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  1. *1500 as the wind blows probably blows you one of the ways.
  2. Was under the same impression about foreign clubs given the logistics involved in getting teams around continent and beyond.
  3. How do we know those figures were real wages? As someone mentioned earlier it could just be Mark and Mick throwing others off the scent as to what we are paying. Alternative could be something to do with the GPS data that without context we don't understand?
  4. Would make total sense to put a roof on the NT and upgrade the hospitality suite at the same time. Nothing wrong with the current setup but a stand length roof would allow expansion of it, maybe even increased facilities for club use such as a bigger gym for the players.
  5. It would cost a fortune and is probably way down the list of priorities but burger van on the corner of the NT / SRE really needs covered over somehow. It isn't great going to get a tea/coffee for a heat to come back drenched and even colder. Also having the sugar (not that I use it) exposed to the elements on the wee table gives me the fear. Also the a mass scramble past it to get to the railway end when we are allowed down that end can lead to a bottleneck with folk trying to push by each other. Is there a reason we can't have a gate on the seggy fence that can be padlocked shut other than cost? I.e. Is it a HSE / Safety cert stipulation?
  6. Can hear the SRE sharpening their knives already, I give it 6 minutes into his first game back.
  7. Starts for McGuffie and Doolan incoming with a goal no doubt. Not sure why it didn't happen to McGuffie at Ayr as there is clearly a solid enough player there.
  8. Literally said just before Drinan scored that his game is more about causing disruption and opening space for everyone around him rather than firing them into the net. Quite confident about this one, hope Roscoe seizes the opportunity to get into the team as Muirhead probably needs to sit the next few out.
  9. Assuming you are the lad who wave giving the nazi salut on the way to the ground as well or were you one of the lads singing about barins being diddled in the first half? Some day at the office for St Johnstone. Actually thought Gillespie was alright, don't think he was any worse than any of our other players. Probably needs 3 or 4 games to fully get up to speed. Quite a few folk in the SRE were being overly harsh on Forrest in the second as well, think it is the mental block now he's signed a PCA. Similar to the folk suggesting Doc was a Partick agent the other week. We fought well in tough conditions, it is nice to see Kerr has managed to instill a bit of grit into the team when required, even if Muirhead took it to heart.
  10. Residual heat will stop it freezing over as well. "All weather" facility.
  11. Feel free to shoot me down in flames if miles off here. Would imagine Kerr does the selling of the club / vision and the directors deal with the money side? So if deals are close they'll be working on them in the background whilst Kerr and Mick are doing match prep.
  12. Fwiw I wasn't having a dig. Just making a wee probably shite joke that whilst we're playing he'll be handling business. If you go back quite alot of pages you'll see im a massive advocate of data analysis, citing the Brentford model on more than one occasion of a success story on a grand scale.
  13. Mick will be in the dugout on his laptop firing our deals, don't worry.
  14. Swap deal for Doolan and access for away fans to the toilets in the Railway end, now they are barriered off.
  15. Have we moved to a parallel universe? What an opportunity for the final push with Dundee (might just be lazy journalism) linked with Berra and ICT losing 3 defenders in this window. Great to see the teams either side of us weakening whilst we are coming out of the window genuinely looking stronger.
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