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  1. Competition for sunspots is fierce in our household. Skye is wondering if she could campaign for the death penalty after Morse came in planted himself in the same spot.
  2. Unused sub was probably his best position for us last year.
  3. Last night I dreamt that I was in Glasgow with partner and one of our dogs. I was watching her clamber up a cliff (not sure where this would be) and then struggle to get down again. Started walking over to encourage her back the way she went up only to see her fall and immediately die when she hit the pavement which was 20 odd feet below her. By the time I got over, her body had turned into a weird looking plant which I uprooted and took home. I was pretty upset in my dream and yet all anyone could say about the whole traumatising incident was that at least I got a nice plant out of it.
  4. Tbf he gets referred to as "butt-head" quite a lot in our house so it seems like an apt nickname. Our trainer had encouraged us to play with him if he did well in training as he seems to be more driven to play rather than getting food. In this photo he had gotten a bit rowdy and stuck his head between hubbys legs. He instantly regretted it as you can see.
  5. Morse's training is going really well.
  6. Good to hear the op went well! Being a young lad he'll adjust to being a tripawd dead quick I bet.
  7. "That answer's never worth 3 marks, gies that rid pen!"
  8. Is he a bit scared? Morse is still an utter shitebag although he's a lot better than he was.
  9. That's rotten, you've got plenty time to spoil him at least and he might surprise you (and the vet). Such a shame that there isn't much more they can do. When our girl had her tumor grow back after the debulk op we had a fortnight with her and that was it. Our vet did say to us that the type of tumor was really aggressive and only amputation would have given us much more time. Sadly her tumor was in her neck so not an option for us. She took a week to recover properly from the op but we only got another week or so after that. I think she had every kind of butcher's meat slow cooked to perfection that week. The last photo of her I got was her peering round the door waiting on her pork sausages on the dreaded morning.
  10. My triceratops's horns got chewed as well. 🤣 I think mine got gifted to a young cousin, tempted to ask if she still has them.
  11. House should smell rather lovely when I come home from work tonight.
  12. Loxicom is a pretty mild anti inflammatory. Hope he gets on OK on Friday, fingers crossed!🤞
  13. As a child I was utterly obsessed with dinosaurs so I loved my early learning center models when I was young and that was where most of my pocket money went. I think they started making the proper realistic looking ones just as I grew too old to bother with them. I had all of the ones pictured here and would spend half my time setting up dinosaur safari parks in the back garden, making them fight each other, drawing pictures of them etc. I had quite an active imagination where dinosaurs were concerned.
  14. Is he on any meds from the vet? Jake got put on a steroid after the usual non-steroidal anti-inflammatory didn't really do anything for him.
  15. I'm more nervous that much of the stuff I previously enjoyed isn't going to be an option for me any time soon. Still waiting on the decent local swimming pools opening in Falkirk.
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