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  1. It's definately a day for home made leek and tatties soup. Now where'd all you c**ts with the bread go?
  2. If there was ever a game that could sum up this league that was it. Nothing but utter dross on show from both teams.
  3. This has probably been posted before but I only saw it for the first time today. Uncanny resemblance.
  4. Two months after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and you'd still be struggling to notice anything wrong with him.
  5. I take it he's insured t least? We let Jake's insurance run out as they wanted to increase it by a ridiculous amount despite us never having claimed on it. Now spending £250 a month on his cancer drugs, lesson learnt the hard way.
  6. Had it my mind it was hagi and it took him right of his feet, might be wrong though as wouldn't trust my memory and you're doing better than me with getting the shitalow bit. You might well be right, my mate was with me that game so I'll ask him on Friday.
  7. My main memory of DN was when he "passed" the ball to Andy Lawrie (maybe) who was standing on the touchline during a game against Morton at Capilow. The ball smacked him in the chest and he fell over backward and the ball went out for a throw in.
  8. Don't fancy a swap for Denny Johnstone?
  9. I'll be honest and say that if I were to come across a sight like this in my loft I'd probably expire on the spot. Creepy little c**ts.
  10. Taking little red riding dug for walkies.
  11. Rizzo

    Trailer park boys

    I've been laughing at this for an embarrassing amount of time.
  12. We said the same last week watching Buchannan trying to rile up the other players and being ignored. This team just don't play for each other or the manager. I can't see McKinnon being sacked either as we'll surely struggle to afford to pay him off. Reckon this season is a write-off and we'll need to look for a new manger in May.
  13. Predictably a team that aims to get in our faces and frustrate are a goal ahead and we don't look like scoring in the proverbial barrel of fannies. McKinnon won't make the necessary changes either. We'll get a point at the very best from today.
  14. That'll be us back to the ineffective midfield diamond then?
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