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  1. Most annoying England internationals of all time.

    Glenn Hoddle Phil Neville Martin Keown Alan Shearer Ray Wilkins
  2. Young Nesbitts name keeps popping up both for Celtic and Scotland, he expected to step up to the first team anytime soon?
  3. 16 for '16 - The Official Thread

    16 is a bit much but gonna just add things I'd never thought about trying before: 15 different football grounds: Only managed 8 different grounds last year which is pretty disappointing so wanting to attempt more. New job: Self explanatory. Complete 3 assault course/marathons: Work usually hampers this a little but gonna have to sort something out. Score 20 goals this calendar year: Play amateur football an don't score anywhere near enough goals. Make strives for own flat/house: Time to become a big boy. Buy ps4: Lower down in my priorities but still hopeful. Book a holiday: Looks likely to be a #lads holiday on the cards Restart my pension: Stopped it in November due to so many bills, hope to restart it asap. Give blood: Why not eh? Organ donor: Just the right thing to do. Go to a horse/dog race meeting: Went to Ayr last year and it was superb, great day out. Achieve a 180: A lifetime goal of mine. Attempt to learn a language: Something I've always wanted to do but could never be arsed. Watch all the LOTR & Hobbit films: Apparently they're good.. Climb a munro: Saw it on here and thought I'd give it a go, trying new things and all that. Do something for charity: Stop being a selfish dick, in otherwords.
  4. Your favourite film ever?

    Coach Carter
  5. Most emotional film

    Toy Story 3
  6. The Star Wars thread

    Now TV all six movies (and clone wars movie) as well as both The Clone Wars and The Rebels tv series. Not sure how many series they have on it though.
  7. Current internationals in junior football

    Think he played with Malta before joining Bo'ness.
  8. Most hated shops?

  9. Sleep on the plane. Best thing to do.
  10. Scratching Yer Bawz

    Surely nobody actually scratches their baws? You more nip them to be honest.
  11. Goal of the Season

    Accidentally voted for GMS but for me Mallan's is the best. Won the ball, great skill, beats players and a great finish!
  12. Kilmarnock Summer Transfer 2015

    Kris Boyd will no doubt be a rumour.
  13. The Hive in Edinburgh

    Bet ye widny.