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  1. Do you mind if I ask if this is from a Director subsequent to a Board discussion? No need to name. Or are you a BRFC Director? Just checking the veracity of what you say before commenting.
  2. You should be so lucky.....
  3. Relegation Play-offs; Cove v. Berwick

    Target rich environment Mr 'now we've secured our league status'.
  4. Relegation Play-offs; Cove v. Berwick

    You're right. It was me. It's my fault. All of it. I have my black and gold sackcloth on, and liberally sprinkled with ashes. I fact, I'm now off to 'have a long hard think about I have probably contributed to what has happened today, and with the others aswell bit I am the obvious one....' I'm running it through my Fergie1 Enigma machine, but when I crack it, I'm all over it. Now, will you stop peeking over my hedge, you're scaring the cat.
  5. What happens now at Berwick Rangers?

    Much obliged Mr Hoorsur, we're feeling the love from Fife, as I hope are all the Black & Gold. [emoji106]
  6. Relegation Play-offs; Cove v. Berwick

    Thank you for another of your widely anticipated pearls Mr Wee; and, as one of these welcome quirks of coincidence, that's just a perfect description of what you talk. I most reverently hope your next sh!t's a hedgehog. Mr Pride of the Clyde however is a credit to your club and society, which IMHO, you are not. You dick.
  7. Well said. Once the dust has settled on this season, I hope to see Mr Lodger, the boards of The Club, The Trust and The Supporters Club sitting together, to look forward, not back, and develop the burgeoning plan for our Clubs future. That unified approach started some time ago, I believe it will continue. I hope the self-serving blaming will stop now: please. Now is not the time for this chat as you so rightly say BM. C'mon John, Ian and the boys; you can do it!!
  8. Another top post DB, well said and I agree with all your sentiments. 'mon The Borderers!!
  9. What happens now at Berwick Rangers?

    Yahoorsir, I rather think you could my dear Muzzle.
  10. Really? Can't see the logic of that. We're bust, so grass roots player development is even more vital. If true, are you a Director? If so, best step away if this is how you repay being on a board and entrusted to keep board outcomes priveledged until formally released. Even if you're not, it's such misplaced faith that you were told this, if it's true. I'm very sorry to say that I doubt you'll be trusted again. Is it true?
  11. Wahay! Playground name calling. Maginificent. Have you peaked? I may regret joining you here, but you started it..[emoji23]
  12. Wow; syntax car crash again...I just can't work out if you're trolling or just not quite at the races. Both injured. Sheesh...
  13. Nae bites Gordon? Nae luck. Best effort?
  14. Somebody that knew? You know very well what I'm saying. Any Director divulging this IS sticking the knife in and should walk or be booted.
  15. Ah yes, once more showing your complete ignorance of dynamics of any team sport and the relevance of momentum. You never did answer when I asked what your first sport actually is. May I hazard a guess at Kabaddi?