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  1. Don’t think McCall is a snake, but he certainly made a rod for his own back with his various comments about loyalty and wanting to finish his career at Ayr. If you look at his career as a player and manager, he always seems to have had a self destructive streak. His decision to chuck a job where he was building something and was valued seems pretty consistent with his past.
  2. I’m going with the panda. He seems to be in the know.
  3. I remember that interview but doesn’t really state he was taking up an official role as 1st team coach. His previous involvement seemed a bit vague and that interview seemed to make the vagueness official. Just some general references to helping out Ian and Neil and working with the youths.
  4. I’m sure you’re right, but I don’t recall that ever being communicated by the club. I half wonder if it was done quietly to avoid any awkward questions about Scally’s role. Which probably demolishes my earlier argument that we should take a punt on him as manager. We’re going to get stuck with John Hughes, aren’t we?
  5. Cameron doesn’t help himself at times. His attitude comes across as a bit of the shrug of the shoulders - players and managers move on and there’s nothing we can do about it. On one level he’s right, but sometimes you have to be seen to be fighting the good fight. Last season he made it clear he wouldn’t stand in McCall’s way if he wanted to go to Falkirk or Partick or anyone else that might want him when we were sitting top of the league. Same again. I’m sure Clyde knew fine well that if Lennon really wanted to go, he’d go, but it didn’t stop them turning down permission to speak to him.
  6. Never really been explained. Not even 100% sure when he officially joined as he just seemed to drift iin at some point to “do a bit of coaching”.
  7. To be no 2 to the number 2 Alan Archibald who will no doubt be groomed as McCall’s eventual successor? I’m confident he’d accept the manager’s job at Ayr, but I agree it would be the puntiest of punts. I just can’t face the usual merry go round of media friendly numpties that we’ll be linked with - Hartley, Duffy, McIntyre, McCann, Hughes... oh dear lord. maybe we could offer Archibald the managers job - it would irritate Partick and he did seem to do a decent job on the whole.
  8. Owen Coyle is a strange one. A decade ago he was one of the most highly rated young managers around. Maybe God hasn’t forgiven him for turning down Celtic..
  9. John Hughes is a straight no! i wouldn’t go for Kerr as manager, but seems like s model pro so wouldn’t have s problem stepping up to assistant. I could honestly live with Scally stepping up in the hope of preserving some continuity. I’m saying that without the first clue how he is rated within the club right enough. Or maybe it’s just the names being mentioned elsewhere that are making me want to gamble on promotions from within. The thought of Duffy, McIntyre or Hughes makes me want to greet.
  10. Feels like the relationship between McCall and Cameron has soured a bit since the Summer with the financial cutbacks. I guess the issue for McCall will be whether things will be any different next June. Of the current team, we’ll lose Doohan, Kelly, Harvie, Forrest and probably McCowan if someone is willing to cough up a transfer fee. That will probably leave us scrabbling around looking to pull some rabbits out a hat again. It’s an approach that’s bound to catch up with us eventually.
  11. Really no idea who to go for as a replacement. I suppose a continuity option might be to offer it to Scally with Mark Kerr stepping up to assistant. Always liked Peter Murphy as a player and seems to be doing a decent job at Annan so that might be an option. Cameron’s track record of managerial appointments isn’t great though - he’ll probably re-appoint Roberts.
  12. The 96/97 team had seen significant investment and went on to win the league. The 97/98 team had also seen significant investment, though Dalziel’s incompetence tended to cover that up. And as you state, the game was at Somerset. The game should probably have been called off as well due to a pitch that turned the game into s battle. The 98/99 team was the best Ayr team we’ve had since relegation from the premier league (sorry Lawrence!). And the game was at Somerset. I’d back us to beat anyone at home. The 11/12 team was desperately limited and was ultimately relegated, mainly because we had almost no goal threat. We had an improbable series of results against Inverness, Hearts and St Mirren in the cup by employing tactics that weren’t pretty, though no one was complaining at the time. Rangers got to a UEFA cup final and Greece won the Euros doing the same. We employed the same tactics in the semi final and it didn’t work, though the fact it was 0-0 after 90 minutes indicates it was far from a capitulation or an embarrassment to quote some of the sillier hyperbole. The suggestion we weren’t trying to win is absurd.
  13. I can only assume you weren’t actually at the game. There was no capitulation. We had a group of players, mainly part timers, who ran themselves into the ground with the game finishing 0-0. The goal we finally lost in extra time was as much done to our guys being out on their feet as anything else. We couldn’t score goals at championship level that season, so it didn’t come as a huge surprise that we struggled to offer much against a faster, fitter premier league team on a big open park like Hampden.
  14. Hard to believe anyone is still trotting out this nonsense. Too many Ayr fans at the time thought it being an Ayrshire Derby was some sort of leveller. Might be hard to accept for some, but Killie were an established premier league team who were stronger than us in every department. If we’d conceded early that day, we could easily have taken a real hiding. Reid made sure that didn’t happen. If we’d been up against anyone other than them, we’d have walked away from Hampden recognising that we’d over achieved massively to get to that stage and that reaching the final was just a step too far in what was a very impressive series of cup results.
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