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  1. Elgin wanted 40k, we got it down to 20k, Hester said to Dick I cant work with you. Upside, not good enough for us
  2. Yes, know what you mean but will take Hamilton any day over these union fuckers plus a decent boozer five minute walk from the ground.
  3. Sort of well known gossip among supporters.
  4. PPV also pixalot I believe, check out there Facebook page.
  5. So, 3 games left and in our hands but committee, we need to squeeze every ounce out of the opposition in the remaining games, simply, Cove supporters must be put in the main stand, look at us away supporters punted to four corners of the ground to appease the opposition, well it stops now Arbroath virtually all over the ground, 12th man and all that, no Arbroath good guys, but time to be hard committee, town is proud, but even prouder if letting fans behind goals celebrate goals, “Smokies as one”.
  6. Cheers Dundee fans, btw hope yous do and don’t go up, love the banter with Dundee fans.
  7. Not had the pleasure of him in my end of the ground yet, but pies in the pus springs to mind.
  8. Is your social club at the ground still open on match days for away supporters, cheers.
  9. Komofole with his pace should have chased every ball down last 20, looked kinda lost.
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