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  1. Wtf is Murdo playing at there? He must be at the windup surely 🤨
  2. Enjoyed seeing Firs Park without that ridiculous wall inches from the goal.
  3. The New Saints game is still on my planner as well. I refuse to delete it.
  4. Arrgh, didn't realise McGeever was up for questioning yesterday. Missed my chance to pose some cranium-related queries.
  5. With feared Chinese hitman Wu Han Covid bagging a hattrick.
  6. I'll eat Paddy Ashdown's regurgitated hat if these games are played in June.
  7. It had occurred to me that as conditions deteriorate the above may be the only feasible way forward. Cancel all contracts, fall into breach and hope for the best. Hopefully the vast majority of employees at the club have other full-time work they can fall back on. Best of luck to them.
  8. Surprised anyone is seriously looking for anything back on a ticket they most likely paid for 10 months ago. Particularly given the circumstances. Write off your loss and move on would be my gentle advice to season ticket holders.
  9. UEFA meeting called to discuss on Tuesday but surely it's inevitable now. Even those clowns must see that.
  10. Bosnia have requested a postponement for their match v Missus Bunfield
  11. Pleased to see the Spanish government have told UEFA to f**k right off with their request to allow an exception for Roma flying in to play Sevilla.
  12. I'm not convinced they actually sold all the tickets in the end. Just called it sold out as there's a growing chance every c**t is going to have to be refunded.
  13. I suppose after Saturday we only have 3 home matches left, all of which are likely to suffer from dwindling attendances regardless of airborne pathogens, as our season is effectively already over. And if we are to see a staggered banning of events similar to the French approach then it's not likely that any of those fixtures would meet the criteria for mass attended event.
  14. If the tournament even happens. A mass attended competition, with thousands of fans criss-crossing across a dozen countries just doesn't seem likely at the moment - irrespective of what UEFA wants.
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