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  1. ... and on the subject of Gary Miller; captain? Captain?? beyond embarrassing.
  2. Sadly, woeful as he is, don't think he's close to that 11. Gary Miller & Hetherington, on the other hand...
  3. Falkirk haven't turned up for the best part of three years. No, four years. No, 5... Anyway, we certainly won't turn up tomorrow. You really could pick guys out the crowd who would be better options than Gary effing Miller or Bradley 'Diver's Boots' McKay. Airdrie by a couple.
  4. If this is the run-in, then just like our shitshow clown-shoes midfield we'll be left plodding about in a half arsed, slow-motion walking pace, out of sight at the back. We'll not be at the party.
  5. Yogi is infamous for picking his teams based on who he hasn't fallen out with, not who would be the best for the team. Did it with us constantly. Huge ego maniac. The gloss has obviously worn off at EEP. You'll be hounding him out the door by Spring.
  6. Not a chance. Absurd idea anyway. Big attitude problem, disruptive figure, not exactly renowned for a teamwork ethic, couldn't stir himself at Dundee, so where's his incentive to drop to the depths of L1?
  7. Yup totally agree - don't understand the sympathy for Sheerin at all. He's one of a staggering number of serious handicaps we've been lumbered with, and I can't think of a single redeeming feature of his time here. Not one... On the other hand; his "tactics" (such as they were), his decision-making, team selection, substitutions, motivation, signings, captaincy blind spot, favouritism blind spot, pig-headedness, inability to respond to in-game conditions, interviews, defeatist demeanour... all utterly abysmal. Sympathy?? Really?
  8. We get that your fishing, but tbh its pretty remarkable that the support has held up at 4k over the last few seasons, given the utter nonsense we've had to watch. When we fall apart again this season, which we will, next season's attendance will surely plummet.
  9. Yeah, he did rather; but to be fair to him, 1) Sheerin plays him in front of the back 4 which is nonsensical, and 2) he wasn't very good but I did think he was trying to find support but all around him were standing still instead of getting into space to give him an option.
  10. Yup. Montrose played quick, crisp passes across both sides of the pitch, into space, for their guys to run on to. Cut us open countless times. We play pedestrian, half-paced square balls across the back then hit an obvious, rushed pass (too hard) to a man with his back to goal and a defender (or two) behind him. Its utterly embarrassing nonsense. Get out Sheerin, this is beyond the pale. Everyone can see - especially opposition managers - you are woefully inept. .
  11. Utterly abysmal. The most amazing thing about every utter dung performance we turn in, we somehow manage to be even worse the next time. Dunno how they manage it. Some folks keep saying "surely we can't get any worse"... clearly, we can. Sheerin is drowning, and taking the team down with him. Shambolic amateurism all round.
  12. Fine. Utter waste of time, can only hope he's gone for good. Would rather have Ted Nugent, in all honesty.
  13. Until Morrison & Keena came on, we created the square root of f.a. Until then it was sideways passing at snails pace, as usual. The only time the ball went forwards was to someone with their back to goal and an Alloa player at his back. Its utterly embarrassing amateur nonsense from Sheerin. And that nonsense at the end just sums us up. Other than the unexpected welcome return of Morrison, the only other incident of note was Nesbitt going absolutely mental at Hetherington for fecking up - again - in the run up to the alloa stramash & shot off the line.
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