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  1. I suppose a lot of what would be alternative activities are also kiboshed at the moment. Most folk will probably just settle back into their old habits when this thing is suppressed.
  2. Yeah, I only have a memory of the outside one being open. This would be in the 90s when the stadium was crumbling.
  3. Those trees look photoshopped. We all know nothing grows on the Plains of Gorgoroth.
  4. The problem here though is the material uncertainty in whether we'll actually start up again in February. Will we need that budget to help the club survive in the event of a lengthier layoff? Will the window be extended if there is further delay? Who knows.
  5. Cases or no cases it felt a bit odd that a national lockdown is in place but we can still play. This is a pre-emptive, precautionary move that's on balance probably correct. Doesn't make me any less gutted though. Celtic are a separate matter. What they've done is an absolute joke and we should get them to f**k.
  6. At least we're doing something I guess. It's normally another fortnight before Duffy gets going in the transfer window.
  7. Duffy appears to indicate there that the club budgeted for having fans in the stadium this season. I find that utterly bewildering.
  8. I’m confused but pleasantly surprised that football hasn’t been closed down at our level. Seems a bit odd that Huntly would have been allowed to jaunt 200 miles across the country untested whilst the great majority of us are barely permitted to fart past the front door.
  9. Oh FFS, between that and the lad from Deftones mincing on about anti-vax. Sometimes have to really focus on separating the art from the artist.
  10. Notice the Huntley Colts match in the Scottish is off as well. We'll need a few things to come together to get a match on next week.
  11. We don't know enough to reach conclusions either way at the moment.
  12. Thank God it isn't Brora or Kelty. Really? I think there's a reasonable chance we'd beat both of them at the Rock. Neither look significantly better than Cove etc. Drawing Hearts or Dunfermline would have had me more concerned.
  13. No idea where you plucked that wee assumption from...it's not correct. And I didn't say all reasons for not watching were piss poor but no need to apologise regardless.
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