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  1. Cherrie did save 2 penalties on his debut. Think it went downhill after and I think we got a hiding at Brechin but I can't remember as it seems that long ago Still a registered player somewhere in Ireland I also thought Weaver was decent at the time. Seemed to be the only guy we had that could pass the ball to a team mate.
  2. Yup all off https://spfl.co.uk/news/scottish-football-postpones-professional-matches
  3. The ones quoted in the Daily Record are mainly from a Coronation Street thread and a couple of others that haven't aged well at all So I'm guessing The Phoenix is cancelled.
  4. Think the away one is now sold out up to Large size. Still some of the bigger sizes though I bought a Large away one and it's fairly generous compared to todays top sizes. Same with the home one. Quality is very good. Embroidered badge and nothing iron on. Sponsor is in the material. Material is also heavier like older tops. They'd be daft not to order more. This market could make a fortune. Especially if they bring others out like the bird crap one or the cup final one
  5. I've actually still got that. Those strips have barely aged and would withstand a nuclear blast
  6. I actually think the one thing Ashford did offer more of was defensive cover. Most of Arbroath's attempts seemed to come down Reading and JMLs side of the park.
  7. Thought we played pretty well. Made a few chances but not many. JML was a handful in the first half. Dipo works amazingly hard and looks as if he'll win most of the physical battles. Bryden got into good positions but his final ball was poor a few times. McAllister looked far better than Houston has. Most noticeable for me was the high level of fitness we seemed to have. Looked very sharp.
  8. Doesn't score too many but constantly harasses defenders and likes generally rumbling them up all game.
  9. 4-2-3-1? Either Murdoch or Dempsey forward with Ashford and JML wide Hewitt and another as holding Mids?
  10. Yeah he's a big Ayr fan. I know him from Prestwick gym where he was the manager before this new one. He's done coaching for our youth teams up at Shoot as well.
  11. The new one wasn't actually going to show new films I don't think. I can't remember the details. It was some Irish company that had one other cinema Here's the initial story https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/first-look-multi-million-pound-23531202.amp
  12. Actually the pool was to be the Arran Mall and Hourstons They chucked all the shops out Kyle Centre was to.be a cinema and food outlets
  13. Leaving us with a giant tax bill that crippled us for years by using a similar pay structure to a now deed Glasgow Zombie team. Only we paid it all back
  14. He'll probably be added to the no good enough for Ayr pile among some sections of our support by ten to five despite nobody knowing anything about him
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