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  1. So we agree. Play all the games or, if we can't, the season should be voided?
  2. Playing and investing, with success and failure IS part if football; if all the games have been played. An arbitrary you go up and you go down without anyone having the chance to succeed or fail through actually playing all the games is just wrong. I don't know what we should do if we get Covid-20, or any other disaster. Right now, I just think you either play all games or void.
  3. An interesting article on the fiscal impacts on an SPFL2 club.
  4. I gave a rationale, if I may, what's yours? I'm genuinely interested.
  5. Surely the only fair thing to do is cancel this season and start it all again. Ok, the cut and dried winners, like Celtic, Dundee Utd and Cove, will not be too happy but relegating clubs, when they still have fixtures to enable survival, is just wrong in terms of the financial losses they'll take. For some clubs in the lower divisions with low cash reserves, it could mean bankruptcy. Sadly, with players to pay and no more matchday revenue, Covid-19 might seriously risk that already for some.
  6. Many one hopes, particularly if the wind chill leaps above -2...I think there would have been a few more had the weather not been so shitty.
  7. Spot on, daft descriptors. I was right in line with Forster when he crossed it; great first time cross off a bobbely surface, and a well glanced header: particularly in a horrible wind. Some folk are never happy..
  8. I'd be interested in what Berwick fans thought of last nights fans forum, I couldn't attend unfortunately.
  9. It's a schedule that would have managers of full time professional clubs greetin' about recovery time and squad depth. Tough gig.
  10. This feels like when you pick up a newspaper, expecting to ignore the usual tired drivel, and you find something interesting and relevant. Makes one's day.
  11. Would this be the 10 or so wee drunk diddies at the match, who canny hold their drink; not for the first time at away matches? I hope they're caught on camera and identities shared with all clubs so they can be excluded. TBF, I don't think this type of scenario is unique to BRFC.
  12. You did indeed. And regretfully the 80 /20 rule applies in that 20% make 80% of the noise.
  13. If I may, a minority of Berwick fans TBF Mr Baa; the vast majority are realists [emoji106]
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