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  1. Well you are in for a treat when you see our rabble on Saturday then. As previously asked by another Ayr fan on this thread. How good are you are defending long aimless punts?
  2. Against Dunfermline it was two sets of fans trying to tell the other that their team was more shite and the other team will win. This week we have conspiracies over kickoff times.
  3. Surely be a season ticket ballot to start off with? When I picked mine up just before the first league game they had sold between 6-700. Probably be the same for most clubs with alot of households only buying one to cover the stream for the family.
  4. Even in full seasons around Jan - March it has been incredibly tight in this league before teams go on a final run to stave off relegation fears. You are right that the shortened season is making it appear far worse, if we went for a full 36 I'd expect there to be a decent gap forming between two packs at either end. It does feel though as if clubs are collectively trying to chuck it this season with some having a greater degree of success at it than others. Fully expected Inverness to be in the same position as us when McCann was announced, have been quite surprised at the job he's done.
  5. He's improved his discipline for sure since the Morton game and looked to have become a vocal leader on the park. Not hard to stand out with the latter given we've gone from a team of talkers to a team who play silently. Performance wise he's been solid with whatever job he's been asked to do, but would agree with you to an extent that he's not really jumped leaps and bounds instead seen the levels around him take him from average/dependable to top of the class.
  6. Other than the old firm, who else would really benefit from this? If there is no relegation this season Brechin will be saved, this proposal has came to light in very close proximity to their Chairman leaving the SPFL board. Might be 2+2 getting 40 or might not be. Whilst it isn't set in stone that they would go down through the playoffs their form and rapid decline over the past few years would certainly suggest there is a good chance they would.
  7. I was meaning in general with the club we have and entrants from the highland / lowland to make up the numbers, not with the colts, maybe didn't make that clear in this post but have suggested shoving them in the sea further up this thread.
  8. Not sure why they don't just go the full 4 x 12 straight away, will be large disruption but over a much shorter time scale. Going in steps would just lead to there being little point in the teams in tier 4 trying to stave off relegation. Personally I'd rather it was 3 x 16 as it may lead to more open games in the Premiership and give a larger pool of players the opportunity to play against the best in the country.
  9. Don't think it will happen, it is another convoluted attempt to shoehorn in the old firm colts. If they are so eager to play they should be allowed entry to the bottom tier and have to work their way up the West of Scotland league tiers, rather than trying to jump the queue ahead of teams who are far more deserving of a place. Personally would never bother going to watch Ayr v any of the U21s in the challenge cup. Would much rather those places were taken up by sides from the highland and lowland leagues.
  10. Is this to appease Ken Ferguson by any chance? Appreciate he has just stood down from the board but the timing is very coincidental, especially with Brechin looking directly at the trapdoor.
  11. If Ndaba had been here for the full season he would absolutely be in the POTY / YPOTY conversation as well. We would be even deeper in it if he hadn't turned up.
  12. Genuinely stunned at how little has been made of this point so far. Nothing could scream conflict of interest any louder.
  13. In the same boat, have a ST but just can't be arsed watching this shower any longer.
  14. Was for the protection of the other players
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