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  1. I agree with this. It would be particularly helpful if each time we have a postponement the ex-groundsman could avoid rushing in here to shriek and bellow about how and what he would have done to get the game on.
  2. McCluskey’s 30+ game no-goal record is extraordinary. I struggle to recall any other attacking player who’s achieved that in my time supporting the club. Even a fair proportion of the defensive-minded players will chip in with a goal over a 30 game period.
  3. On reflection both clubs could finish bottom of this league and no one would be terribly surprised.
  4. Don’t recall many victories at Station Park over the years. Hibs only just escaping with 3 points last night makes me think this visit will be little different. A tough afternoon for sure. Hopefully our new striker gets a run out so we see what he has to offer.
  5. I’m sure you and the rest of us will be making as many Pix registrations as necessary if our league form starts to show some promise and we threaten to pick up points every other week.
  6. 5 weeks till this one - just enough time for me to build up false hope after that turgid shitshow last night.
  7. And Stef McCluskey slightly behind both.
  8. I’ll be getting the ‘CHEETZ’ chant started very early here.
  9. I think we can all rest assured the Saturday 3pm rule won’t be returning at any point this season.
  10. Forfar have installed the same system as us so it will presumably be an option for ‘away’ fans to stream.
  11. If messing up the pitch is a cost of generating funds to help the club avoid extinction then I can’t say I particularly care what % of grass is still visible come the middle of November.
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