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  1. Skye is 13yo today according to her wee dug passport. She got a crunchy beef tendon, which I really hope doesn't give her the sh*ts.
  2. Morse is the same. I'm reasonably sure I could just put some pills in a bowl on their own, put it down and he'd eat them.
  3. CBD oil seemed to help our Jake when he had his cancer. I see all these "holistic" things recommended but struggle to put 100% of my trust in them unless we've used them ourselves. The only thing we got that definately worked for us was some oil that we got Skye for her dry skin and the cbd oil for Jake. Second the suggestion for metacam from the vet.
  4. Collie's are intuitively racist you say?
  5. Leon McCann's goal has appeared on BBC Sport - Leonel McMessi? Watch Falkirk score spectacular goal against Edinburgh City - BBC Sport I assume it's the FalkirkTV footage but nice to see all the same.
  6. I'd never encountered the name Harper before, when I googled it the first thing that popped up was that the Beckhams had a child called Harper so we decided it had to go. Spike was too hard-nutish a name for a timid dog like Morse so it got canned as well. Shug is a great name for a dug. Shug the dug.
  7. I think Skye is the only one of ours that kept her original name. Morse was Spike and Millie was named Harper.
  8. On the contrary, he was very keen to show off what he'd done.
  9. That's the thing, it's not even a class we're going to. We have 1-1 sessions with a trainer and then we send him progress videos which he feeds back on throughout the week. This was literally just us round the back of the house on a quiet street trying to teach her to walk to heel. I am wondering whether the fireworks on Saturday night maybe had something to do with her being so unsettled in the following days. We got caught out walking the three of them somewhere we had thought would be safe but turned out not to be. Skye and Morse were fine but Millie utterly lost her shit and bark-screamed all the way home. In hindsight we should have just not walked them that day. She seemed to really struggle over Sunday and Monday, but has settled more over the last couple of nights. Got another session with our trainer on Saturday so will see what he thinks. She's lots better in the house at least, but her and Morse still try to have a carry on at every opportunity. I vaguely remember Morse being an utter bellend until he hit 28ish months and the adolescent stage being a real shock to our systems after only ever adopting dogs that were 9+ years old and knew how the world worked.
  10. Has there been any word on Williamson's injury or has JMcG just accepted that he's not worth factoring into any plans?
  11. I've always sung the praises of The Dogs Trust, had two dogs from them and they were both exactly as described. Upsets me to see their posts on Facebook constantly trolled by the It'S iMPosSIbLe tO AdoPT FrOm DoGS TruSt crowd. Had a couple of god-awful training sessions on the bounce with this wee moron, so decided to give it a miss last night in amongst discussion with OH on whether maybe three is too many, have we perhaps bitten off more than we can chew. Spent the entirity of last night cuddled up with one of us on the sofa.
  12. Millie has to get dressed at some point as well, luckily the SSPCA were alright with us getting it done at our own vets.
  13. I think that result yesterday shows that there's not much chance of anyone other than Dunfermline winning the league. They are able to grind out wins and draws at the very worst but we've lost 4 games before the end of the first quarter. I'd love to think that we could get up via the play-offs but not in the least bit confident about that. First half yesterday was cagey as hell and with Brad McKay on the right it pretty much stops any real attacking threat from that side. He nearly always looks to pass it back to Donaldson and the likes of Nesbitt and Morrison weren't showing for long spells yesterday. The high balls up to an isolated Burrell were infuriating as well. He can get on the end of them provided the opposition decide not to bother defending ala Queens last week, but that was never going to be the case yesterday, yet we persisted with it throughout the entire game. Frustrating.
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