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  1. With the start we've had I'm more than happy if we battle it out this season to finish somewhere in the P5-8 category. The right addition or two might see us chasing after 4th if the stars align and other clubs descend into trying to chuck it mode. Just now we have a great opportunity with Dunfermline who look to have a decent squad staring into the abyss. Hamilton seem to be a little bit shakey which will also help us. 7 games between now and the end of October, realistically we should be looking for North of 9 points from them. It is a scrappy league and everyone will take points off everyone. That would put us roughly in line with QotS's start on points per game.
  2. Was it the entire yard (triangle area) that Kirkwood owned? My assumption is we are going to see the hospitality suite demolished sometime in the near future and a larger building put in its place along the length of the NT. Spiers didn't really press on what was going to happen there but it was mentioned the plans are towards a final phase.
  3. I mean the wise thing to do would be a standard system across the SPFL, with access from the club websites and SPFL for buying tickets. One login to use and hopefully relatively user friendly. Instead we are in a situation where after a season we need to remember 10+ logins all with different password requirements. Obviously doesn't solve the not everyone can buy online issue but, would be a step in the right direction.
  4. There was also something about games needing to be near or at capacity for them to get on the TV, not sure if they still do the blackout though on that basis or if that has been ditched. That would be my guess at to why the Chargers are at home to the Raiders, in the hope of a decent crowd.
  5. Think they'll wait until the club officially announce that we are looking for a manager. Probably worried they get burned by us all putting on Duffy early doors and the club confirming him a few weeks down the line if he does well. The interview with Speirs makes it sound like Duffy is going to have a run for atleast a few weeks before the club decide what they are doing.
  6. Quite enjoyed that interview, no offence to our inhouse team but you can tell Spiers is a pro in this game. Quite comfortable asking reflective questions about mistakes and lessons learned. Genuinely surprised Smith has chucked £1.5m into the club so far, had a figure in my head that was a bit lower. Suppose it makes sense with buying the land as well. Also sounds like he's already told some agents to chase themselves for being unfaithful (Todorov "signing" comes to mind). DoF role sounds like it is a bit off at present until the club's turnover rises, guessing this would require being established chasing playoffs in the Championship as a minimum.
  7. Gutted to miss today, nice to come on to positive vibes post match. Can certainly see an energy within our fans that has been missing for a while. 3 massive points and hopefully a shot in the arm for our squad.
  8. Without knowing the reason, my guess is he maybe took Hopkin leaving badly. Basing this on Fjortoft in the paper having a bit of a go backing him and was on the bench today.
  9. He was on the radio glowing about Partick and the way they were playing. So fully expect punt and run with less defenders.
  10. Have a little respect he has been the manager of global powerhouses such as Gainsborough Trinity, Goole and Tadcaster.
  11. Smith has said they are looking to address the midfield issues as soon as possible, so I'd assume there will be money available.
  12. I'm confident that whoever we get in can do something with what we have, at very least refrain from trying to shoehorn every defender on the clubs books into the starting lineup. The squad may not be spectacular or have superstars in it, but with the right motivation should be enough to get us to the summer. Had a look at the contract situation last night. If I've read it correct the majority of players are out of contract in the summer, so we'd be looking at potentially a full rebuild anyway come the summer. Only people on 2 year deals I think are: McKenzie, McAllister, McAdam, Hewitt, Ecrepont? Was going on the signing articles on the website. So if we need to move people on in January I don't think it would be out of the question to part cover wages for a short period of time to move 1 or 2 on or pay their deals up, plus they'll have one eye on next season anyway for their next move.
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