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  1. Would anyone like to buy a ferocious guard dog?
  2. I sure I read somewhere that the size difference is some an evolutionary adaptation. Something to do with prey availability whereby there are plenty of fledglings available when the male is doing most of the hunting and larger prey when the females start getting in on the action.
  3. I know there's a sparrow hawk using our garden but I've never actually seen it (only the aftermath of a kill).
  4. Badgers are really the only animals n the UK that eat hedgehogs. They can pry them open with their front feet but nothing else can really get at them when they ball up. My camera caught both the fix and hedgehog in the garden at the same time last night. The fox nicked the egg that the hedgehog had broken into but that was the limit of their interaction.
  5. Curious as to whether any other P&Bers are making efforts to make their gardens more "wildlife friendly". Our back garden is a mix of mono block, slabs and stones so we've been trying to make the front garden, which has some flower beds, a bit more attractive to different types of wildlife. We're in the long and slow process of removing rhododendron plants and replacing them with native holly and dogwood shrubs. Our 2021 lockdown project was a small wildlife pond which we have planted with native flag iris, water avens, water forget me not, marsh marigold, hornwort and water soldiers. I've yet to see any amphibians in it but there are lots of little bugs despite us not making any special efforts to introduce anything. I assume some have found their way in on the plants and others have flown in. We don't use any pesticide or herbicide in either garden so have lots of slugs and snails. We grow raspberries and strawberries but never really hand anything eating the berries. We bought a hedgehog box from ebay without realising the mass produced ones are pretty guff, so would love a bigger one. Going to modify it a bit over the weekend in a bid to keep the local moggies from showing too much interest in it. Apparently cats don't like going in if there's a tunnel style entrance. I suspected we had hedgehogs visiting as the dog cornered one in the back garden one night when I let them out for a midnight pish. I splashed out on a trail cam which we set up for the first time over the weekend and was pleased to see a hedgehog using the box and a wee fox has been popping by for a boiled egg the past three nights. We have a decent variety of garden birds that visit our feeders. Off the top of my head we've got photos of goldcrest, robins, wrens, blackies, dunnocks, house sparrows, blue/great/coal and long tailed tits, starlings, wood pigeons, siskins, greenfinch, song thrush, goldfinch and bull finch along with magpies and jackdaws. Anyone else get a ridiculous amount of enjoyment from seeing wildlife in the garden? Anyone have any cool wildlife gardening tips?
  6. Should have posted this in the Reasons to be cheerful thread.
  7. Colleague left work with a cheerful "Mind and cheer on the rangers tonight!" shouted in my door as he walked past. No, I absolutely will fucking not.
  8. "Which of you was originally responsible for bringing this arse-wipe home?"
  9. People aren't allowed to comment on a game involving teams who are higher up the leagues than their own team now?
  10. I'd have a pop at that!
  11. Skye would be a German miniature huskador. Morse would be a Saint Doberla. Seems about right.
  12. I never quite worked up the courage to try the mackerel lollipops. Bloody brilliant holiday though.
  13. Dunfermline dropping down with barely a whimper.
  14. Watching your "big" dog get absolutely bodied by two labrador pups. VID-20220502-WA0004_1.mp4
  15. This thread needs more collie.
  16. The wee farm we holiday on in Mull has just posted last night that they've seen a few. The farm has a couple of holiday cottages. we don't go on holiday to have a go at being farmers for a week.
  17. Decorating. I'm not even the one doing it, it's still shredding my nerves.
  18. Skye reckons Morse is quite fanciable now that he reeks of fox sh*te.
  19. The thought crossed my mind as well. Haven't had a season ticket for the last couple of years and there is zero chance I'd be reconsidering if Miller was given the job.
  20. This is the very definition of a nothing game, no one cares.
  21. Cracking pair. Skye is clearly the brains of the outfit. Morse always looks like hes not sure whats going on or who he is. We quite often joke that there's nothing in his skull aside from extra meat.
  22. Managed to get a great photo of our two at the secure agility park in Midlothian.
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