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  1. Should have posted this in the Reasons to be cheerful thread.
  2. Colleague left work with a cheerful "Mind and cheer on the rangers tonight!" shouted in my door as he walked past. No, I absolutely will fucking not.
  3. "Which of you was originally responsible for bringing this arse-wipe home?"
  4. People aren't allowed to comment on a game involving teams who are higher up the leagues than their own team now?
  5. I'd have a pop at that!
  6. Skye would be a German miniature huskador. Morse would be a Saint Doberla. Seems about right.
  7. I never quite worked up the courage to try the mackerel lollipops. Bloody brilliant holiday though.
  8. Dunfermline dropping down with barely a whimper.
  9. Watching your "big" dog get absolutely bodied by two labrador pups. VID-20220502-WA0004_1.mp4
  10. This thread needs more collie.
  11. The wee farm we holiday on in Mull has just posted last night that they've seen a few. The farm has a couple of holiday cottages. we don't go on holiday to have a go at being farmers for a week.
  12. Decorating. I'm not even the one doing it, it's still shredding my nerves.
  13. Skye reckons Morse is quite fanciable now that he reeks of fox sh*te.
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