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  1. I would also make the point that given their respective ages, it is unlikely that Miller, Doohan or Harvie will be involved in further competitive fixtures for the under 21s. We didn’t qualify for the euros in June and they will all be over age by the time the next qualifying campaign rolls round.
  2. I’ve never argued that Ayr were wrong to request a postponement. On the contrary, they have done the right thing. We shouldn’t have to play a game when 3 likely starters are unavailable. My point is, and always has been, that this situation should never have arisen. The SPFL have taken a decision to schedule games over the international break (quite reasonably) but as has always been the case in Scottish football, they haven’t spoken to the SFA to come to some agreement on player selection for under 21 friendlies resulting in games having to be postponed. Simplest solution would have been to exclude players from selection who are involved in competitive fixtures that weekend. It’s also worth remembering that if we only had 2 players selected, we’d have been forced to play the game, with Doohan in particular being pretty much irreplaceable. If you disagree, so be it, but I find it hard to believe that you or Djaffo are too gormless to grasp the point I was making.
  3. Because postponing games for spurious reasons when they can likely be postponed at this time of year due to cup replays and bad weather is nuts. Yet another Saturday afternoon with no match when we are trying to encourage people to attend, not to mention the cumulative financial impact of losing four home Saturday games in recent weeks.
  4. Re-confirms the absurdity of our game against Morton being postponed due to an U21 friendly.
  5. Bell is the only centre half we have who seems to know how to organise the back 4. His decline (such as it is) has been at the root of our defensive problems over the last couple of months. I wish Rose all the best at Coventry, but for me he has never looked the same defender without Bell’s influence next to him. My suspicion is that we have just asked too much of Bell this season - he had stepped back to part time football at league 1 level when we picked him up and maybe asking him to play every week at championship level has left him a bit leg weary. That said, I’m hoping that a few weeks out might have recharged the batteries a bit. Based on what I’ve seen recently, Bell and Muirhead should probably be our first choice with Smith ideally going to left back if Geggan ever gets fit.
  6. This has always been McCall’s Achilles heel. Tactically one dimensional and doesn’t seem to be able to change things when it isn’t working. 4-4-2 is fundamentally a formation that we don’t have the players for. Teams are wise to it. They know if they flood the centre of the midfield and isolate Moffat, they’ve got us beat.
  7. Rose has signed for Coventry. Smith is probably going to Dundee Utd. Murdoch might stay, but won’t be short of otters.
  8. Looks like we have too many with an eye on contracts for next season, though ironically Shankland is one of the few still busting a gut for us. Smith, Rose and Murdoch barely broke sweat. Constantly blaming Crawford is a bit of s nonsense. He isn’t a wide midfielder but has had to play there due to a lack of options. Cadden and Miller were brought in to help but have contributed absolutely nothing, pushing us back to McDaid. Miller in particular seems to have genuine pedigree so I can only assume he is giving us Scott McKenna levels of application. Couple all that with the diminishing influence of our experienced players due to injury and general leg weariness and we have a right mess on our hands.
  9. Bollocks. Talent is developed at club level by playing competitive matches. Besides, the record of the under 21s in progressing talent is dismal. Andy Robertson barely got a game and absolutely no one was arguing that Scott Gemmill should be promoted to the senior team even when the best alternative was a decade out of date Alex McLeish. James McCarthy ended up choosing to play for Ireland because we didn’t even have the brains to get him capped at any youth level, because, according to Archie Knox, he wasn’t good enough. The obvious solution here was to excuse players from teams involved in competitive games over that weekend. But no, that would involve a slice of common sense which the SFA doesn’t do.
  10. Prioritising utterly meaningless youth games ahead of games that might attract actual fans is typical of the stupidity of those who are paid money to run and promote our game. I’m pretty confident players will learn more playing competitive matches than they ever will from some SFA junket.
  11. No, I expect the SFA to prioritise competitive league games. Being forced to postpone a key game to accommodate a pointless youth international is a joke. The contempt for the paying public leaves you speechless at times.
  12. Ummmmmmm. Because the SFA are scheduling meaningless u21 friendlies in conflict with competitive championship matches which then require to be postponed. It’s almost as though they want to drive people away from games. No good for clubs as shifting games to midweek means reduced match day revenue. Not to mention that some fans arrange shift swaps etc in advance of scheduled kick offs.
  13. Brilliant, another Saturday with no match. The people running our game don’t have a brain between them.
  14. I’m afraid the defence that played last night does not have the 2nd best record in the league. You’re also forgetting the last game at Dingwall where we could easily have been 4 down at half time and the Falkirk game at home where we lucky to be only 2 down at half time. These games all exposed the problem I have with Adams and Rose together - whenever they come under sustained pressure, they drop too deep and invite teams on to us. Hard fact is that the defence has been ropey as hell recently. . Odd thing is that Muirhead seemed to steady the ship (with some of the more apocalyptic warnings from Falkirk fans thus far proving over the top) making his sudden omission last night all the more strange. The other problem is the extent to which Bell has faded in recent weeks as he has proved a hugely positive influence on Rose over the last year or so.
  15. Yep, the Adams and Rose that shipped 4 goals in 25 minutes to queen of the south. We could easily have shipped 5 or 6 tonight. McCall needs to take some of the blame for picking Adams in the first place. Almost as bizarre a decision as suddenly throwing Bell into midfield on Saturday when he effectively retired from that position 3 seasons ago. We clearly have a decision to make with Rose as well.