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  1. We always refer to our dogs preferring "meaty" water. Morse especially likes to sample puddles and different parts of the canal.
  2. Rushed this one to the emergency vets last night only for her to stage a miraculous recovery just before we got in the door. The vet had come out to the car after OH described what was going on over the phone and the wee bitch bounced out the car wanting a play. Took her gigantic injection and thermometer up the bum like a champ and just wanted mpre play time and cuddles from the vet afterward. Her symptoms were very strange, I had taken her out first thing for an hour before work and she was fine then. The dog walker took her out at about 11am for a very short walk and she was Ok then too but when I came home she was firing from both ends and very quiet. Wasn't for eating anything and at 8pm gingerly climbed up onto the sofa, leaned into me and started shaking and crying. Turned out she'd had a reaction to a packet of hamster treats she'd gotten hold of and scoffed in the morning and is back to normal today. Just as well it was payday yesterday. OH sent us a rare team photo as well. VID-20230330-WA0002.mp4
  3. Yep, I'd like to see what he could do with some game time as part of a top two. He's scored 10 league goals in one of the 2 worst teams in the league this year so clearly has some ability.
  4. I hope McGlynn starts to play the proven striker we bought in on a longer term contracy that's largely been warming our bench since January soon. We simply have to mix it up a bit now.
  5. And everyone was apparently on holiday when Falkirk played Dunfermline in the Scottish cup.
  6. Christ, you lot are taking that incident really hard.
  7. It definately happened so your disapointment is fully justified.
  8. As I say, he wasn't exactly subtle about it.
  9. Didn't trouble to be sneaky about it either.
  10. Yep, hopefully that got caught on film somewhere. Disgusting wee c**t.
  11. "Now Millie, this is how we pose for a photo. The trick is to do it in a majestic as f**k fashion to ensure we'll be all over social media within the hour."
  12. Pretty much what I do as well, not sure why discussion of a match can't take place in this thread as part of an overall picture. The QoS fanbase have a reputation to uphold and they take it very seriously. Fair play to them.
  13. That was a rotten game to watch, didn't look remotely like getting anything from it at any point. Not sure why Burrell wasn't on from the start after he almost single-handedly beat them the last time we played down there.
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