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  1. Yeah, when Mcginn lined up the corner for the winner, I said to my old man that he needs to stop putting it right down Marciano’s throat for an easy clearance/soft foul. Thankfully he obliged.
  2. Totally this. Same situation for Gilmour at Norwich. I think most people just seem to think that if you stick a great player in an average team then he will just pull that team up to his great level. It was the mindset of some for Fletcher coming from a great Man U team into an average Scotland team and probably for Giggs going to Wales too. Gilmour is competing with Kante and Jorginho for playing time so going out on loan makes sense but someone (cannae mind who) expecting him to turn Norwich into world beaters, oooft.
  3. What’s the point in going to the World Cup anyway if we are going to put in performances like that and embarrass ourselves on the world stage
  4. File that one under R for routine
  5. If the gaffer won’t give you a day off then you need to take matters into your own hands…. It’s murder trying to make out the numbers on those East Fife strips.
  6. What is German for ‘canny stand in the boys way’???
  7. Yeah maybe. I think the fact we can debate it on here though proves that Rangers are being deliberately opaque, given that Parks doesn’t seem to be on their list of sponsors and have no evident sponsorship hoardings. No doubt SPFL are less than competent but not sure Rangers can be given the benefit of the doubt neither given their track record of poor transparency and hollow statements. Time will tell I guess.
  8. True, but if it is true that Rangers haven’t shown the contract to the SPFL then how would they know who to invite?
  9. As tin pot as last night was, the most tin pot thing to come out of all of this is the pearl-clutchers asking for certificates to be revoked and genuinely believing that RR control the police and referee. What was in the Twitter comment by pars review? Seems to have been removed and so can’t see it.
  10. For sure, but the entire point of sponsorship is to get your name out there, seems strange that they have a sponsor who wants to remain anonymous!
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