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  1. Still don’t get why there’s a need to have a Tuesday match scheduled in. Pity it would have been one of our better attended home matches as well.
  2. No disrespect, but I'd seek a medical opinion on these flashes. I had similar feelings about Jordan White in those few loan appearances he made for us years ago. Didn’t do much but just seemed like he might come good at some point.
  3. I saw enough in flashes to conclude that big Jones could develop into a decent lower-league striker. Jim D might be just the man to help him along. I hope he gets a decent chance next season. Likewise Denny is a bit of a punt but f**k it they all are at this level. Fingers crossed. It’s great to be talking about football again.
  4. It's a tricky one. On the face of it I'd only be inclined to commit to an October start if I could get reasonable comfort that supporters attending matches would follow imminently. Otherwise hibernate and accept the relegation risk. I suppose another concern is a pincer movement from the usual suspects to bring forward the colts proposal again and replace hibernating teams. We ought to be wary of that.
  5. Another up vote for RTJ4 - absolutely scintillating.
  6. WTF happened there? Looks like they got part-way through the design before fucking chucking it.
  7. And for half the universe it would seem.
  8. It's a disgraceful piece that's frustrating to see appear on a license-payer funded space.
  9. English's latest diatribe is ridiculously one-sided and partisan. I'm not entirely comfortable with the BBC publishing that.
  10. This is a pretty reasonable take. My fear with attempting to open the voting structure worm can is that it somehow backfires on League 1/2 clubs and c***s like Gordon Strachan etc get their way in further diluting our voting rights.
  11. I think you desperately want it to be an inducement. It's not.
  12. The statement was excellent and is now required reading for anyone with even a passing interest in the Colts fiasco. It seems to be pissing off all the right people as well. Good.
  13. I attempted to read Keef's article re reconstruction this morning but early in the piece he mentioned something about Rangers being 'progressive' and my brain imploded. Pity.
  14. Have to admire the brass neck of these c***s and their whac-a-mole proposals. I’m reasonably confident this latest round of nonsense will be booted out but I’d have to assume it will inevitably pop up again, with the OF taking careful note of who votes with and against them. Sadly it feels like they’re eventually going to concoct a way of successfully crowbarring their B teams Into the league structure.
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