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  1. Must be about the 10th time somebody's posted that clip to me on here over the years so well done you eh? It's no a mystery what I look like so I never understand this shite - people have seen me on P&B before.
  2. Not upset though. Aye, he lost but I'm proud of him for doing something that no-one else would dare do & shutting up everyone who said he'd be destroyed. He wasnae destroyed in any way, he was winning the fight until he got tired. Would Floyd Mayweather even last 20 seconds in a cage? Would he f**k.
  3. Literally obsessed. If I wanted a fan club I'd send ye out the membership details.
  4. Being a patronising c**t doesnae make ye right & me wrong. It just makes ye a patronising c**t.
  5. Err no, the thick posts are from the wankers who thought Mayweather would KO McGregor out in 1 or 2 rounds. Even now you cannae admit that McGregor did way better than any of the boxing knobheads said he would. Anyone wi a brain knew it'd be a proper fight. McGregor was beating the greatest boxer of all time & he'd murder him in an octagon.
  6. People who cannae admit they're wrong even though the facts have proven that they are.
  7. McGregor is a fucking legend & was beating the best boxer ever at his own sport until he got tired. End of story. If ye cannae respect that then honestly ur just a w****r.
  8. McGregor was winning the fight until he got tired out - fact. Mayweather didnae beat McGregor, tiredness did. Hope all those boxing fans who thought it'd be pish for Mayweather feel like stupid c***s today cos it was a close fight. The best ever in boxing against somebody making his boxing debut - McGregor's the clear moral winner. There's no even an equivalent for what he's just done. What a fucking legend.
  9. Watched the match today & then after the draw it feels like I wasted 2 hours of my life. Literally nae benefit winning the shootout at all. Like one of those sitcoms where ye watch a whole episode & then it turns out it was all a character's dream & the whole story was meaningless.
  10. Funny how the green brigade automatically get blamed for everything when they werenae even there. Dinnae let facts get in the way, eh?
  11. P&B has had so many shite towns & areas threads but this is the first time mine's no been mentioned. We're going up in the world.
  12. Taking cash out is the only way I dinnae blow everything in my bank account on Day 1 so ye cannae get rid of cash altogether. Plus how'd ye give money tae people if there's no cash? Like pocket money for weans, are they gonna have bank cards now?!
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