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  1. Realistically it should never have went to a replay never mind losing it but I suppose that’s the romance of the Scottish, had my fair share of shocking results during my playing days so know better than most , still doesn’t make it easy to take!
  2. Took in this game, clearly a gulf in class with the squads and tough watching Arthurlie struggling, but to be fair to them they never gave up and continued to create chances even when it went 3-1, would have been easy for the heads to go down. Saying that though if Darvel had taken their chances the score line would have been far worse for the Lie. Clearly money well spend by Darvel , changed days from when I played against them in the Ayrshire league with Kilwinning!!
  3. Taking in my first junior game for a wee while , Johnstone Burgh v Maybole at sunny keanie park . Burgh 2-0 up and got to say impressed with their organisation and the way the try to keep playing football. Two boys up front for then seem a real handful. Great to be back!
  4. Been at a lot of clubs where signing on fees were paid in two installments, obviously being an amateur player all my junior days I was never part of this! [emoji39]
  5. Arthurlie 0 - 3 Perthshire, first junior game I've took in this season and can't believe the state of my old team . Perthshire got all 3 goals in last 10 minutes but fully deserved this win with far more quality heart and desire the whole game
  6. Saltcoats had less than 7 signed players available, nothing more than that
  7. I helped out Frye at Saltcoats a couple of seasons ago as my final Swan song in the juniors and I am suprised and delighted they are still going. The place really is in a sorry state of disrepair and would appear to be no backing or help from the council despite being there Park. George has his critics in the juniors but if anyone can turn then round then I'm sure he can. He stuck Muirkirk longer than I thought he would and tried his best to get them going. I witnessed first hand on Saturday , ironically at Saltcoats in his last game, that his enthusiasm and attention to detail has not waivered at all and I'm sure he'll be a good fit for them. If it is true he's gone to them then I for one wish him and the club all the best!
  8. He didn't appear to be s guy about to quit before during and after the game!! Will text him to confirm!
  9. I'd be very suprised if that was true
  10. Muirkirk picking up their first 3 points and a clean sheet in the bargain is worth a mention in a great 4-0 v Saltcoats !! [emoji39]
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