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  1. You’re like the drunk uncle who’s stumbled into a wake ffs. But yeah, good player. I’m sure you’ll all have a lovely time.
  2. It’s a fair point. Beyond a few hundred season ticket holders, who would really care if we continue to drift down the leagues over the next few seasons and then just eventually fizzle out to extinction? And as pointed out, there’s plenty other distractions on a Saturday anyway - it was easy enough to identify a few during the latter days of Aitken’s tenure.
  3. I'm presuming our squad's going to remain light through the league cup section (that we're never qualifying from) with a view that we might chance upon some cheap Championship loanees in the frantic few days before the league starts proper. Whilst this season could be painful, those 4 league cup games are shaping up to be particularly harrowing.
  4. I dropped a fiver on Stewart at 40/1 when his nomination was confirmed. That's my only skin in this Least Worst c**t Contest.
  5. The final kick in the teeth is the Rory Loy situation. Our tightest budget in years and we’re dropping a sizeable wedge on a lad who might never play again ffs.
  6. Enjoying the new Bruce Springsteen record. Best thing he’s released in years.
  7. He played well up top in the playoff final 1st leg - in an ultra defensive team. Aitken then shunted him wide in the second leg which nullified any impact he might have had. Albeit I recall a header he probably should have scored.
  8. I think several seasons of typically losing more than winning and generally playing with backs to the wall has taken it’s toll on crowds. A winning team is the only thing that will tempt people back. But reduced income = reduced on-field quality, so we’re caught in a vicious circle and left reliant on Duffy’s young recruits performing way above expectation (you never know!). Ultimately, relegation in front of further reduced crowds is a realistic possibility. Strap in.
  9. I wonder if Carswell will be enthused about remaining with us when he sees our transfer business thus far. Presumably must have other offers.
  10. 1. Dumbarton 2. Airdrieonians 3. Forfar 4. Falkirk 5. Clyde 6. Montrose 7. Peterhead 8. Raith Rovers 9. Stranraer 10. East Fife
  11. All this talk of meagre resources makes the Rory Loy situation even more dispiriting. We’re boxing with one hand on that one.
  12. That news dropped with refreshingly little fanfare.
  13. It all makes for fairly sober reading. We're left reliant on rabbits being pulled from hats.
  14. Pretty happy with that. A Saturday in Annan followed by a shorter midweek journey seems reasonable to me.
  15. Interesting. If you'd asked me a year or two ago I'd have assured you that Paul McGinn would have won a Scotland cap before either of the above.
  16. He was wined, dined and generally fawned over in Scotland as recently as a fortnight ago.
  17. It's a Saturday. They've added Stiff Little Fingers and Fangclub to make a 5 band bill. Gates at 2pm so should hopefully have an all-day feel.
  18. I'm going to the Slane gig, where they've added a couple of extra bands onto the bill. Fair to say it's still overpriced though.
  19. Amon Amarth’s new record is a groovy return to form. Hopefully see a Glasgow date announced later this year.
  20. Don’t know much about Volbeat but I’d be inclined to mole along to the Glasgow date just to catch a bit of Baroness.
  21. Perhaps we’d be minded to throw Nathan Flanagan a lifeline next season. He looked pretty sharp in both matches at the Rock last term.
  22. There's f**k all else happening tbh. The silence is deafening. Quite. We wouldn’t be speculating at all if Jim hadn’t stirred it up with those end of season interviews.
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