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  1. Fisher is pretty much a done deal I think. I thought McMullan had done well for Dundee, what’s changed?
  2. Pinning your hopes on Gavin Reilly isn’t going to end well. One of the worst strikers we’ve had in recent times.
  3. Is it not a youth player he’s referring to as opposed to a new signing?
  4. I think a new keeper is coming on loan who will be first choice.
  5. The club were expecting the kit to arrive this week.
  6. There was a lawyer on BBC Scotland this morning, I only caught the end of the interview, but in summary if he apologies it can be seen as an admission of guilt and the legal case can then be reopened. The only reasonable option would be for him to be released.
  7. Brad Mckay, Paul Mcmullan, Kevin Rutkiwicz, Dom Thomas I’ll give you the others but Brand McKay not a chance. Terrible player.
  8. Brian Rice was on open goal the other week and spoke about going to watch Dunfermline train on a near daily basis.
  9. Having seen every game he’s played for us, that’s my opinion.
  10. He’s our most talented striker. But what’s the point of talent if you don’t work hard. There’s games he’s played where he wouldn’t need to bother washing his kit.
  11. I’ll give him a lift Upto Arbroath for free. What a waste of space. He’s got a heart the size of a pea. Surprised that Dick would go for someone like him.
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