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  1. Yes - although much like everything else yesterday we wondered onboard with none of the 1000+ stewards particuarly interested in seeing our tickets. The buses on Shuttle street looked a lot quieter than the ones on Albion street. We had a full double decker to ourselves.
  2. Pull the mask a bit further up your nose and sit your glasses on top of it - works for me.
  3. Doesn't really matter whether our squad is made up of 5 or 50 ex-Morton players, on the face of it we look a stronger outfit than last season.
  4. And the Chris Jericho countdown was outstanding. I look forward to that being rolled out again.
  5. A decent signing day softens the blow of us unveiling the shittiest set of tops in our history.
  6. Did Ramsbottom turn down the contract offer? Don't recall hearing anything about him.
  7. Madness. Dumbarton is obviously part of the Central Belt.
  8. Setting aside Ramadan for a moment, I think we might look back and reflect that what was asked of our squad (and indeed all the clubs in the lower leagues) was absolutely ridiculous. The run of matches we ploughed through around the Aberdeen cup-tie was monstrously challenging and on that at least I'm agreed with Jim Duffy's comments about the efforts extended by all the players. Between the authorties and the clubs themselves pushing for a 22 game season it's clear that player well-being was definitely not a priority for these organisations.
  9. 'discussions ongoing' re arrangements for a match that takes place in less than a week. They've had months, months and months to think about this ffs. Imbeciles.
  10. Aye - it's remarkable. What a collosal f**k up.
  11. Yeah, I think I'm ok with guys like Wilson and Frizzell opting to go elsewhere. Offering terms to a bunch of attacking players who were basically statistical failures last season was a bit lazy. Onus now on Farrell etc to go out and find some new talent, with the support of our seemingly invisible owners.
  12. 12-1230 for the Czech match, which is ok I guess but I've landed 5-5:30 for the Croatia game...sigh.
  13. That is genuinely an astonishing amount of cash that was pushed Alloa's way.
  14. I'll be at the Czech match regardless of whatever shitty entry time I'm assigned, partly just to say I was there. But it's utterly maddening that my neighbour's BBQ garden party on the day is looking more appealing than attending the actual match.
  15. Was it not Carswell who conceded the penalty against Stranraer? Could have been very costly. I still see him as a bit of a stop-gap for defence and would release him if we’re not considering him a midfielder.
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