostly from the LL sides looking over their shoulders at the arguably better WoS/EoS sides who are eyeing up promotion, rather than HL sides.
  14. Would have renewed this year if I could have bought it on the tick. However we're buying a house which will need renovated as well so it is at present a luxury I can't afford when my wife has also cut right back on things.
  15. The club will have looked at the timescales quoted, which iirc is about 15 days for the UK and taken them on good faith. It isn't the clubs fault that the estimated time has been long since passed. It sounds like they have ran with the process and provided everything required in the time frame. Due to the nature of my job I have to apply for business visas (I appreciate slightly different) for countries all over the world, the experience we have going abroad compared to the experience of colleagues trying to come visit us is usually totally different. The home office seem to be an absolute riot at the best of time, which the club wouldn't have known in hindsight, they can only take in good faith what they read and are told when applying.
  16. In this case it is very much a political decision that has caused our transfer to be delayed in fairness.
  17. Pretty oddball stuff if he's firing out a set list for a squad of players 10 years ago and a cup game we lost against our rivals. As a one off for a family fun day I can stomach it. But, it'll no doubt confuse the weans as they'll never have heard of half the players and some of the parents will have PTSD flash backs. If a regular feature then get it in the sea.
  18. To be fair it could be the case that we did have a number of targets, we've just been unable to sign any of them. With the new visa rules making foreign signings far more difficult the number of suiters for domestic signings has increased. Youth prospects appear to have EFL shaped vultures circling above them which will narrow the availability of players to clubs looking at loans. There is also the return of the reserve league, I'm assuming this will mean a reduction in outward loans as well. Unless they are going to be playing players from younger age groups that aren't loan ready to make up the numbers.
  19. You have to remember we are at the start of a new approach, signing players to multi year deals. Next summer we may be in the position of only needing 3 or 4 players depending on how things pan out and players progress. This was always going to be a bit of a rebuild given the Hopkin effect. No team in the league has a full squad yet, we're in a pretty good place balance and numbers wise compared to others. Have a look at Raith Rovers and their lack of defenders for example. Shankland was a late signing (8th September) and only on a short term deal to prove fitness, appreciate he was a once in a generation type player. But, he was a late release from Aberdeen.
  20. Had a wee look through the squad lists pinned in the forum earlier, assuming they are all up to date. We are in a fairly decent position numbers and balance wise. A couple of gaps that we all know about. There is a clump of teams with c21 signed up including ourselves, obviously waiting for the Premiership loans and cuts to start filtering down. There are also 2 or 3 with less than 20, Queens Park and Arbroath looking really short at present. I reckon we might start to see some business over the next week with a number of B teams were knocked out last night from the challenge cup. With 3 more playing tonight, it'll probably be too early for the weekend.
  21. We're at the point of completely binning our TV package and going with a broadband only deal. Genuinely can't tell you the last thing we watched on Live TV or even recorded on our Virgin box. An SPFL streaming service would be absolutely up my street, already have NFL gamepass. Something similar even on a scaled down size would be excellent. NFL is 24/7 but, even 2 or 3 programmes during the week and a couple of roundup/highlight shows as well as getting access to games would be superb.
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