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  1. Finally won a solos match tonight - heart rate was through the roof for the last few minutes. I’m generally shite at CoD so if I can do it any c**t can.
  2. There’s really no indication at all that this investment will be made contingent on keeping Hearts up. In fact, it’s the first positive development I’ve seen since March that makes me think lower league football might be possible any time soon.
  3. f**k it - if some clown out there wants to give us a load of cash for that toss then fair enough. Hopefully it’s a one time only.
  4. There might be questions to ask around whether Sikora's eternal optimism has clouded his judgement but comparing him to Baghdad Bob isn't particularly helpful.
  5. A lot of good stuff in this post but it’s the final sentence that’s the clincher. Wee budgie is at it and absolutely no one is falling for this charade. The sooner we get this shite booted oot the better.
  6. This game mode has completely changed the way I play CoD. I love it but I don't half spend a lot of time skulking about bushes on the side of fucking hills. I'm a long way from run and gun.
  7. For some read barely any. Less than 5% in fact. A similar take up at the Rock would see no more than 15 fans apply for a refund. If anyone really is desperate for a refund, perhaps we might offer them a discount on a future ST in the first instance.
  8. I'd rather the SPFL/SFA tightened up their fit and proper test to include full transparency rather than block all offshore investment.
  9. 8 months later and the follow up single is solid as well. Weezer are threatening to release* something genuinely decent here. *With the caveat that the full release date is delayed indefinitely.
  10. Or bump this euros to 2024 and Germany to 2028.
  11. Excellent update. Very comprehensive.
  12. Too much time spent in the company of puddle-drinkers like Allan Preston and Billy Dodds has caused his brain to collapse violently inwards. Pity.
  13. Imagine they were keen to avoid having to sift through contributions from the FB lunatic fringe.
  14. Yes - and some just deserve to lose that bit less than others.
  15. We don't need reconstruction right now. Perhaps the following season.
  16. But the above will result in Clyde, Peterhead and Forfar being rearranged into the bottom tier. That's a bigger travesty than teams who've been shite all season being relegated. Ideas on reconstruction are fine but there's no pressing need to have it in place for season 20-21
  17. Shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. It’s become increasingly clear from the moment we stopped that Scottish football was unlikely to resume in any form until some point in 2021.
  18. The contention that interns/work-experience kids doing some voluntary work is likely to negatively impact their future remuneration prospects might be one of the wackiest things I've read on P&B. Notwithstanding that I don't think closed-door is a feasible way forward - it'll be all or nothing for us.
  19. Scottish football stares into the abyss and Rangers still persist with the spoiled-brat routine. Fucking cretins.
  20. This seems to me the most likely way forward.
  21. If the choice is between fucking over teams who were all bottom of their respective divisions at the point the arse fell out the world v rushing through a 14-14-14 set up and fucking over teams who finished up to 7th place in League 1, then it's no choice at all.
  22. Yeah, but didn't you hear m8 - the whole of Scottish football is supposed to come together to save Hearts. I hope Dumbarton vote against any reconstruction being rushed through for season 20/21. It's completely unnecessary. If the reconstruction committee are so passionate about rearranging the league structure then they'll presumably still be eager come the end of the following season, when our lives are hopefully returning to some kind of normality. Clubs can then be well-versed in advance that a mid-table League 1 finish might result in demotion to an expanded bottom tier. Meantime, f**k Hearts. They were consistently shite for extended periods of last season and need to pipe doon and get doon.
  23. Statement is very fair. Off the shelf makes sense in the current climate. At least we’ve not tried to be Stirling Albion again. High hopes for the 150 effort though. Assuming we make it that far.
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