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  1. I see what you did there, RB. Highly amusing. Have a greenie. I always liked that its signed as a "buffet", not some mere 'pie stall'....Standing in the queue for the 'buffet', wondering what delights to try on any given Saturday...Finger rolls and mushroom canapes? Vol-au-vents or chocolate ganache? Nope, the options were hot flavoured water in a cup, and Fisher's pies. No nonsense.
  2. Tucked away under the old main stand at Brockville. Tea, Oxo, pie... Getting Kenco was pretty innovative. No poncy scampi & tuna on this menu.
  3. make that hellish trio a hellish quartet; you can add every commentator's new en vogue - "Just about..." from me. As in "De Gea just about saved that shot..." or "United just about saw off the danger..." etc etc etc. Feck me, either he effing saved it or he didn't.
  4. That's a great picture. Funnily enough don't think I ever saw it bathed in sunshine, only ever remember standing there in the pishing rain. 😅 A particular milestone for many Bairns fans is Boghead was the venue of origin of the legend that was, and is, "too near the keeker"... Happy days.
  5. ? Really? Don't remember that. Where I was stood/sat, big cheer when the feckkers lost, then yes, absolutely.
  6. Sorry RB, have let this sit for a couple of days, but feel the need to pick up on that 'mass hysteria' dig - from what I've watched and read, the mass hysteria has been from a) deluded fans or WUM writing about how many points we're going to win the league by or b) our seemingly deluded co-manager talking about "steam-rollering" the opposition. Both are clearly divorced from reality, and neither comment sits at all with the majority of fans watching the dross the team has been serving up for a good while now. We've not 'steam-rollered' anybody, nor do we look likely to; the 3-0 win at Clyde was certainly a good result, but not exactly reflective of play that day. The "We're top of the table, calm doon" mantra is hopelessly mis-placed blind optimism. Based on a sequence of displays, not a one-off bad day, we look bereft of conviction, energy, pass & move... Most folks on here are rightly highlighting bona fide deficiencies, not knicker -wetting, as its become pretty clear we're nowhere near convincing, individually or collectively. Sammon and Dowds together must be the piss-easiest combo for any opposition defence to play against. Time and time again they've shown themselves up to be slow, ponderous, predictable, unable to trap a pass or hold up play to any competent degree. No evidence of positive energy, commitment, guile, or even giving their respective marker a hard time. (How many genuine chances have we been making each Saturday? How many decent saves have the opposition goalies had to make over the last month?) Sadly, Alston looks like a mis-fit; one peach of a free kick v Dumbarton aside, he's been pretty much anonymous and that's a dreadful return and such a let-down given the talent he has/had. Todd and Mercer are like playing with a man short, they've contributed so little, and both (G) Miller and Kelly have regressed alarmingly. That's 7 out of a regular 11 - first choice players not delivering on a weekly basis. That ain't mass hysteria, that's... er... rather concerning. A big, big month ahead for our co-managers to turn this around... over to you, guys.
  7. Dowds needs dropped. Todd, Mercer, Kelly & Sammon need binned. Permanently. Alston's return has regressed into Rory Loy mk 2 levels of ineptitude. Grim stuff. Gomis & Morrison our only two showing anything.
  8. Effing Sammon got really lucky there. Total imposter of a striker. Get him T F.
  9. how easy was that? FFS. Not much sign of us "steamrollering" the opposition so far, Lee.
  10. Oh. My. God. Just awful. Dixon & Gomis by a clear margin, then Mutch, maybe Hall, otherwise did anyone else deserve their place today? Todd, Miller, Mercer all woeful. Sammon all too easily in the Centre-half's back pocket. Again. Alston is a real worry 'cause he just looks shit now, and Morrison's form has fallen off a cliff. We've looked toothless, clueless and sub-standard in the last two games. Could be out there playing right now and still wouldn't score create a chance.
  11. That would be a shame as other than that one mistake a couple of mins ago Hall has been ok (relatively speaking) today.
  12. 3 best chances clearly all to Thistle. We're very lucky its still 0-0. What 5 chances are they still on about?
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