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  1. Where is he on the Romeo Filipovic has declared he's signing to the press scale?
  2. I have been playing it along side MW as it gives access. In all honesty I'm pretty underwhelmed, the game series doesn't seem to have moved on at all since I last bothered which was Black Ops 3 about 10 years ago. If Battlefield hadn't gone all in with the future stuff I'd probably have spent my money there as BF V was superb. Daft stuff like being in a tank and not being able to go through a road sign. It is clearly an unfinished product as well, which is sadly the norm these days as they rush things to market. The thing that frustrates me the most is the obvious price gouging that is going on within it for what is essentially the Fifa of first person shooters. The franchise has hardly moved on and it is becoming very lazy. £99.99 for the battle pass when you've already paid £50 for the game, plus all the other add ons that will no doubt appear later. It is also far far too easy with the auto aim nonsense and UAVs showing you exactly where everyone is. I'm maybe just yurning back to my younger days playing MOH Spearhead.......
  3. He could probably do with being loaned out to a league 1 or 2 side to get some game time under his belt. He's still pretty young, but feel like he's been around forever now.
  4. Looks about 2 foot taller than last year, admittedly I've only seen him a couple of times via a screen this season. But, looks far more confident than he was under Hopkin/Duffy.
  5. First game I went to was his testimonial against Newcastle. Never actually saw him play for Ayr in anger, but just for that fact I'd have him in as well.
  6. Buzzing for these highlights, Dempsey's sounds a cracker.
  7. Apologies for jumping back a fair bit here, on the energy cap question. I have read reports of business owners being quoted upto £1.05 per kWh, which is in effect trebling if not worse their energy bills, with one Hotel owner saying they were going from £400k/year to nearly £1.5m/year. I would assume the clubs have all had similar eye watering quotes for energy.
  8. Would guess it would be 1 in 1 out unless another striker?
  9. They always cream themselves over the "big" team in the league, which is typically whoever came down the previous year.
  10. Totally agree, every club is currently in the race to 40. Once you hit that point it is time to re-evaluate. If we are on it by Halloween, it will be hard not to be looking up. Just now I think most people would bite your hand off for a playoff berth.
  11. Stephen Reynolds is surely the answer for worst career trajectory. Packed it in after being with us to go sell ice cream.
  12. Are cross border free agents tied to the window or is it just loans/transfers? Loan wise I would guess someone from either Burnley (now we've ingratiated them with our third kit) or Sheff Wed (Bully connection)?
  13. Very please with the signing of Mullin as already mentioned, if he recaptures his form from the Ross County charge in this league we are laughing.
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