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  1. Oh well, just have to go to the pub to show my respect. Ridiculous decision. As has been said, you can do 101 different things tomorrow involving many other businesses but football is cancelled. Far better to have had the opportunity for teams and fans to show respect, as they wished, on the pitch. I am fairly sure the Queen and her family would have appreciated that as much as all the call offs. Evidence of all the clubs marking this would have sent a stronger message of sympathy and respect than all the cancellations. For us, big disappointment and probable loss of income.
  2. It is an absolutely brilliant video! Echo the "he has to be good"!
  3. I think Tomi will head south. He went home every chance he could. He also has business interests, his modelling etc. I think that's a draw for him. He'll take time to settle again wherever he goes, especially if he misses a fair bit of the pre season stuff. Would have been pleased to see him back but hey it's his job. Having said that I'd be well pissed if he went to that mob up the road!
  4. He also deliberately shouldered into Muirhead as he walked away after his pretend head butt.
  5. I think in all honesty, those of us who have bought a season already know we may lose out to some extent. I would not be disappointed if the club sold ppv at less than gate price. I knew that was a possibility when I bought a season. Those of us who can afford to support, will continue to do so. For many others it's not that easy at any time and especially not just now. I do, however, appreciate that those who buy a ppv ticket, may well not be watching the game "home alone " ( a new lockdown may alter that of course) so if it was was gate price, I could also appreciate why! I think non- season ticket holders would understand that too.
  6. Was just thinking about that. How many clubs do you get such personal service from? From sorting out a misplaced season (let me in to games for 3 weeks till I thought to check the car glove compartment!) to getting autographs for kids. The service in the club shop. There is definitely something special about our team. Would be good to be "up there" but I do sometimes feel sad about what we may lose.
  7. But in all seriously, can those of us with season tickets not offer our "potential" refund in a more helpful way to the club?
  8. If they "should" offer season ticket holders a partial refund, why can't it be a paper exercise, offer us the refund, we accept but it goes straight to the AU 500 fund? Would that avoid the club paying tax on part of their income for the season yet retain the money for the player fund? Maybe giving season ticket holders a couple of tickets to bring a friend to a home league game? I don't think any season ticket holder will want a refund!
  9. Totally agree Robbo63. I know quite a few who cannot go because of other commitments at this time of year. It's also a big financial push when the oppo overcharges and it's a later return home if you have plans. Def not any reflection on Kerr or the team by the 4 or 5 I know who attend many away games.
  10. I know this is not the best place to ask. I have been overseas for 12 years now thinking of making a trip for the dumfermline , ross country dbl header. Is there a bus running up to the county game and any recommendations on a decent hotel to stay at in ayr? Worth going direct as sometimes better deal but also check out the usual Groupon and itison sites as the Carlton sometimes does offers, as does the Parkstone in Prestwick. Carlton right beside the Belllrock , Parkstone at the beach front in Prestwick but both reasonably handy and a short taxi ride for the Ship Inn if you decide on that.
  11. Lol, thanks! Enjoy! I think you always miss some things watching others. Loved Bell shouting at the ball boys to leave the ball when it went out....till the ref copped it!
  12. Thanks, sadly don't have BT sport! Wasn't sure if there was a site I could access similar to iplayer.
  13. Anyone know of any links to watch the full game? Was there but would quite like another look!
  14. Really hope he stays but have always thought the lure of thistle may prove too tempting. Worry is if he takes anyone with him. There was talk of the Falkirk deal involving Kerr too, i know that was maybe for other reasons but would not be good to lose him as well.Let's hope Partick swoop in for Neilson! Their rich backers will probably make sure money is not an issue.
  15. All this talk of what will bring you back to Somerset. Isn't this what makes you a fan? The desire to be there when things are grim? Your presence when we lose games and your continued presence when we are in the third tier? I'm not in the "better fan than you" category. People have lots of reason for not making it to games, home or away, but to deliberately stay away smacks of taking the huff/glory hunting. Many of us have supported in what ever way we can through out the hard times. That's what makes you a fan. That's what makes the good times so good. Great to see more coming back but some of the "excuses" for deserting in the first place.......
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