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  1. Yup requested to close my account so you will have to find out who the real ally is. To many aerosoles ( work that out Jaffa ) here!!
  2. I like Robbie but there’s two sides to a coin and I don’t like being called an old roaster.
  3. Not too smart , it’s an anagram. Lose the first apple the man with maroon jumper is not clever. That’s u
  4. Nice you call your fellow fans that don’t agree with you idiots, you maroon!
  5. The players are meant to be professionals and act like professionals. Not like wee eedjits!
  6. Having a keeper with jelly legs and no confidence is a massive f*ck up. Might be Ruddy , might be Hart ? Who knows. Let’s gamble! Who is your money on%?
  7. Because it’s massively important and we don’t need a stupid f&ck up!!
  8. So has he now got the confidence - after not playing - to put in a performance %? If he crumbles that’s a massive blow to our promotion hopes. If he caves in can McCall beg Ruddy to step back in. It’s a massive gamble putting Hart back in against Airdrie. It’s all a bit strange. Hart could come good but now is not the time. This could be the end for McCall
  9. Can’t just throw this in without some info about source of this
  10. the goal is up on Youtube and it is a wonderful thing to watch again and again and again ................
  11. aye not bad but Thursday/Friday will be the best, maybe good enough for a barbie!
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