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  1. Signing an attacking left back and keeping a defensive left back who can also act as a back up centre half isn’t the worst idea in terms of tactical flexibility
  2. Dick might be better in a different system. He never gave me the massive fear defensively but didn’t fit in well with McGlynn’s overlapping wingbacks approach. We conceded too many goals though so perhaps Murray will want a more rigid, less offensive back 4 to shore things up, in which case he might work out alright.
  3. I agree, but that article does make me question that slightly. Seems bizarre to bring in a guy you want then basically freeze him out really quickly.
  4. Started against Ivory Coast and played well, I thought he was called up to make up the numbers but international exposure might not help our ability to keep him. Another game tomorrow then home so we might hear something soon. As for Keatings, sounds like someone else signed him and forced him upon McGlynn, surely if he was a McGlynn signing he would have done whatever he could to get the most out of him. Bad look.
  5. Ethan Ross looked far better through the middle than out wide for me. Cup final was exhibit A but plenty other examples
  6. Not sure if I’m letting his cup final performance cloud my judgement but I did feel like he didn’t get a fair shake in the first 2/3 of the season and looked useful when he actually got a run of games. Hold up play and chasing lost causes looked suited to our style and was decent in the air. I’d be comfortable enough if he returned.
  7. I have no reason to believe he will become a world beater but I’m not sure that an 18 year old who fails to turn a pish a team into a less pish is necessarily a bust.
  8. He’d probably be an outstanding Airdrie manager then hopeless when he took the Raith job
  9. I only saw him a couple of times but he looked good whenever I did. I guess he is the sort of infuriating player that will drift in and out of games but he has a high ceiling and can be a match winner. I guess the balance of the team needs to be spot on for a player like that to thrive so maybe that was the issue, along with Hughes tactics? I certainly have him pegged as a top half championship type of player.
  10. To lose one manager to a league one rabble is careless…..
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