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  1. was just saying today he reminds me a bit of Davie Nichols.
  2. ... closely followed by his pig-headed determination to not pass to anyone else if he is near or in the penalty area. (go on lad, prove me wrong on Saturday).
  3. Really? Perversely inevitable then? Kelty P5 L4 GD-6 Pts 1, before they played us.
  4. Remains to be seen how many more times a shit result from us will be seen as a surprise.
  5. No, not at all raging. Genuinely baffled by his bizarre heid's-gone melt-downs every time he's played against us, not just when he played with your lot. Doesn't even need anything remotely controversial happening on the pitch to set him off either, he can do it all on his lonesome. If he plays tomorrow, he'll no doubt go heid's-gone again. Can't think what can have upset him so, the wee soul.
  6. Cheers for this Waspie, nice one. Stevie Hetherington has just gone up in my estimation. Got to hope that really hurt. Have never understood why Heid's-gone Higginbotham has completely lost the plot every time he's played against us. Bizarre behaviour.
  7. Yaddah yaddah yaddah forget all that 101, we're talking the 17th!!! You honestly not getting a little moist yet thinking about it??
  8. Well gents, can we start the build up to the 17th now? Going to be Scotland's 'Match of the Day', shurely. Canny wait to get re-aquainted.
  9. Also more than happy to eat humble pie about Alegria. Looked a different player today. Hold up play & movement great, but the real diff for me he's stronger - holding off & turning defenders, dragging them out to make space... he was really impressive today. Good as Morrison's strike was - and it was a belter - Alegria totally made it. Cult player in the making...
  10. That's where I am with Saturday. Optimism? well maybe...confidence? well, not quite. A few guys have raised their game, not before time, now need to produce against a level up from the last two games. Agree its gonna be a marker, one way or the other.
  11. ??? Whit? While on his arse, bleating again for a foul? Think we'll agree to disagree on this.
  12. Yup and happily eating humble pie right now. Clearly his best game for us. Looked a different player. Would love to claim reverse psychology with that one! But he needs to perform like that more often, he's shown today that he can be effective, positive, and assertive. Keep it going and I'll happily sing his praises.
  13. He had two one on ones with the goalie and was embarrassingly awful with both. What better chances is he likely to get? Nah, he's just not up to it. No strength or physicality in a challenge either. Bin.
  14. How Alegria got a contract at the Govan filth is a complete mystery. The fan that took the crossbar challenge looks a better finisher.
  15. Williamson a completely different player today, not just his stunning goal. Happy to eat humble pie! Him and Morrison need to reproduce that though, having shown they have it in them, and do it against better teams than Peterheed ( ie everyone else in the league). Bampot referee, or maybe high on drugs; the foul given against McCann was utterly mind-boggling. Alegria is utter horseshit. Pathetic in front of goal, and minter South American theatrics. Get him tae feck back to the Govan tax cheats and give auld Jean his jersey.
  16. I am getting really close to hoping Williamson gets injured - nothing serious; hamstring, broken nail - and Hetherington gets lost on his way to the stadium, as the only hope we have of McGlynn not continually picking these utter wasters.
  17. Oh good god. How exactly does McGlynn think that's a winning combo? Best we can hope for is that Yeats can take a decent corner; other than that, Falkirk 0 ...
  18. By the same circumstances I was in The Jungle at Parkhead with my Celtic supporting flatmate when Jimmy Gilmour scored the late winner that kept us up... Forever grateful to my flatmate who immediately pinned my arms at my sides when we scored and my "feck!! FECK!!!" cries of jubilation were drowned out by the "feck! FECK!!!" cries of seethe and bile all around. A happy day.
  19. Not disagreeing with your take on it, I wouldn't know, but IF we only get in one more body then it could be 3rd or 4th at best for me, based on the 2 home games Clyde & Montrose. Clearly Donaldson, Mackie, McGinn & Yeats are a massive improvement, but we really badly need minimum of 3; a RB (Williamson is woeful, actually embarrassing for a supposed athlete); a creative midfielder; and a striker with a bit of presence/height/pace (realistically, someone like Ugwu)... Morrison, Nesbitt and particularly Hetherington still not producing nearly enough for us to actually win games, rather than not lose as often, or indeed as heavily, as last time out. As McGlynn said post-Montrose, we've actually been on a decent run in terms of results & goals not conceded, so if that doesn't give confidence to some of the under-performers - who couldn't accurately pass the ball the length of themselves on Saturday - then you wonder what will. Saturday at Airdrie will be a big test...
  20. Would say this is pretty fair. FWIW looks to me at the moment like Airdrie have better overall balance than the rest of us right now. Would have them shorter than 7/1, and certainly shorter than Kelty. Dunfermline look like a better attack, but (apparently) a weaker midfield; we have a better defence but a woeful attack. Wouldn't have us as favourites at this stage either. Loan market is clearly ultra-crucial to everyone!! Gonna make 17 September a fair indicator of our respective chances... (Wasn't it ever thus between us).
  21. Edit to add just googled him for some, any, info - he's not tall is he? Not going to get on the end of many crosses (Farid style) from Kai Kennedy or Callum Morrison. So, reviewing the straw clutching scenario, maybe McGlynn sees us playing with a John Baird type striker. That turned out ok for Raith, and us.
  22. Was thinking similarly. And just to add to the straw-clutching, everyone on p&b knew all about Farid when he signed up. Where is the magic coin anyway? Let Alegria carry it around for a couple of days... then pass it on to Jaime Wilson. Now that really is straw-clutching.
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