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  1. I have to say this has been a rich seam of genius work, but this is magnificent, HSFiM.
  2. I also remember that game. We looked like total amateurs (wow...How little has changed). Falkirk ran out wearing Raith's white kit, and big Stuart Burgess had covered over the Raith crest on his top with sticking plaster. Top Boy.
  3. According to Alex Ferguson - in discussion about Ronaldo only coming on as a late sub last Saturday - "you should always start your best players". Well, he ought to know. So; Sheerin (that's "Sheerin", not "Paul"), PLAY KEENA!
  4. We're in no position to point and laugh at anyone. Our downward spiral has become a tailspin.
  5. Well, if that's the case, and sad to say I sense you're absolutely right, then he needs hounded out. Irrespective of the bigger issues around the cancer that is Holt, and the incompetence and mismanagement of Deans, if the manager can't - or won't - pick his best players, out of spite, bloody-mindedness, or downright stupidity, then it's time to get himself right off to fcuk.
  6. You were very unlucky not to get a point today. Played with width, won the midfield battles, one off the line twice in that first half stramash, and the shot at the end that hit the post could easily have gone in. EF not the worst team I 've seen this season (that would be us at Alloa).
  7. Agree with the first bit; second bit is more concerning as Sheerin didn't just get it wrong first half - he's been getting it wrong for weeks. Big, big test coming up - he now has to admit he's got it wrong, & change the team and the set -up.
  8. By the time I walked round past the front doors, even Auld Jean was shaking her head, saying -"why does he no' play Keena from the start?".
  9. Sheerin was beckoned over by a group at the front of SS & he went across. Couldn't tell what he said in reply but he was told in no uncertain terms to fecking play Kenna in a 2 up front. He is close to Yogi levels of stubborn-ness, between his decisions on Keena, 2up front, Krasniqi & Hetherington. The worry is he'll revert to the usual pish set-up to show the fans he's "boss" Today was utter dross, forget the score; and if he refuses to see it - and change his attitude pronto - then he'd best just get out now.
  10. Raining... Club's in disarray. BoD have disgraced their posts. Team's in freefall. Fans are fecked off. Its what Saturday afternoon's are all about!!
  11. Going by the standard of the majority of signings so far, the "meticulously researched" - "we've had him watched" - " fits the required player profile" - bullshit we've been fed, I'd rather we didn't bother getting in anyone tbh as Holt & Sheerin can't be trusted. Although in reality we should bring in about half a dozen. Shambolic.
  12. ... and like anyone acting the 'hard man', he just comes across as a complete dick. Get him in the sea. Please.
  13. Unfortunately its already gone past the stage where the majority of us have faith in the guy supposed to be using proper judgement. Not playing Krasniqi, not playing Keena, not playing 2 strikers, not playing Nesbit in the centre, not playing Telfer further forward; sending Lemon out on loan, sticking with Miller & Hetherington, signing Wilson & Ompreon... Sheerin's judgement has been found wanting. Severely.
  14. Not what I said... this is Montrose v Falkirk, yes? I said I'd been planning to go TO MONTROSE prior to the Alloa game, as Montrose is a decent away trip.... However, ironically enough I got involved in an unexpected post-lockdown catch up with a couple of good mates and we ended up staying on in Alloa for a few. Or several, actually... Turned into a right good night out!! So you just never know, Mr D!! (LOL.)
  15. Had been planning to go prior to Alloa game; great away day and potential for a decent game... However the utter shambles that day and last week's woeful showing have made it an easy decision to avoid... Easy Montrose win by 2, same team, same culprits, same shit show from us. We currently have maybe half a team of decent players, and only 3 are playing; 1 out injured, 2 that don't get picked, and mystifyingly 1 sent out on loan. The rest are just not up to it. Wake up fast Sheerin, we are utter dross these days. Honeymoon over.
  16. OMG. Latapy is such a joy to watch. Def in my all-time top 3.
  17. Nothing sad about that, also pleasing. Almost on a par, actually. (Geddit?)
  18. Going by the response of the fans in the background, is that a taunting in front of The Fife? Pleasing.
  19. Eck? Ernie? Given the absolute class way young Ernaldo has commanded his time in the midfield, I'm thinking more Ernie Els = "The Big Easy".
  20. Sorry, but don't see Ompreon scoring either, not given his entirely unconvincing showing on Saturday. "Raw"?? He looked like a lost boy, and IMO really struggled to impose himself (ie = get stuck in!) when we needed someone to be strong, to hold up the ball, or close down the Airdrie back line or mid to take the pressure off our tiring defence. Which was the very least required of him at that stage in the game. Could barely trap a pass either, the ball was bouncing off him all over the place. Just don't see what he's going to bring to the team. Go on lad, prove me completely wrong; I'd be delighted, but at the moment, a long way to go....
  21. Here's a red, white and blue flag... ...and here's another. If some folks really must fly something to "represent" the team colours, try one of these. Get that Govan Bigots symbol out the ground and in the Forth.
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