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  1. Yup, I make it 4 games at TFS, all 4 are Airdrie wins. And we've scored 0, 1, 0, and 1... If you do score first, you're def in with a shout.
  2. Would still like to try Mackie in midfield, a bit of dig and physical presence alongside Ola, McGinn & Yeats. Lightweight no-entities oot the team please.
  3. We said less than 10 mins in that he was a stick-on for at least a booking today. The next 'heid's-gone Higginbotham' half-wit baw-bag.
  4. Ola, Donaldson & 'Messi' McCann the standouts. Looks like Ola could make a real difference for us, when he's up to full fitness. Most of our positive play involved him, and despite his remarkably thin legs he stood up pretty well to the midfield battle.
  5. TBF, 'Petro the Chemical' actually made me laugh out loud. Good effort, sir, and IMO worth serious consideration.
  6. Agreed with all of your post, and picked out this bit about us being out-fought/out-muscled if a team gets in our face - ie Airdrie Kelty Montrose 1st half last week. McGuffie Oliver & Nesbit are way too lightweight, Hetherington is too slow, Morrison isn't a tackler either. Yesterday we looked utterly feeble first half, losing 40-60's never mind the 50-50's... Yeats should be back in midfield as many have said, how about Mackie playing in there as well - a couple of guys that can put a decent bit of much needed dig.
  7. Your result almost secondary for me today, I really do hope you gave the little weasel utter pelters. Thanks.
  8. You're quite right, but I know I couldn't resist the chance to give that odious puffed up little greaseball an earful. Or two. Grateful if someone would oblige on my behalf.
  9. V. disappointing from our perspective; Its exactly the sort of result that makes a difference over a season, dare I say it. Don't play well -win.. Last min o.g. - win... not entirely convincing - win. There's a pattern there. Nov 5 is a biggie, funnily enough.
  10. Morrison passing to a navy blue shirt would also help the cause.
  11. Really? Interesting. 1) He's a selfish bugger. Not the first game already this season when he's not passed in the penalty area for someone else better placed. Not passing to Kennedy today was shameful. 2) how many decent crosses did he put in today for the strikers? ( hint - not effing many. Not really a productive return for our main wide man. 3) how often did he actually beat his (elderly) marker? (see no. 2) 4) how often does he actually lift his head when in possession and look around himself? Nah, could -and should - be doing better. I'd also be ok with giving Kennedy a start & sticking Morrison on the bench for a wee change - Kennedy caused plenty problems out wide left in the spell he had today.
  12. was just saying today he reminds me a bit of Davie Nichols.
  13. ... closely followed by his pig-headed determination to not pass to anyone else if he is near or in the penalty area. (go on lad, prove me wrong on Saturday).
  14. Really? Perversely inevitable then? Kelty P5 L4 GD-6 Pts 1, before they played us.
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