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  1. Nonsense from us. Hanging on against a team who've got games at hourly intervals and we end up being saved by the crossbar at the end. Another five minutes I expect we'd have lost another goal.
  2. That is exactly the reaction. No hurrah, just phew... I seriously thought this was going to end 1-1.
  3. Yeah, a couple of good moves between Neilson & Morrison... What we've been crying out for, a mobile right back!!! Fancy that. Alston looking a lot better, and Telfer has played through a few decent passes. We've almost been decent for a spell there.
  4. Will be beyond stunned if we score 3. Over the next month maybe, but in 90 minutes? Not going to happen.
  5. Oh FFS. But is it really a surprise? Clutching at straws, but an early goal for Airdrie surely means M & M have to go against their lily-livered half-paced shitfest approach and be more positive. Surely.
  6. Very generous of you. Not too many of us think we're a safe bet, and indeed there's a growing number who think Miller & McCracken will more likely feck it up. Incidentally, one of the most damning stats they currently have hanging over them is a complete and utter failure to beat any full time team since they became co-managers. I'd suggest keeping your cash firmly in your pocket if I were you.
  7. Just read the summing up on Dumbarton 0-1 Airdrie from last night from stalwart Jan Vojacek... "the least entertaining Sons side he's ever seen" is among other damning - and perceptive - appraisals of where Dumbarton currently sit. Apart from how remarkably easy it was to read Jan's comments and see "Duffy" but think "Miller&McCracken", one of the main points that sticks out is how utterly impotent a goal threat Dumbarton are. So, to put Falkirk's 'efforts' and our co-manager's brand of 'total football' into further perspective, here is Dumbarton's run of League results since we played them in November. 21 Nov L 0-1; 24 Nov L 0-3; 5 Dec D 0-0; 12 Dec w 1-0; 19 Dec L 0-4; 20 Mar L 0-1; 30 Mar D 1-1; 1 Apr L 0-1. Eight League games. One win. 6 blanks. A grand total of 2 goals, of which - naturally - 1 is against us . So, on reflection, how should M & M have approached a home game against such a tricky opponent? Probably best to play a back 4, keep the full-backs back in defence, a holding mid-fielder is essential, and definitely one up front, because that's how the big teams play. Yeah, that'll do it. Fecking idiots.
  8. ....As opposed to hearing "fucking play it square" from our two.
  9. One thing I really don't get is what has influenced M & M for their ideas about how the team is organised or set up, and how they could possibly think this season's performances have been good enough. Miller played in a team with Coyle & Samuel as a front line, plus Davie Nic, Mark Kerr & Craig McPherson; McCracken was in with Sibbs, Vaulks, Loy, McGrandles; did either of them learn nowt from the way those teams played?
  10. Oh jeez... I'm not interested in European elite teams that can play one striker formations - WE CAN'T. We're utterly inept in speed and thought, not to mention actual football ability, in playing this way or even grasping how the system is intended to function. One isolated guy, back to goal, without support or service, ie the way we play it, is just utter mind-numbing pish. Forfar and Dumbarton coped with our "goal threat" with embarrassing EASE over the last two games, as did Airdrie & East Fife before the shutdown. We can't play this way - stop trying to polish a turd. Can't believe there's still folks on here that haven't suffered enough watching us fail miserably to employ this nonsensical tactic in recent years. Absolute joke management.
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