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  1. Pretty sure Bohemians were in it last season but had to withdraw because of postponement with East Fife. It meant their season would have been finished before they played them again or something tin pot like that.
  2. Is it not all done with a QR code or some such thing? Mixture of both depending on your preference. You can either print the ticket or just bring it up on your phone once it is bought. Hopefully we'll have a couple more turnstile operators for this one. There were a few no show's late time and one took ill which caused long queues to get into the ground. @Robbo63 is ITK with the ticket system.
  3. Many goals do we need to score to beat Dobbie in this one?
  4. The lads that have moved on over the summer don't deserve abuse, they gave their all week in week out and we couldn't have asked anymore of them. There has only been a select few ex players who I have felt deserved any form of abuse in terms of ragging them without being personal. Tiffoney being one for obvious reasons. Alot of ex players who were clearly jobbers normally get the old juniors bound routine. When it gets to people being racially abused, we as a fan base should be at a stage where we are able to self police this. On the stewarding front, Dundee are notorious for hiring thugs to do security. It is something that should be addressed as one day it could turn very nasty up there. As someone previously mentioned on a visit a few years ago there was almost a riot in our stand caused by the heavy handed approach. I seem to remember an elderly man being targeted for standing when there were 5 rows behind him all standing which sparked the snowball in the stand.
  5. To be fair they need all the money they can get to pay for a locksmith and get rid of the squatter.
  6. Correct, didn't make it upto East End last year, so was simply going on what I had seen of him on Saturday. Was Morton's best defender when he started a LB.
  7. The key difference in the second half for Dundee was the backline. They started with 3 at the back, who sat narrow, which opened alot of space up for Dow. In some respects Dow looked like he had run himself into the ground by the half. Second half Dundee changed shape and Dunfermline couldn't handle the extra width. Agree with you completely on the fitness as Dunfermline looked absolutely shagged by the 60th. Likely McPake won't make the same mistake again.
  8. I went on overall contribution, Moffat was very much the fan to Shankland's sails last season. His link up play and vision was exceptional. This year he's continued in the same vein but remembered how to bang them in again.
  9. Kris Doolan, and I hope I'm very wrong here, has done very little of note so far at Ayr. There is a player in there somewhere, McCall just needs to help him find it. Would say he's our fourth choice striker at present behind Moffat, McCowan and Forrest who have started well as a front 3. (Forrest could be argued as an attacking mid / winger but its all semantics.) Might be a DKB but, I quite liked the look of Muirhead on Saturday for Morton, best defender in the first half and looked like their best attacker in the second. As the season goes on I think he'll become very important for them and may even make this list. Based on players I've seen live I'd go with 1. Dobbie 2. Moffat 3. Shankland 4. White 5. Nisbet 6. Clark 7. Johnson 8. Trouten 9. Nelson 10. Muirhead Honourable mentions - Alan Forrest & Luke McCowan
  10. The real pro's use PowerBI but I believe he licence is quite expensive. Ditto remember it being used, atleast we don't use A-Team like Alloa, mind you maybe that is more due to the bad memories at Recs. Would be all for Zombie nation whenever we draw Rangers / Airdrie in the cup.
  11. Would be absolutely delighted if Dundee start with 3 at the back. Would give us a good head start. McDaid blows hot and cold like most wingers, rarely remember him having 2 red hot games back to back and really hope now isn't the time he find consistency as there is a tremendous amount of talent in there.
  12. He always ups his game for the telly. No surprise his best performance came when Shankland mugged your neighbours on TV. No doubt he'll put 3 past us on Saturday now......
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