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  1. Wait, what? We're not seriously considering bringing in John Gemmell in a playing capacity? This is professional football, not Sunday league. At most he can wander in and shout nonsense at training a couple times a week. Any greater involvement than that would be insane.
  2. Pretty dire performance but will take the win. Won’t get away with that most weeks and we seemed to miss McLean badly. Felt a bit sorry for Albion Rovers. Sickening way to lose and they would have likely turned us over if that clown hadn’t got himself sent off.
  3. I think our current GK coach was on the bench for Ayr that day.
  4. Well, we’re nothing if not fickle. Beat Albion next Saturday and I’ll be convinced we’re in for a good season. Get 3 wins on the spin and I’ll probably lay down a hire for a stretch limo to the trophy day match next May.
  5. Good point. When was the last meaningful home league victory? 2021?
  6. The twitter updates from the game have been excellent in fairness. Very descriptive.
  7. Hyde Park is £100 for normal standing and £200 for Gold Circle. May well be replicated at Murrayfield.
  8. 1. Annan Athletic 2. Stenhousemuir 3. Bonnyrigg 4. Stirling Albion 5. Forfar 6. Stranraer 7. Elgin City 8. Dumbarton 9. East Fife 10. Albion Rovers
  9. Well we had Kieran Wright in goals when beaten 4-1 at Ainslie Park last season but: 1. He's a better keeper than Ramsbottom, 2. He's not particularly fat, 3. We weren't playing Civil Service Strollers. So colour me a bit confused.
  10. Messing about with the pitch dimensions for the purposes of long-throws, dear me. From memory Scott Linton was our last notable baw-hurler and, as a play, it hardly ever resulted in a goal - we maybe scored once up at Glebe Park or somewhere. I had hoped we would have approached this season with a view to at least attempting to play fast-paced, expansive fitba but I can't see how this development helps.
  11. Yet another season of scrape, scramble and a negative GD beckoning if that’s indicative of the level of performance we’re going to have to endure every week. Terrific.
  12. Watching the match with a pint. What a novelty.
  13. Interesting wasn’t quite the adjective I had in mind when I noticed that draw. One to hard-swerve if our Spartan friends fail to complete the necessary.
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