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  1. What did you think of the messages and Q&A's at the AGM on Thursday?[emoji106]
  2. When based at Ochilview, the snack bar for East Strirlingshire matches was peerless. The ladies who ran it sold home made sausage rolls of utterly eye-rolling quality. The pies and home made soup was also outstanding.
  3. Jason Leitch said on Saturday that he expected the sequence (of allowing fans back) would likely start with local small clubs with small stadia, where fans can walk, cycle or drive; not risking large numbers on public transport. He thinks 'that's the way the order will go' Unfortunately he also said we're 'not quite ready yet' But positive vibes for SLFL perhaps. Listen from 16 mins in, very well described with typically sound context. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08w8tw3
  4. I really admire the ambition and the stadium design from the outline planning consent in 2017. Looks fantastic! I can't see any building warrant approvals or even applications that should be on the South Lanarkshire Council Building Control page. Do you have a link? Starting on site might not be too soon unless the devco get their skates on [emoji106]
  5. So we agree. Play all the games or, if we can't, the season should be voided?
  6. Playing and investing, with success and failure IS part if football; if all the games have been played. An arbitrary you go up and you go down without anyone having the chance to succeed or fail through actually playing all the games is just wrong. I don't know what we should do if we get Covid-20, or any other disaster. Right now, I just think you either play all games or void.
  7. An interesting article on the fiscal impacts on an SPFL2 club.
  8. I gave a rationale, if I may, what's yours? I'm genuinely interested.
  9. Surely the only fair thing to do is cancel this season and start it all again. Ok, the cut and dried winners, like Celtic, Dundee Utd and Cove, will not be too happy but relegating clubs, when they still have fixtures to enable survival, is just wrong in terms of the financial losses they'll take. For some clubs in the lower divisions with low cash reserves, it could mean bankruptcy. Sadly, with players to pay and no more matchday revenue, Covid-19 might seriously risk that already for some.
  10. Jings, 2006, I know, we all feel the pain; it's been hard re-setting 'personal targets' we all talk about pre-season, from promotion, to play-off, to survival. I saw some really exciting prospects in the 20's a season or so ago: and now, no reserve team. It's where we are. We either accept it, work effing hard together to stop the rot and re-set the trend from decline to improvement: or use our energy on angst over unrealistic expectations. I'm actually looking forward to setting them again, once we all know who we have in the squad. Cooler heads prevail; eventually.
  11. The football industry is one of results, knee-jerk decisions motivated by the desire for immediate success. With the notable exception of Man U and Sir Alex. Do you really think the Club is, or will be soon, in a position to deliver immediate promotion? Even with agitating cuboids and kicking bottoms?
  12. We're on the same page DL, both hoping that the new board which is developing, and will grow with more people with complementary acumen. You're point is well made 're investors wanting a say in how the money is spent. I would say, I would support that if an investor/ group came up with the £200k plus that would be needed to allow us to compete. Less than that and it'd be bickering over scraps. I do think that when JB and the Operations Group get their teeth into turning our model from a legacy loss-making one, to at least a break-even one, it stands to reason we become more attractive for investors. I'm a believer....[emoji6]
  13. You're absolutely fair in much if what you say here DL; we all hurt deeply at the horrible end off the season and desparately want a competitive group of players. My reading us that if the board had some good news on signings, we'd know about it. Having difficulty attracting good players to the club is nothing new; it's just got even tougher given our new league status and, righr again, it's still down to money. Where I kinda differ, if I may, is your belief that a critical qualification for a Company Director is a sack of cash to invest. For me it's commitment, desire to succeed and business acumen to underpin a sound strategy in close collaboration with the other Directors. Personally, if people with none of the above, except a sack of cash and little business sense, occupied any Board, I wouldn't be investing in that company. The Board statement gave the credentials of the two new directors in relation to seeking to secure external funding, and that ambition works for me. I'll be doing all I can to help and support them. Given the war chests already in place at other LL clubs, I'm worried too that we're probably struggling to sign players, but its not a surprise. We're playing catch up, and all I can see ahead is the need for patience to allow the financial and squad rebuilding to take place. I'm just not sure you're the patient type Mr Lodger.
  14. No debate about maybe being disappointed. However Mr Lodgers constant flow of finger pointing and doom mongering is just disproportionate. I'd rather wait and hear 'this is what we've done', rather than updates on what we're trying to do, in terms of signings.
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