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  1. Been at a lot of clubs where signing on fees were paid in two installments, obviously being an amateur player all my junior days I was never part of this! [emoji39]
  2. Arthurlie 0 - 3 Perthshire, first junior game I've took in this season and can't believe the state of my old team . Perthshire got all 3 goals in last 10 minutes but fully deserved this win with far more quality heart and desire the whole game
  3. Saltcoats had less than 7 signed players available, nothing more than that
  4. I helped out Frye at Saltcoats a couple of seasons ago as my final Swan song in the juniors and I am suprised and delighted they are still going. The place really is in a sorry state of disrepair and would appear to be no backing or help from the council despite being there Park. George has his critics in the juniors but if anyone can turn then round then I'm sure he can. He stuck Muirkirk longer than I thought he would and tried his best to get them going. I witnessed first hand on Saturday , ironically at Saltcoats in his last game, that his enthusiasm and attention to detail has not waivered at all and I'm sure he'll be a good fit for them. If it is true he's gone to them then I for one wish him and the club all the best!
  5. He didn't appear to be s guy about to quit before during and after the game!! Will text him to confirm!
  6. I'd be very suprised if that was true
  7. Muirkirk picking up their first 3 points and a clean sheet in the bargain is worth a mention in a great 4-0 v Saltcoats !! [emoji39]
  8. Folks get yourselves along to Abbey park this Sunday to have a great day out, see some old buffs legends getting the run around of young boys and to help a really worth while cause , full details below Buffs Fun day Bouncy castle, kids rides, beat the Gk, raffle, face painting, stalls, segdoune queen and royals will be in attendance Along with Ksc dynamo games 9.30 & 10.30 Ksc abbey games 11.30 Ksc Kilwinning rangers v BUFFS LEGENDS 2.30
  9. Ha you love reading my post willie!! [emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Good luck for Brian Heron on his return to the Port !
  11. Cotter I just hope this experience hasn't dampened your enthusiasm for the game as we need characters like you managing teams and entertaining us!
  12. Having read through these posts I'm really surprised that any top junior side would expect their manager to help fund the team, raise cash , seek out sponsors etc. Having been an assistant for a short period I saw how demanding it was just to manage the team and the players , dealing with the constant phone calls, looking at potential players etc etc , it really is a full time job. IMO a manager needs to be left alone to deal with the playing side alone and it's up to the owner / committee to fund the team, find sponsors etc. If this is the road that Shettleston have went down I'd be surprised to see any top manager want the job and it's likely they'll be changing managers regularly as it will be far to much pressure. Junior managers still have their own full time jobs and family to think off!
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