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  1. You beat me to the draw on this one, Shadwell. There is indeed no such thing as a smart strip in black and white stripes. Not one. Ever.
  2. Devil's advocate - if there was anything to reflect on from the Shire game, and nowt else, it would only be that we seem to have played with two holding defensive mids. Had really hoped we had finally booted this formation into the sea, and of no benefit to play Miller & Gomis alongside each other. Otherwise, my knickers are crisp and dry.
  3. Just watched the clip. Oh. my. god. You're spot on, no coverage at all would've been better than that reeking, patronising pish. I sometimes wonder why the English media just don't get how much we enjoy watching their national side fall on their arse, then you see stuff like this. Criminally bad.
  4. Ooops. My bad, Shagger... In an attempt to back-track, how about I suggest Vaulks was pretty anonymous in the game, hence we desperately needed a more commanding performance in the mould of his usual standard, or from someone else like eg. Nicholls, in midfield that day. The point was really about losing the physical battle in midfield. And lacking in that area during several seasons since.
  5. Yeah, we were def (very) lucky in the first leg, and over-run in the return... in spite of a chance at 0-2 (Sibbald, I think) to tie it, we'd never have held out tbh. Badly out-muscled & dragged all over the park, we really missed a Davie Nicholls/ Paddy Cregg/ Will Vaulks type. An imbalance which has contributed to our shortcomings practically ever since.
  6. Yup. Am currently searching for a photo of the goal, and of the one that Ally McRoberts scored v Montrose to win the league...
  7. Kevin Keegan-style 'love it, love it' if Cove crash and burn in spectacular fashion, on account of that odious wee tramp.
  8. Peter O'Toole once rode onto the set of The Letterman Show on a camel, dis-mounted and gave it a can of Carlsberg, which it duly drank. Camels ARE brilliant.
  9. well... $$$. For a start, copying the Orlando templates for next season's strip wouldn't be a bad idea. And I reckon getting that chap to play one last season with us would be nice.
  10. That's a fair bit of turmoil, tbf! Sounds eerily familiar to our recent past. But will remain cautiously sceptical that your squad won't be up for the fight, irrespective of Dame Jacqui's chaotic reign. Time will tell.
  11. ARE expectations high at Firhill right now? Genuine question. From the outside looking in, you clearly have the same boardroom disconnect from the fans we've had for the past few years. Its been horrendous for us. We may be finally heading in a more positive direction, (albeit still plenty issues to be resolved off the field as well as on) but tbh a bit of turmoil down your way would do us no harm at all.
  12. Can I add Central Park Cowdenbeath to this list? I remember a November midweek game, dark, freezing, blowing a gale, horizontal rain... crouched down against the back wall, wiping the rain out my eyes; peering out across the shale terracing, the wire fence, the race track, the grey grass behind the goal, to a half-lit mud-bath pitch - thinking WTactualF are we doing here. Took 24 hours to thaw out afterwards. Happy days.
  13. I agree with you BB; what I mean is stability going forwards from now on. Past turnover numbers & why they happened irrelevant; hopefully the squad assembled can now be a core, with as you say, maybe only the need for a handful rotating in future. Fingers crossed this squad can deliver, which means they can substantially stay together. Cautious optimism?
  14. (sigh...) this'll be the 3rd season running I'll be asking the folks around me that very same question about half the team out on the park. The extent of our staff turn-over has been mind-numbing; really hoping we can finally start to get stability and longevity back into the squad, and re-build some sort of bond with the players. M&M really need to be in charge for a prolonged period now; get us up, keep us up, then we can finally start to put this 3-year spell of utter torture behind us. No pressure, guys, but really wish you well...
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