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  1. Ally McLeod had a guy on trial who had played for the US Olympic team. I'm sure his name was Bernie Livrefois or something but I can find no evidence of that name at all. He played a few reserve games and looked pretty decent. After that George Burley had a youth player called Cortez Clarke who made some sub appearances.
  2. I'm still raging about that game [emoji1787] We got Tommy Bryce sent off when he got flagged for offside in his own half and when he flung his arms up in disgust Brian McGinley was straight out with the card. As mentioned St Johnstone got 3 penalties and i think we got someone else sent off after going 2 nil up. Quite possibly the worst display of refereeing I've ever seen. I'm quite sure some of our fans covered up their faces to go and wait for the refereeing team to come out afterwards. I remember a game at McDiarmid Park too a few years later. We went 2 down and brought it back to 2-2 in the second half only for Allan Moore to destroy us in a 5-2 defeat.
  3. Only on pre contract. If Partick go down and we put in an improved offer then Doc can still go where he likes
  4. That was as easy a win against an Spl win as you'll see. First half County only had one tactic. Hit it long on the counter. Second half they looked better until we changed formation and killed the game off. We didn't make a huge amount chances but certainly deserved the win. Forrest had an off day but everyone else had good games Drinan looks a handful. Doesn't look like a goalscorer yet but defenders seem to hate playing against him as he's fairly physical and pretty quick as well.Brings others into the game. All in all a good day.
  5. I rarely manage to get to a game these days so I picked a belter today. We were outstanding and Partick were woeful. We totally destroyed them for about 70 minutes and then got the cigars out. Thistle only started playing at 4 down when Harkins came on(not a sentence i thought i would write) Not a single average performance in our team today and the 4 up front were unplayable. Get Moore to sign a contract beyond January please.
  6. When i was in for my ticket this morning the guy said they expected 800 but had only sold 64 tickets so far. However they only put it up online yesterday that folk had to buy a ticket
  7. If Henry Templeton could get dogs abuse when he came back with Clydebank and QoS then Shankland may get somewhere in between that and what John Sludden got.
  8. See I was thinking Celtic was the one McCall alluded to as being mentally tough as Shankland is a Rangers fan.
  9. Lucky to come away with a point from that one. Too many off days and misplaced passes and Gregor Buchanan strolled it against Shankland and Moore.
  10. I remember a guy losing the rag, stamping his foot in a temper and putting himself out for the season. Mark McWalter ?
  11. I heard a few months back from one of his relatives that Hearts had spoken to O Ware
  12. I don't understand why none of the defenders have been brought into the first team squad during our injury crisis.
  13. Ferocious Dog, The Dreadnoughts and Flogging Molly are 3 of the better ones.
  14. The club's total wage bill in those Barr years with Grady etc was £1.1 million. I remember the following board telling everyone when the big tax bill appeared.
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