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  1. Cove Thread

    Can’t argue with your sentiments as Cove never needed to get out of first gear in either leg and still comfortably won the tie 7-0 on aggregate. My gut feeling is they will be pushing to go up the way rather than down the way.
  2. Relegation Play-offs; Cove v. Berwick

    I would agree I reckon Cove will definitely in the play off mix next season. Definitely be a good addition to the league.
  3. Relegation Play-offs; Cove v. Berwick

    A real lump in my throat after reading that. The likes of Moyes and Romaines wouldn’t have took that defeat lying down today.
  4. Wouldn’t be up to the Northern League. The FA decide who’s going where. The league’s have no say in the matter. I’ve closely being watching the situation regarding Colwyn Bay who are returning back to Wales and from what I’m hearing they seem to be heading to the third tier. Of course England has a bigger pyramid system so that means nothing. I wouldn’t think we would have to go the bottom. I’m sure the FA would accommodate us somewhere and my guess would be the Northern League for starters. Would we better off in England I’m not sure. The travelling in the NL might not be so bad as the SPFL but the drawback is a lot of the NL clubs don’t bring much travelling support.
  5. Berwick v Peterhead

    Wouldn’t go as far to say as that’s the three points that has just secured our league status. Gap still far too close for my liking but on the positive side it will give everyone around the club a massive boost. Seven almost like cup finals to play from here though but with a lot more hope after tonight though.
  6. West Region Games Off - 16th March

    Johnstone Burgh v Vale of Leven
  7. It’s very much the same problem that Elgin City and Peterhead face in this division and Stranraer too. The decent players down in the North East are getting decent money in the Northern League. £100-£150 on average perhaps a bit more in some cases but have next to no travelling. But the bottom line is a lot of them don’t want to travel hence clubs like Morpeth (who have a millionaire Chairman) are paying well over the odds to get players to commit and in some cases offer them a job in his factory as a sweetener to keep them. The likes of Blyth Spartans, Spennymoor and Darlington are struggling to get players to commit to travel in the National League North and they are on the door step down there. We’ve had a number of players from down there over the years. Only really Peter Davidson and Ken Bowron stuck it out long term. Most hung around for a season but the lure of earning as much money locally and not trailing up the A1 four times a week is the deal breaker.
  8. Edinburgh v Berwick

    Up against it for most of the night but cannot fault the side for the shift they put in. Kept their shape, put plenty effort in with a bit of luck might have stole a point at the end.
  9. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    Maybe I’m mistaken he was playing that night.
  10. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    It was earlier than those two dates. I recall West Calder had not long moved into their new ground. I just checked they moved there in 2008.
  11. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    After a date and a score if you can oblige. I'm sure Lithgae won very comfortably on the night with Chris King scoring a few
  12. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    Are there any Lithgae stattos post on here. After a wee bit of info on a game I saw at West Calder a few years ago at their new place. I’m sure Dave Baikie was the Manager. It was a Wednesday night game very warm night. Ring any bells with anyone

    Not much to get excited footballwise. Talbot had that edge that could move up a gear for me. 3-0 maybe flattered them over the piece but they proved the hunger is still there despite going out the big Scottish
  14. Some more sad news to report. Ian Ross who managed the club during the mid-90s has passed away at the age of 72. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-mourn-passing-former-defender-15807692.amp