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  1. This feels like when you pick up a newspaper, expecting to ignore the usual tired drivel, and you find something interesting and relevant. Makes one's day.
  2. Would this be the 10 or so wee drunk diddies at the match, who canny hold their drink; not for the first time at away matches? I hope they're caught on camera and identities shared with all clubs so they can be excluded. TBF, I don't think this type of scenario is unique to BRFC.
  3. You did indeed. And regretfully the 80 /20 rule applies in that 20% make 80% of the noise.
  4. If I may, a minority of Berwick fans TBF Mr Baa; the vast majority are realists [emoji106]
  5. Magic, thanks again [emoji106]
  6. Jings! A polite helpful post on here, who'd have thought [emoji16] Cheers Genaro [emoji106] I must say, I was assuming it'd be midweek. Hope springs eternal.
  7. Nope. Even till 1st transfer window. If someone throws a massive wad at him, I couldn't blame him; but do Albion Rovers have massive wads to chuck?
  8. Yep, I've tended to get steamed up about stuff not coming from official sources, but if players leap straight on social media, what can you do. Bad patter from players mind. More to the point, is he any guid?!
  9. Jings, 2006, I know, we all feel the pain; it's been hard re-setting 'personal targets' we all talk about pre-season, from promotion, to play-off, to survival. I saw some really exciting prospects in the 20's a season or so ago: and now, no reserve team. It's where we are. We either accept it, work effing hard together to stop the rot and re-set the trend from decline to improvement: or use our energy on angst over unrealistic expectations. I'm actually looking forward to setting them again, once we all know who we have in the squad. Cooler heads prevail; eventually.
  10. The football industry is one of results, knee-jerk decisions motivated by the desire for immediate success. With the notable exception of Man U and Sir Alex. Do you really think the Club is, or will be soon, in a position to deliver immediate promotion? Even with agitating cuboids and kicking bottoms?
  11. We're on the same page DL, both hoping that the new board which is developing, and will grow with more people with complementary acumen. You're point is well made 're investors wanting a say in how the money is spent. I would say, I would support that if an investor/ group came up with the £200k plus that would be needed to allow us to compete. Less than that and it'd be bickering over scraps. I do think that when JB and the Operations Group get their teeth into turning our model from a legacy loss-making one, to at least a break-even one, it stands to reason we become more attractive for investors. I'm a believer....[emoji6]
  12. You're absolutely fair in much if what you say here DL; we all hurt deeply at the horrible end off the season and desparately want a competitive group of players. My reading us that if the board had some good news on signings, we'd know about it. Having difficulty attracting good players to the club is nothing new; it's just got even tougher given our new league status and, righr again, it's still down to money. Where I kinda differ, if I may, is your belief that a critical qualification for a Company Director is a sack of cash to invest. For me it's commitment, desire to succeed and business acumen to underpin a sound strategy in close collaboration with the other Directors. Personally, if people with none of the above, except a sack of cash and little business sense, occupied any Board, I wouldn't be investing in that company. The Board statement gave the credentials of the two new directors in relation to seeking to secure external funding, and that ambition works for me. I'll be doing all I can to help and support them. Given the war chests already in place at other LL clubs, I'm worried too that we're probably struggling to sign players, but its not a surprise. We're playing catch up, and all I can see ahead is the need for patience to allow the financial and squad rebuilding to take place. I'm just not sure you're the patient type Mr Lodger.
  13. No debate about maybe being disappointed. However Mr Lodgers constant flow of finger pointing and doom mongering is just disproportionate. I'd rather wait and hear 'this is what we've done', rather than updates on what we're trying to do, in terms of signings.
  14. I think a little respect to the guys who gave their time to do the very best they could is in order. Like or loathe recent times, they committed where others didn't. Better to have tried and failed than never tried at all. A considered approach to appointments of people with capacity and capability may take time: I can't see many on P&B either applying or qualifying. The secretaries details are on the website for the bow wave of CV's; forward looking ones with no retrospective bile a preference. You'll know that already of course Mr Lodger.
  15. Such a monotounous dirge: gie it a rest man.
  16. Oh loving this Doug; significantly more articulate than me and on point.
  17. We're both passionately wanting the best for our club BTU, no doubt; as do most on here, aside from Mr Feet's personal vandetta. Again, I respect your view that you feel John won't follow George's plan; I believe otherwise. What we do agree on is that he must, and that time will tell. The Club's future rests on developing that plan through Directors with capacity and professional capability to deliver the benefits; with the SC and ST firmly behind them. Anything less will need the fall back of a random benefactor. Would you invest in a club with a negative equity model? I hope we can unify on this; I'll walk over hot coals to see it through; but run a mile if we can't focus on a common strategy quickly.
  18. Well the hangover hasn't stopped you from posting a good summary of reality, fair play. I think it's fair to say few would have foreseen our rapid decline coinciding with the level of investment flowing into our new opposition in LL. I fear your forecast of an extended stay in LL may be likely; but one never can tell. It's a hard and thankless gig being a volunteer in any capacity, let alone a Director of a football club, I only hope new Directors are found with the capacity and professional capability to develop the strategy to stabilise and grow the club. I happen to feel; and I respect your opinion, although I dont share it, that John Bell is the man to lead that, when he has the mandate as Chairman. It will depend on a new, strong and unified board, with the SC and ST behind, and all pulling in the same direction. I'm optimistic that model will crystalise this week and communications will flow from there. If not, then again you're right, we need a super daddy (or mummy) with upwards of around £200k to invest; but that will need the demonstrable profit making model we haven't had for many years, or I doubt that'll happen either.
  19. Morning Mr Lodger. So what is your agenda as regards the board? Who in, who out?
  20. Such agitation and spreading of information which, if true, is restricted; being private and privileged board information. Having only joined P&B a few weeks, you would appear to have an agenda; on behalf of the person allegedly feeding you privileged info? Or are you making up the Yano stuff?
  21. Life and football is all about opinion. If I may, I'm wholeheartedly with Mr Gordini's views; all if them. Nothing to add, and nothing personal, it's just wholely reflective if my views.
  22. Outstanding post, on every point; Board protocols, that Mr Bell has a sustainable and viable plan and that GM's intended departure is a very very bad thing. The hard thing will be recruiting Directors with capacity and capability to own and drive each element of the strategy. Directors that live by a version of JFK's 'ask not' speech; 'ask not what your club can do for you—ask what you can do for your club” The SC and ST have bought into the strategy GM explained a few months ago at the joint boards meeting. I believe a restructured board under JB, with SC and ST all sharing that common strategic vision, gives us the best shot of a swift return to SPFL2. I'm not JB either, however may be Spartacus...
  23. Do you mind if I ask if this is from a Director subsequent to a Board discussion? No need to name. Or are you a BRFC Director? Just checking the veracity of what you say before commenting.
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