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  1. Empty Leitch, MacLean, Miller, Moore, Dixon, Durnan, McShane, & Johnstone. Add 3 left-footers between defence & midfield, and our now-traditional January squad re-build needn't be quite so excessive this year...
  2. Yup. Totally agree. The only time Dixon should be left back is... left back in the dressing room. Boom-tsh.
  3. Aye, in his dreams. Fecking chancer the guy is. Not one half decent ball into the box. Again.
  4. First half; not so bad. From both teams. Second half; OMG. Utterly, depressingly, predictably not good enough. Only Gomis worth watching, but that’s a pretty small crumb of comfort. Dixon should be run out of town, talk about money for old rope.
  5. This. Colts out. It’s a disgraceful, brass-necked ploy that undermines any pretence that the authorities act for the good of ALL member clubs. And a well done to Raith, Airdrieonians & Clyde tonight for papping out some of the other diddy C**ts.
  6. That struck a chord with me, BB; by any chance would that have been a midweek game, the time the bus driver drove us to Arbroath by mistake; the bus pitched up in the dark, we realised we were at the wrong ground, got back on the bus and finally got up to Montrose after kick off?
  7. yeah, can always rely on a win against the Govan pestilence to raise the spirits.
  8. The thing is MT, today was far from boring; actually a bit of a novelty for us, after the last two seasons of dross. Today’s innovations included 2 up front, a winger, forward passing, 1-2 interplay between midfielders, a full-back that actually hit the bye-line (& stuck in a fantastic cross for a goal), and some pretty decent-on-the-eye performances. It really was an unexpectedly pleasant change today, after the purgatory we’ve been through, so not bored just yet. Let’s re-visit this in a couple of months...
  9. Agreed. Very pleased to see him back, for all the reasons you've highlighted BB, plus his link-up play. I think he would have made a significant contribution last season, working with Zak as he had done with Andy Nelson previously. His goals compilation on Twitter is quality.
  10. This, Bairnardo. A team set up to be tentative, one-paced, unambitious, overly defensive and utterly predictable up front is what ultimately sunk us last season. McKinnon has to get positive. Saturday should indeed be a statement of intent - play faster, wider, with some invention FFS, and a damn sight more spirit. Another season of mind-numbing slo-motion football would just about break my resolve. Expecting 0-0 however.
  11. You're misunderstanding my reply, MT - which was in response to your query, not pointed at your personal character. You asked a genuine question, I offered my understanding of what was said, and how I believe it to be interpreted by a reasonable person. My comment about deliberate misinterpretation was offered toward the person at Ochilview who caused the shitstorm in the first place, not yourself. The nuances of the written word, indeed.
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