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  1. Has he re-signed for Glencairn again? There’s an Esplin to Pollok rumour every summer.
  2. Did a turn for Pollok for half a season. Passing and dead ball delivery is excellent, scored a cracker against Arthurlie as well.
  3. Played the last two games and been our best player in both, so hopefully it isn't true.
  4. Andy Patterson played a few games as a trialist as well. Only Rowan, Hepburn and Morrison really made an impact, but 3 guys I'd still like to have had playing for us.
  5. Sorry to see him go. Pre-injury we were worried about him stepping back up to the seniors. He's different class. After the injury he never got back in the team regularly but never let us down when called upon. A complete midfielder at this level. Will do the passing, tackling and will score you goals.
  6. No he signed for next season. First I've heard that he wouldn't maybe be coming back. Maybe some agreement has been reached with stenny.
  7. Sorry to see Byrne go, it's a shame neither him or Sideserf were right footed and our defence would have been sorted.
  8. Gormley signed for next season and Rowan was released due to work commitments I believe. Would be great to have him back in the future.
  9. It's in the Evening Times today he's rumoured to be going to Troon.
  10. All the best for the future. I'm very anti-pyramid; but Bonnyrigg are a club I'll be keeping an eye on really have the potential to do something going forward into the SFL. Sorry to see you go though. My favourite ever game of football took place at New Dundas Park, a great junior venue.
  11. Still no update on the Central semi or final? Surely it makes sense for every team still involved that the winners of Glencairn v Pollok face Perthshire on Saturday and the final is Wednesday next week?
  12. I assumed our Wednesday game was deleted as they were gonna play Neilston on the Wednesday, then the Saturday fixture was deleted for whatever reason. Absolutely insane stuff . Can only hope till be a week tomorrow now.
  13. It is refreshing to see someone at the top ask everyone else for ideas. Personally I'd like to see: - The Scottish played early-mid September, October, November, then no Scottish games until mid-late February (I realise this needs SJFA approval and discussion with all regions. - Have a date set for each Cup final, so for an example this season could have been the West final could be the 9th of June at Newlandsfield, the Central final is the 13th of June at Cambuslang, the Ayrshire final on the 13th at Meadow Park and the ET final at Benburb on the 16th. Sectional final an October Sunday at a large neutral ground. - Midweek league fixtures in August. - By doing the above you plan the season around the cups and the league fixtures fall into place around them. Play two rounds of the west minimum before Christmas. - More interaction over P&B and Twitter would be excellent. Regularly ask fans for feedback. Even a feedback survey once a season that any junior supporter can participate in would be great. - Start the season with big games, advertise it as a derby weekend. Pollok v Arthurlie, Talbot v Cumnock, Beith v Kilbirnie and drum up local interest day one. - Choose one Scottish game per round to cover and put on an SJFA youtube channel. Focus advertising on that. - Friday/Sunday games. One each a week if possible. A big tie, attract the neutrals. - Focus advertising on the great product that we have, particularly in the west. There won't be a more competitive league in Scotland next season than the 16team west premier. Use this. - Get fans of all ages involved with the Scottish final, particularly as it's usually two west teams. Drum up local interest, a small portion of free tickets available on social media competitions, award local people with hospitality at the final.
  14. Gary McCann Liam Rowan scoring against Rob Roy The Scottish loss at Beechwood Adam Forde v Kilwinning
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