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  1. For me, Gary Teale is the best player we’ve had at Ayr over the last 30 years or so. Played in the English premiership, in the English league cup final and won a good few caps for Scotland as well. Sold for nearly 500k as well. Was basically unplayable at championship level. Time will tell if Shankland can be that good - certainly hope so.
  2. That’s what puzzles me. If I was making a list of the top 10 centre backs I’ve seen over the years at Ayr, Bell certainly wouldn’t trouble it. But at the same time, he’s been dependable enough that some of the criticism seems way over the top. I agree he isn’t great in the air (neither is Rose) but I would still maintain he is the only centre back we have who seems to know how to organise a back 4. Given we are looking at a major re-build for next season, retaining a few steady Eddie types like him, Moffat and probably Geggan would seem like a good idea. For the record, Malky Shotton would be top of my list
  3. No chance we’d have won the league last season without him signing in January. But then people who criticise Bell are often the same numpties that scapegoat Crawford whenever things aren’t going well.
  4. My own feeling is that physically competing with defenders was a big part of his game. His first touch was always poor but he had that niggly nuisance value about him. A poor mans Kevin Davies... That’s where the head injury came from at St Mirren. He was nipping away at Andy Webster who done him with a forearm smash to the back of the head. For me, that side of his game has evaporated and we’re left with a very decent penalty box striker who contributes nothing to the general play. Think it’s understandable to an extent - another serious head injury could finish him. In rugby, it seems now that 2 bad concussions equals retirement.
  5. We’ve looked pretty leg weary of late, but a bugger off bonanza would be absolutely mindless given we already know smith, Rose, Shankland, Doohan and probably Crawford are away. Moffat and Bell are must keeps as far as I’m concerned. I’m genuinely perplexed by Ayr fans who don’t see how steady a player Bell has been for us. The suggestion he is injury prone isn’t backed up by the stats. As for Moffat, I’m more concerned he’ll get a better offer elsewhere. In the ideal world, I’d offer Kerr a player/coach role, but wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back to Falkirk. McDaid flatters to deceive to such an extent that someone like Dunfermline might be daft enough to offer him a contract. Feel sorry for Moore, but he hasn’t been the same player since that head injury.
  6. Ayr vs Alloa

    Just as well Alloa didn’t take that attitude 12 months ago. Let them have it, I say.
  7. No club runs headlong into a brick wall quite like Partick.
  8. Heard McCall was grumbling about the programme. What was said?
  9. Ayr vs Alloa

    We owe Alloa a favour. Time to give the under 21s a run out.
  10. I think the high water mark for McCall at Ayr has come and gone. Him heading to Partick in the Summer would be a good outcome for everyone. He’s done a good job for us and I’d hate to see him sacked midway through next season, but really that’s the way this is going which would be sad. McCall is a first rate man manager who seems to have a real flair for turning round players who’ve lost their way, but tactically he is so one dimensional. I think that’s the reason we run out of steam half way through every season under him. Injuries don’t help, but teams figure us out and we just don’t change or evolve in any way. His stubborn attachment to 4-4-2 when we patently don’t have the players to play that formation has become immensely frustrating.
  11. I see Malky McCormick died today, so thought I’d post one of his best efforts from 1998..
  12. McCall got it all wrong again. Moving Murdoch out of the midfield was madness as was subbing Moffat. Kerr did a job for us, but looks absolutely done.
  13. Smith was never going to be around next season with Dundee Utd being mentioned since mid January so don’t really see a problem. Can’t remember, but presume he played in the 1-0 win at Somerset. Don’t think it’s a great move for him development wise though. Should have looked for a move down south like Devlin and now Rose. Behaviour from Dundee Utd is poor, but it probably just highlights that there are good reasons why such a big club has been in the grubber for so long.
  14. I would also make the point that given their respective ages, it is unlikely that Miller, Doohan or Harvie will be involved in further competitive fixtures for the under 21s. We didn’t qualify for the euros in June and they will all be over age by the time the next qualifying campaign rolls round.
  15. I’ve never argued that Ayr were wrong to request a postponement. On the contrary, they have done the right thing. We shouldn’t have to play a game when 3 likely starters are unavailable. My point is, and always has been, that this situation should never have arisen. The SPFL have taken a decision to schedule games over the international break (quite reasonably) but as has always been the case in Scottish football, they haven’t spoken to the SFA to come to some agreement on player selection for under 21 friendlies resulting in games having to be postponed. Simplest solution would have been to exclude players from selection who are involved in competitive fixtures that weekend. It’s also worth remembering that if we only had 2 players selected, we’d have been forced to play the game, with Doohan in particular being pretty much irreplaceable. If you disagree, so be it, but I find it hard to believe that you or Djaffo are too gormless to grasp the point I was making.