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  1. Could be doing the interview if Callum can't make it in.
  2. Is he still our joint second top goal scorer this season?
  3. Team mates with Jack Ruddy, tells you the standard of the league over there.
  4. Time and patience, I get it has been a very long slog for us since McCall left so alot of us are pretty weary now. The reaction on here post St Mirren game showed just how scunnered people have become. Will be bitterly disappointed if this is us for the window but, I get a feeling we will start seeing bodies appear this week. Had heard that the money Chalmers was on could pay two players, and the fact we have received a chunk of change back as well hopefully allows us to get some deals over the line (or has lifted us to a higher market point.)
  5. First line on the Dunfermline website suggests they have paid a fee as well. Mathie is my POTY nomination. Against Morton he genuinely didn't clear the first man once with any attempt. Slow Joe and Sleepy are the two names for him as he always looks lethargic. Has had a few decent games for us but few is the key word in a sea of mediocrity.
  6. Cheers much appreciated, the two red shades were running into each other on here. Much cleared on there and really helpful to see all the different qualification routes across the conferences.
  7. If the Rams can hold it together and keep playing like they did in the first half yesterday I reckon they'll go all the way. Genuinely unsure if the 4th Quarter was the Buccs pulling it together or if the Ram completely shat it. Would love to see Bengals v Rams in Superbowl, only team I dislike that are left is the Chiefs. So any Mahomes family meltdowns this week would be welcome.
  8. (Apologies in advance, I'm struggling a little due to being red/green colour blind) Am I right in saying P1 from each conference goes to the top league, P2-4 Division 1, P5-9 Division 3 and P10-16 Division 4 at the end of this season (joined by sides from current Div 4 if they meet the criteria)? If so is it a straight split in the Premiership of roughly half staying in the top league and the rest floating down to Division 1 (bottom 7) or will some of them drop to Div 2??
  9. No idea what the parking is going to be like on Saturday as the trains between Paisley and Kilwinning are bus replacement services. You'll be pretty tight for time as it take about 25 minutes, would also stick to the A70 (unless others on here know otherwise the A77 is shut at the Monkton roundabout which is causing a fair bit of congestion on the surrounding roads.) You should be able to get a space somewhere around Lochside road then it is about a 2 minute walk to the ground. Saturday was the first time I've ever had an issue parking down there - someone tried my car door and set off the alarm.
  10. General consensus from the Killie fans I know is that it was his agent taking the piss with wage demands rather than Lafferty, ended up leaving a sour feeling on all sides.
  11. That'll be him chucked it and looking for a PCA somewhere else then. Didn't even get started after Kerr told him he'd have to fight for a place with us.
  12. Was there not something mentioned about Baird when he first signed, along the line of he's fine so long as he has someone talking him through the game? (May be confusing him with Sam Roscoe). If correct, it could be a case of he's finally getting proper analysis and being coached in a way that suits him.
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