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  1. This. Positionally awful and when he shares the flank with Mackenzie we'd be as well just not playing anyone there. No idea what happened to the lad on loan from Rangers, that early promise has long gone.
  2. Was that the game where we started 8 defenders?
  3. Glad the chairman ruled him out early doors. Bullet dodged so far.
  4. Queens park so we can see what they've done to Lesser Hampden for me.
  5. I quite liked him, was absolutely a squad player at this level but couldn't fault his efforts. Hope the move works out well for him and he can get back into full time football once his degree is done.
  6. The problem with the defence is when it goes wrong it tends to be an enormous brain fart moment that sticks in the back of the mind. So no matter how well they do, that is what is remembered by most.
  7. Possibly be an "offer on the table for x amount of time" type scenario. Do they not normally give a couple of weeks for players to decide as the real movement starts once the playoffs are over?
  8. Get the feeling Griffiths is done in the top 4 tiers, could genuinely see him turning up at that mess Broomhill have been turning into over the past few years.
  9. To be honest the self indulgent stuff the club posts doesn't really bother me. I'd rather they were talking themselves up than being doom merchants. It is impossible to please everybody, I'm just glad there is a sign of life from the social media side considering where it was just before the turn of the year.
  10. I don't think anyone could foresee the turnaround with McGinty to be fair. The right side needs a serious overhaul, Houston and McKenzie starting together should never happen again. Both of them were absolutely stinking in a positional sense when defending. With Houston we've seen his purple patches and know what he's capable of, however they have been few and far between in recent times. It may all be down to confidence, but he needs to wake up before he sleepwalks into a career in the juniors.
  11. Pretty certain they are part time but pay very well to attract the best of the part timers. Arbroath have proven that model works in this league so far, so not sure if they'd consider trying to go full time even with the higher prize money on offer.
  12. At this point and time I'd be delighted next season with challenging for 4th, will get a better feel for where we are once bodies start arriving and we know who we'll be playing against. Initial thoughts from me are that Morton will be stronger next season, they've looked better under Imrie. I wouldn't be shocked if they are also looking at the playoffs as a target. No idea what to expect from Cove, losing Milne to Partick will hurt them for sure. Raith are a bit of a mystery, they've been rancid since we beat them at Christmas and McGlynn is out of contract now. Hamilton will probably just job about the middle.
  13. I'm probably somewhere around the fence at present. Little bit worried about the only a few additions stuff, but will need to wait and see what they look like. Previously mentioned about Harvie and Rose coming on leaps and bounds in a team that was flying. With the right additions and mentoring our young players could go places. The current youngsters haven't had the benefit of being in a team not playing for their lives yet. Although I struggled with the concept last off season, it is clean slate time until we see what we're about in the league cup.
  14. Late entry for Jim Duffy as off field jobber. Guy clearly couldn't be arsed and went out of his way to not win.
  15. As much as I have zero time for her as my local MP, that picture clearly isn't a train.
  16. I was probably quite lucky growing up. Both my parents are from Grangemouth so hate Falkirk. My dad spent a chunk of his childhood in Invergordon so has an affinity with Ross County. Not so easy to get there from Troon where I grew up. Old firm were firmly shunned in our household. Ended up falling in love with Ayr at the John Traynor testimonial. Somerset under floodlights, magic.
  17. Great to see Johnstone tie up Div 1 football for next season. After a rough start to the season Jamie has really got them going and pulled off some great results. Not sure if Muirkirk were off the boil as it was a dead rubber for them, but Johnstone absolutely ran over the top of them for large spells. Couple of Muirkirk players lucky to see the game out with heavy tackles and one Johnstone player being kicked in the head whilst on the ground.
  18. That is sensational. What a dreamboat goal. Chalmers o.g. (asst: Gibson)
  19. Harvie (and Rose) came in and looked pretty rotten. Their level of growth in such a short time was incredible. Reading looked ahead of where Harvie was when he joined so, there has always been an expectation that he'll just kick on. He looks a bit better than when he arrived but seems to have plateued. Wouldn't be again him staying as he's not bad the benefits of being part of a team that was going places. Which is possibly the catalyst Harvie and Rose had.
  20. Lowlight: That sinking feeling watching the first instructed Hopkin punt of the season in the league cup knowing what was coming. Highlight: Final whistle against Partick tonight.
  21. Was very worried when he had that 5 or so minutes of hobbling about. Glad he managed to play through, showed a ton of desire to keep going.
  22. Partick Thistle, an all-round great bunch of guys. Cheers lads
  23. If it is still shut later, it is only about an extra 10-15 minutes going down the Irvine / Barrhead road (A736)
  24. Kinda agree, would rather Muirhead at CB and Fjortoft at RB. Muirhead at RB gave me the fear at Palmerston.
  25. Only game I've left early was when Inverness eviscerated us at Somerset just after they won the title, even then it was only a couple of minutes from time.
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