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  1. I seem to get tagged in these dog theft posts by someone on my friends list about once a month. If anyone ever did steal my dog, I imagine it wouldn't take long for them to phone up offering some serious cash to take him back.
  2. Why is Hartley touching everyone with his bare hand.
  3. Chap seems a bit confused as to whether or not we have bears (the less obnoxious type) in Scotland.
  4. That looks more like a slime coat issue to me rather than whitespot. Usually can be traced back to an issue with water as Gman says above.
  5. Morse had his first scent detection training session today but we sadly had to cancel because of bad weather. He was disappointed that he couldn't be a sniffer dog, so he became a turtle instead.
  6. Our midfield just aren't in the game, we're not going to score by hoofing it up the park but that seems to be the only tactic. Got no one on the bench that we can really use to switch things up either.
  7. While amusing it's damn worrying that we're still pressing the defensive self-destruct button.
  8. Surely time to get it up on YouTube? I know we had the same issue at the start of the season but at least it went up on Facebook and YouTube pretty quick when it was obvious there was a problem.
  9. Have Thistle managed to get a stream working before now? Surely there must be someone on hand in case of situations like this.
  10. I'm seeing a raccoon wearing goggles.
  11. Normally our vet does ops in the morning with the afternoon given over to recovery time so no news by 1pm is usually good news. Hopefully same applies!
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