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  1. Haven't tuned into anything from MH since Locust but I had been surprised to learn they weren't visiting Scotland as part of the upcoming arena tour. To go and announce a bespoke, special run of wee venues for us is very, very cool of them and just the tonic to reignite my interest.
  2. God, what a performance. Gilmour, McGinn, Tierney, Adams...these lads are genuinely top-tier operators. It's amazing what a sniff of success can do for your appreciation of international football. I've been happy to dismiss it as irrelevant shite on various occasions over the last 25 years - as has a sizeable proportion of this forum. It's all a cover to mask continual disappointment. Caught up in the Hampden euphoria there's nowhere you'd rather be.
  3. This is true. No person can match what John McGinn achieves with his arse.
  4. There's nothing actionable in Sam's post. But Gerry knows that as well as anyone else.
  5. Might be worth confirming whether "Yogi" has ever won the Scottish Cup though as I'm not sure if that point's been addressed.
  6. Yeah, definitely high levels of compliance. Decent show from Mogwai - the new songs hit well - Drive The Nail in particular. The set could have been a song or two longer mind.
  7. The ongoing involvement of Andy Hosie in this affair is a curious thing and I noted with interest the Trust’s comment that he appears to be acting in a position of considerable influence at the club. Regardless of the fact the Norwegian thinks he’s ‘100 percent honourable’, I thought Hosie’s disqualification extended to even indirect management of a company or shadow directorship? On the face of it a fine line is being trod.
  8. In the end today too many of our better players were sitting in the stand, including arguably our three main goal threats. We were also crying out for a proper central defender to put their fucking foot through the ball at their first goal and a competent goalkeeper in the events leading up to their second. We were left with an abysmal performance and a number of players who didn’t appear to understand what role was being asked of them.
  9. I haven't had sight of that yet, albeit a letter sounds so 19th century. Could someone summarise the main talking points?
  10. Should have enough about us to get through to the next round Aberdeen match.
  11. Rest assured Ryan will be back for his goal.
  12. Completely lost it at the end and later grinned like a lunatic the entire drive home. There’s a unique feeling of rage that only live football can generate for me and it’s not something that can be replicated through a stream. Quite something to experience that again.
  13. The lad Syvertsen seems to be permanently injured - exactly as we were warned when we brought him in.
  14. We should take a look at the lad McCluskey at Forfar. What a goal return.
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