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  1. If Henry Templeton could get dogs abuse when he came back with Clydebank and QoS then Shankland may get somewhere in between that and what John Sludden got.
  2. See I was thinking Celtic was the one McCall alluded to as being mentally tough as Shankland is a Rangers fan.
  3. Lucky to come away with a point from that one. Too many off days and misplaced passes and Gregor Buchanan strolled it against Shankland and Moore.
  4. I remember a guy losing the rag, stamping his foot in a temper and putting himself out for the season. Mark McWalter ?
  5. I heard a few months back from one of his relatives that Hearts had spoken to O Ware
  6. I don't understand why none of the defenders have been brought into the first team squad during our injury crisis.
  7. Ferocious Dog, The Dreadnoughts and Flogging Molly are 3 of the better ones.
  8. The club's total wage bill in those Barr years with Grady etc was £1.1 million. I remember the following board telling everyone when the big tax bill appeared.
  9. Kelechi Okori? There was also Jose Fortes from the Stainrod era. Before that i remember a guy playing for the reserves under Ally. I think his name was Bernie Livrefois and he had played for the American Olympic team
  10. Which one? The first attempt under Barr or the second under Cameron? First attempt had a retail park attached to pay for the stadium.South Ayrshire passed it but knew it went against their legislation and that it would get called in by Scottish Parliament. It duly did. Retail park got refused.Stadium got permission. As long as we also upgraded the A77, Whitletts Roundabout, Heathfield Road and built a rail halt on the coal line to cope with the increase in traffic once a fortnight. None of the retailers now in the area like Asda were hit with any conditions like this. Attempt 2 under Cameron started badly when the developer submitted plans that were so bad they had to be redrawn and submitted properly.Then South Ayrshire took so long to make a decision and dragged their heels.During this time the credit crunch and bank crisis happened and the developer pulled out of the deal we were told was watertight. Oh and Imminent.
  11. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/former-ayr-united-hearts-partick-9997971
  12. I said that on there to add to the ridiculous list of folk that's appearing on that Facebook group. I did however insist that we only sign him if Jimmy Carse and Alan McTurk were unavailable.
  13. Similar type of player to Paterson. Maybe a bit quicker.
  14. I missed the game today because I was working a u the last time I remember a game that had that many goals was Dumbarton 4 Ayr 5 at The Rock with Kris Robertson scoring our winner
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