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  1. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    Storms being given a name is not something worth getting in a flap over. I have a scroll through the National Hurricane Center's site occasionally at this time of year when the action is heating up and it's more straightforward for systems to be referenced by name than by a code - 'e.g. Depression 15E etc'.
  2. The Sons 2018/19

    I marked it purely on my own personal enjoyment of their 'reign'. The end of season run-in when Brian beat the drop was Fairley brilliant. But I'll accept his departure was more than a little grubby.
  3. The Sons 2018/19

    It's 3 that does it for me. The cup final is a tricky one, we were up against a full time team who, as it turned out, were at the start of a very good run of form and it wasn't an entirely unreasonable tactic to sit in. Bonnyrigg is a distant bad dream and I can't comment on 4 as I haven't seen any football this term. To the interest of no-one i ranked all the managers who've been at the helm since I started following Dumbarton; on a sliding scale of Good Guys to Piss-Kidneys. Stevie remains a Good Guy, even though I think his time is up. Good Guys 1. Ian Murray 2. Brian Fairley 3. Murdo MacLeod 4. Jim Chapman 5. Stevie Aitken 6. Alan Adamson 7. Tam Carson Piss-Kidneys 8. Jimmy Brown 9. David Winnie 10. Ian Wallace 11. Gerry McCabe 12. Jim Fallon 13. Paul Martin
  4. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    In this case constant negativity has had a detrimental impact on support
  5. The Official President Trump thread

    The rantings of a lunatic, clearly. He's not all there.
  6. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    Sympathies with anyone who bothered attending today. The noises from Aitken are that we're banking everything on overnight improvement when the injured players return. Playing for time until then.
  7. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    As things stand the match preview would be better setting out who can play rather than who is unavailable
  8. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    As it happens I think we could do with the cup break. The injured players get a chance to recuperate ahead of the resumption of league duties. Some risk-free alterations can be made to the starting 11 (the goalkeeper). The 3 newest additions get a chance to further gel within the team (assuming they're not cup-tied?) Another chance to improve general squad fitness without losing ground in the league.
  9. USA pub etiquette

    Mental system. Genuinely infuriating,
  10. General Politics Thread

    Just the distraction Alex Salmond was looking for.
  11. The Sons 2018/19

    Jim Fallon's stats were next-level.
  12. Hampden or Murrayfield

    Preferences: 1. Hampden (with firm commitment to redevelop). 2. Football stadiums around the country. 3. Hampden (with no commitment to redevelop). - - - - - 4. My back garden. - - - - - - - - - 5. Home of rugby.
  13. The Sons 2018/19

    If the lad comes in and starts Chris Kaneing in the goals then we are all going to get on board pretty quickly - defenders or no defenders.