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  1. A large turnaround of players is expected in the window which was mentioned, no names but there will be strikers.
  2. Was at the Fraserburgh v Arbroath game, looked about 1200 there.
  3. Last met in the cup season 99-2000, game ended 0-0 in Fraserburgh and replay was 3-1 Arbroath, memories from game in Fraserburgh, me and mate sneaked in, auld mannie on gate, had to walk through home fans on way to away end, covered in pies and other fluids, away end game was dull so let’s have a punch up with home fans, game ended in 0, had a sesh in Mintlaw after game, replay, huge support from Fraserburgh, we won 3-1 can’t remember who scored, can’t remember who beat us next round. im saying an away win, if we can score first keep it tight, 0-2 for Arbroath, best pubs for a sesh, town centre, arrive about 12.30, cheers.
  4. Playing Dunfermline in the biscuit at Gayfield.
  5. Think you we on the pixalot stream, live it was mostly Arbroath but you got a pen, then an excellent goal for yous
  6. Look, calm doon, Dick is gaffer, fact even if we go down which I don’t think we will he will still be gaffer, one season blip and folk hanging Dick, you kunts are moaning like f**k to take back to the bad days, Dick had an agreement with Dowds, said he would play for us, let us down for £50 more fact. Had strikers lined up from down south, said they would sign, literally 5 mins before jumped for a better deal, the guy is trying to get us a striker, bit of slack till end of January window.
  7. Pretty sure the stats will back me up but no way should have we lost today, if only could turn stats into points, thought we controlled the game from start to finish, apart from Ayr possession for 15 mins mid first half we controlled the game, had numerous chances but failed to score (lack of striker), still think we’re a good team but by fuk threw the Gayfield jewels at a striker.
  8. Possibly, but if not the main pie shop at the back of the stand for away fans only will be open.
  9. Arbroath vs Ayr United - Supporter information / Tickets Would all supporters please be aware of the following information ahead of tomorrow's match. ENTRY AND STADIUM Segregation will be in place. All supporters will access the game via Turnstiles 1 and 2. Please have your ticket either printed out on ready on your phone to be scanned. Ayr United supporters will enter via Turnstile 1 and have sections A and B in the CoelBrew Main Stand, and the Pleasureland End round to the Pie Hut. The food kiosk behind Section A along with the toilets are open. There is a Disabled Bay in front of Section A. Arbroath supporters will enter via Turnstile 2 and have the small section next to the CoelBrew Main Stand, the Harbour End and the East Terrace up to the corner flag. The pie hut is open, along with the toilets and food kiosk behind Section H. There is a disabled Bay in front of Section H. New Toilets behind the East Terrace are also open. Supporters who have purchased a season ticket in the CoelBrew Main Stand can sit in their seats in Section F and G and supporters who purchased a seat in CoelBrew Main Stand will be able to find the seat they purchased. Section C in the CoelBrew Main Stand is being used for Hospitality, with D for Visiting Directors and E for Arbroath Directors and Section H for non season ticket Arbroath supporters. Smoking is not permitted in the main stand of Gayfield Park. It should go without saying that No pyrotechnics are allowed inside of Gayfield. TICKETS There will be no cash gates so we must remind supporters to buy their tickets online. Season Tickets are of course valid. Home Support - https://www.arbroathfc.co.uk/match-day-tickets Ayr United - https://www.arbroathfc.co.uk/away-tickets Just like last season we shall be operating a ticket only entry process meaning your matchday ticket must be purchased online and either printed out or shown on your phone to be scanned before entry to the ground. Admission prices are as follows; Terracing £20 - Adults £13 - Concessions £23 - Adult and 1 child £25 - Adult and 2 children CoelBrew Main Stand (Sections F, G and H for Arbroath supporters and Sections A and B for Away Support) £22 - Adults £15 - Concessions £25 - Adult and 1 child £28 - Adult and 2 children Please check your junk / email folders if you don’t receive your email with your ticket straight away. If you encounter any problems please email [email protected] Please either have your ticket printed out, or saved on to your phone with your contrast fully up for our scanners to read the code. When you purchase your ticket you can save / print it in PDF format right away, but a copy will also be emailed to you. We look forward to welcoming you to Gayfield! Thank you for your support C’mon the Lichties
  10. If you have iptv the game will be on through pixalot but no commentary though or go on hesgoal again only visual and no commentary.
  11. Correct, it’s not pixalot, it’s a quality stream with commentary normally and with the away teams commentator (sometimes).
  12. Yes, covered terracing for away supporters and and not too cold forecast tomorrow big jacket should be good.
  13. Arbroath vs Raith Rovers - Pay Per View - Please Read We are delighted to announce that tomorrow’s night cinch Championship match can be shown to everyone in the UK and overseas. It is outside of the TV Streaming embargo window and having gained permission from the SPFL this match will be available to everyone for £13 and Season Ticket Holders will get complimentary access! This is likely to be a one-off due to the embargo, but we hope that it will be a bonus for those supporters who can’t attend. Supporters who had purchased the original stream before the game was postponed will be able to watch the match on their original purchase. Season Ticket Holders should have received an email with instructions on how to log on to arbroathfc.tv at the start of the season. If you did not receive this email at the start of the season please email [email protected] As always we advise you to register and sign up by 6pm on Wednesday evening to get yourself familiar with the website and so you have time to have any problems resolved. HOW TO WATCH Please watch this video https://youtu.be/kKFZBFLRo1E LOGGING ON We expect there to be 3 different categories of supporters who will be logging on tomorrow evening. 1 - Season Ticket Holders Head to arbroathfc.tv then you can access the game by clicking “Login” on the home page. Use your details to login and watch the game. 2 – Supporters who have already used our PPV this season. Head to arbroathfc.tv then you can access the game by clicking “Login” on the home page. You will use the same login name (your email address) and password as your previous live stream, then when you click “Get my Access” you will be prompted to enter in your payment details for this match. The cost is £13 3 – Away Supporters / New Supporters to PPV If this is your first time, you will have to create an account by clicking on “Get my Access” on arbroathfc.tv Your login will be your email address and then you will asked to create a password and enter in your payment details. The cost is £13 Having successfully created your account you can then click “Watch Live” and then sit back and enjoy the game! SUPPORT If you have any issues PLEASE use the live chat box on the right hand side of the Arbroath FC TV website. Our support staff can help you directly from there and will have you logged in. This is the fastest and easy way to deal with any issues you may face. Thank you for your support C’mon the Lichties
  14. Although might be for UK viewers as well because of no clashes with other games.
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