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  1. Wait, UEFA aren't defined as a Major Events Organisation? wtaf
  2. We should have had a couple more in the end ( looking at you here Stef...) and our counter attacking play was pretty effective. Clyde huffed and puffed with the majority of possession but never really got anywhere. I’d take Chris Johnston back at the Rock though, he looked a very tricky player in flashes. Apply pay at the turnstile was a highlight. Clyde ahead of their peers there.
  3. Had a feeling the middle game would be Wembley. We keep saying it but if these c***s can somehow get the finger out and qualify, they’ll never have a better chance of progressing in a major tournament - and that’s despite two of the continent’s best teams being in Group D.
  4. Won’t be shedding too many tears if we see a postponement.
  5. The positive for the Tories is that the public are far more likely to recall Corbyn getting his arse handed to him than the fact Al Johnson shat it.
  6. It's been a pretty good year with 2 records way ahead of the rest. 1. Cult of Luna - A Dawn to Fear 2. Alcest - Spiritual Instinct ^ ^ ^ 3. Tool - Fear Inoculum 4. Russian Circles - Blood Year 5. Devin Townsend - Empath 6. Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars 7. The Menzingers - Hello Exile 8. Wilderun - Veil of Imagination 9. Renounced - Beauty is a Destructive Angel 10. Opeth - In Cauda Venenum
  7. Slightly surreal that Slayer will be done come the end of the week.
  8. Not to mention the Clydebank ground share that effectively killed the pitch and led to postponement after postponement after postponement. Boghead was such a dreary place at times. Ideally a few improvements could be made to the Rock (inclusion of a small terracing option) and it would be far preferable to a return to that tip.
  9. Both are presumably the highest scoring strikers over the period and performed well over several seasons in the decade. It's not a bad thing if they're both in there. Just a pity that the likes of Dom Thomas have been lumped in with the strikers vote, despite being more of an attacking midfielder / winger to my mind. Turning to the cup draw, on the face of it we're staring down the barrel of a heavy defeat but stranger things have happened and should be a good day oot. Ryan McGeever to score.
  10. Probably win the semi final and then be beaten comfortably in the final. It won’t be a glorious failure as we won’t land a glove on either Norway or Serbia.
  11. Our best player of the past decade hasn't made the starting 11. Extraordinary.
  12. I wouldn’t grumble if Prunty makes the final 11. He was a good player who provided some terrific moments in his time at the club - regardless of whether he’s technically the best.
  13. McPhee's industrial level cheating was off the scale in that match.
  14. Hmm, I've little doubt that Ireland (South) would find a way to out-shitfest us. Glad we're avoiding them.
  15. Curious to see if any of the team that won the 3rd Div title feature in the votes. Presumably a few of them must still have been at the club into this decade.
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