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  1. You are probably right regarding appetite, but if you don’t think it is fair or easy to call the four best 2nd places teams based on the reasons given then surely you can’t simultaneously identify the four best winners?
  2. This would be a good solution, plus group winners could play off on same game day, 4 winners get a quarter final seeding rather than just giving them to the ‘4 best’ group winners.
  3. Quoted you as I actually agree with you that it is a bit weird, and that you seem to have been dragged in a bit simply by agreeing no with that. It’s the other nonsense that elicited multiple responses and threw the entire thread off topic, which I suppose I am not really helping here.....
  4. Things seem to be getting very black or white in here which I think is causing the confusion. It is a bit weird but probably about 3 or 4 out of 10 on the weirdometer and then time to move on. I think what has caused it to blow up is the poor trolling attempt elsewhere where it was compared to a creepy old man sending ‘you’re pretty’ dm’s to random lassies which in turn became ‘the Raith fan base is all creepy’ which is as nonsensical as claiming all Pars fans run about ripping people off all the time and never pay any debts and rightfully needs called out. It was a nice wee initial jab at an opposing teams fan which is to be commended but that’s all it needed. I guess the trolling got its bites though so has fulfilled its initial aim.
  5. Of course he is but virtually every football fan worldwide understands that sport resides in a completely different bubble to regular workplaces. Of course if you are running a one man campaign to outlaw singing at football on the basis that you wouldn’t walk up to the deli counter in Tesco and sing how great Asda is and how the trolley collector is a fat useless bar steward and I just missed then fair doos to you, I hold my hands up and admit I misjudged you. That you are a well known troll in here would suggest that you are less concerned about the creepiness of someone sending a message of support to a local sportsperson and more concerned with frantically refreshing your browser to see how many bites you have got (this one included)
  6. It was a nice wee chance to land a jab against a rival fan but to then double down with the ‘guy at his workplace’ chat and then triple down on comparing a message of support to a local sportsperson with a creepy old guy telling a stranger she is pretty has a real whiff of ‘the lady doth protest too much’ to it.
  7. I had to rewatch the 4th goal about five times to figure it out, all the body language looked like he had gone across the keeper but then the net bulges right in the middle so presume he beat him at his front post. Fifth goal reminded me of myself taking my turn in goals at fives where the goal hanger gets clean through and I dangle a token foot out whilst knowing I’m not going to get the blame because some lazy bar steward left him wide open
  8. Surprised to read Craig Levein’s comments from bbc given his whinging last year - ‘I wouldn’t say it’s fair. But it’s a solution. There will be problems with the fixture congestion. If they took the action to postpone this game, who knows where that will lead to if they have to continue to do that. I just think it’s the common sense approach’
  9. I don’t think Royal Rumble means what you think it means.....
  10. BBC not going to get themselves off the boycott list anytime soon. Rangers administrators awarded pay-out over ‘malicious’ prosecution Club liquidation The pair were arrested following events surrounding Rangers’ financial position in 2012. The men were appointed administrators of Rangers when it hit financial trouble in February that year. The club was liquidated in October 2012 and both Mr Whitehouse and Mr Clark left their positions.
  11. Just as well Hearts have clarified this, I was concerned that perhaps some at the club were more incensed than others......
  12. Well he did state that the bottom 7 play 4 additional games, not sure how we get there by playing other teams twice!
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