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  1. We should start McGinty as well. Just so both sets of can focus some of that rage on to the park. Not that it'll be difficult but McGinty can be the focal point and everyone can build from there.
  2. Be able to fit both sets of fans in if we keep this.The entire home support and the away car.
  3. Glad I'm not watching it. Certainly adds weight to the story I heard a few weeks ago that the players didn't want Duffy as he was just more of the same. Pretty decent source as well. Got sent this yesterday as well...even if it's no true it's right
  4. I'm assuming there is some inaccuracy in the article as there is no way the killie buses should have been anywhere near the "white city area" . If a police escort took them that way someone needs to have a word with them. Pathetic behaviour though. Probably makes our buses a target on the 2nd now
  5. I was listening to the game on the radio and Rory Loy was saying that the whole game. Mentioned in the first half that we were at least trying to pass the ball but in the second all we did was launch it to Adeloye. He was also saying that it was unfortunate that Adeloye was having to constantly abandon his position to get the ball but there was nobody willing to run into the position he had came out of leaving us with no goal threat. Both commentators questioned why it took until after the penalty for us to show any attempt at getting forward in numbers as there wasn't much of a gap in quality. As many have mentioned Hopkin has absolutely done a number on us until January. Until that honking midfield is sorted we can hopefully scrape enough points from teams in our area of the league to keep us away from the bottom. However we won't be able to trouble any further up than mid table until players are brought in
  6. I'm sure Hopkin said pre match before Raith that Hewitt is out for a few weeks with a hamstring injury
  7. It was someone called Claire last night and she was equally good.
  8. Pre match interview said Murdoch still not quite right after having Covid
  9. I actually didn't think it would be possible for Hopkin to drag us down further than last season. One free header and Zanatta strolls along the 18 yard box eating a cone and rolls it into the bottom corner and we're 2 down. Gonna be a 4 nil at this rate
  10. You do. You know fine well that the tactics board has Get F**ed into them and launch it written above some wee stick guys launching a ball. Hopkin is standing pointing with a marker pen in one hand and a giant grab bag of sizzling steak wotsits in the other.
  11. Morton not freeing anyone on the last day must have killed our transfer dealings. They did manage to sign 4. So at the moment it'll between us and Dunfermline in the Clown Car race to the bottom.
  12. I remember Ian McCall talking about Kerr on the radio after he got the sack. He said Kerr had signed a load of players to play one way and the decided to play a totally different way
  13. 2-0 Raith First one our keeper slices a passback off one of our unsuspecting defenders arse. Second Raith play a defence splitting daisy cutter. The midfield don't notice it as they're too busy looking up and the defence are too busy looking up to see what the midfield are looking at while Zanatta strolls through and kneels down to header the ball over the line
  14. I'd maybe swap Houston for McAllister if he's fit enough. I'd also give Chalmers a shot from the start. I dunno why as apart from ICT away where he had a great game i can't remember him doing much but for some reason the team make more chances when he's in it
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