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  1. 😳 I guess I’m being whooshed here as you are surely not whinging about the universally employed tactic of teams leading by a single goal in an away game?
  2. Real amateur hour just trying to get in to see the game, only 2 turnstiles open which went down to 0 when they ran out of change at 5 to 3! Both sides huffed and puffed but both clearly lacking quality. First half fairly even but thought Rovers were better in the second half. Not sure if Allen’s was a sitter, it looked bad from the stand but I wonder if he was actually pretty much on the goal line and didn’t have an angle to find the empty net? Dumbarton no 3 was really poor, real basics like controlling a ball whilst in acres of space or kicking it in the direction he was facing seemed beyond him. Hendry clearly better than all around him and he will get clattered a fair few times this season, either as a ploy to take him out the game or simply by being one step ahead of the average midfielder in this league.
  3. Sorry if I missed, best pre match boozer? Going by train.
  4. Can you not still enter the Sportchek Lottery for tickets? I got 2 tickets for $40 probably around 2008, plus as much heroin lager as I could take for $6 a pint.
  5. Was the ground redeveloped by then? I feel like away fans were standing but maybe not!
  6. If we sign him will he have to change his name to Tony Kirkcaldy?
  7. ‘this particular referee’ surely? Missed an open goal
  8. Be interested to see the video but that was my take as well. Silly of Murray to appeal for a pen though, if he gets up and jogs on then probably no card but appealing like that gives the ref a decision to either give the pen (which he isn’t going to) or get the card out. Not that it mattered but bizarre decision to give the foul against Nat at the end whilst protecting the ball at the corner flag. The only thing the player in possession usually gets penalised for is obstruction if he lets the ball get away from him but he literally had his foot on the ball whilst two or three defenders bounced off him. Thought the ref was poor for both teams tbh, looked like he had just been plucked from the crowd and asked to do it at the last minute.
  9. There's a bad spelling mistake in that letter, 'company which owns and operates the club' has been spelled c-l-u-b
  10. What does this have to do with the club? Should he not be worrying about the company which owns and operates it?
  11. Hellbhoy likely out doing the lennon airplane in his personalized this particular football club club top to extract maximum seethe from his rangers supporting neighbours?
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