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  1. Sanctuary

    I'm a secondary school teacher and normally inservice days are full of box ticking guff for us. I'm convinced that it's purely to stop us doing anything useful. Our head teacher decided to give over the last in service day of the year to department work so we could just get development work and admin stuff done. Of course we do still have a ton of shit to do still but it was nice at the time.
  2. He largely under-performed with us over the course of last season in one of the worst Championships in memory and you're surprised he wound up at Dunfermline? They love signing our diddies.
  3. P&B Bird Watch

    Get a niger seed feeder! We get loads of these in our garden, they like sunflower hearts and niger seeds.
  4. P&B Bird Watch

    I didn't realise that the juveniles had red on their heads too.
  5. P&B Bird Watch

    Seem to have a pile of woodpeckers visiting our garden just now. Spotted what I assumed was a pair at first but turned out to be two adult males that flew off across the road together. Did wonder why it was always males I was seeing but assumed there was a female nearby looking after young. Weird to see two lads in the garden at the same time (it's not a big garden). Has there ever been a documented case of homosexual woodpeckers?
  6. I'm going to assume this is probably BranchTon?

    Taken just after she'd let rip with an eye-watering fart.
  8. Can folk stop fucking mentioning Monkey Tennis! He'll come back, post something, someone will quote it and we'll all end up having to read it.
  9. Juice-Crisps-Chocolate

    Coca cola, McCoy hot chilli and a Fry's cream (Orange preferably but peppermint is also acceptable).

    Wee Jake trying his best not to look too shagged out after a walk round the park. He did manage up Dumyat the other week so not bad going given he's 15 in August.
  11. Trailer park boys

    How in the hell did I manage to miss this?! "Do you really think the cops are that stupid?" .... "Yes."
  12. Would probably do more of a job that half the duds we had last year.
  13. Let's talk about grapes!

    My partner gets through two boxes of grapes from thr green grocers in Grangemouth every week. Red is best but black is acceptable if there's no red to be had.

    Skye somehow managed to catch a rabbit last night, f**king mortified. To her credit she dropped it when I started yelling at her. The rabbit then got up and ran away, might have been a particularly stupid rabbit given Skye is close to 11yo.
  15. Out of the mouth of babes...

    My partner was driving us to Glasgow last night and we were stuck in traffic coming off the M74 going to Hamden. It was very stop-start and he comes out with. "I wish cars had some sort of cruise control that kept them hovering in the same place." Wasn't amused when I pointed out that the car was indeed equipped with a handbrake.