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  1. Harsh to lay all of the blame for what happened to Berwick at Johnny Harvey’s door. Club had been going backwards for years and he didn’t get much help from a Board that didn’t help the previous manager either. Now the last time I looked at the Lowland League table he’s not doing a bad job at Bonnyrigg. Maybe Johnny might have done a couple of things differently looking back but I’m sure he’ll be a more experienced manager for the benefit of it. I’m sure he’ll bounce back somewhere and do a good job.
  2. Brechin do look as though they can pull a result from somewhere along the line whereas we were looked in big trouble especially during the run-in when the roof caved in almost every week. I would agree this season’s play-off winner probably won’t be as strong as Cove were last season but it’s important to be going into that play off with a bit of positivity about yourself.
  3. I used to be involved in the Northern League back then before moving up here two decades ago. It’s funny I’ve been watching this situation up here and thinking the similarities of what you mention. Two men held the Northern League back all those years ago. They wanted us feeding into the Conference which was an absolute ridiculous demand knowing they wouldn’t back down and gave them a reason not to join the pyramid. But after two of the big guns upped sticks and left followed by another two the next season the writing was on the wall. We ended up a level lower than we were offered.
  4. The new stand was up by the time I got Links Park for the first time back in 1995 but like a few other posters what a cracking ground it looked like before the redevelopment.
  5. Big Darren Dods was the player sent off pretty early in the game if I remember correctly
  6. Agree with that statement. Definitely more obstacles to conquer to win the Lowland League while from what I’ve seen in the Highland League over the last couple of seasons especially with Cove gone it’s more balanced playing in the HL.
  7. Not sure if anyone has posted it so far but Girvan’s Hamilton Park is adjacent to the station
  8. Must be two seasons ago I booked Parklea Stadium for an amateur league cup semi final. Port Glasgow Juniors we’re away on that day. The league paid its money for the park but were never told that our fixture could be postponed or changed to another venue if Port Glasgow decided they needed the pitch at short notice. Low and behold their game for the Saturday had no chance of going ahead so they switched the fixture to Parklea Stadium which was fair enough. Invercyde Council told us their fixtures took preference but it would have been nice if they had been pointed out from the start.
  9. And Arbroath who were the other relegated club.
  10. I’m absolutely staggered at the wage bill. That can’t be surely just the playing budget but must take in the likes of officials wages/honoraria
  11. I’d forgot about that one. That must have been out early to mid 90s. Another great read.
  12. Read a good one from the local journalist who covered Forest during Clough's reign. Provided you don't kiss me by Duncan Hamilton is a tremendous read. I think he kept quiet about a lot of Clough's antics at the time but had Clough's blessing from him and his family to do a book once he had passed away.
  13. I can vouch for Cacarino's and Micky Thomas's book as great reads too.
  14. Read 100s and most of them listed above. My top 10. RED CARD ROY (Roy McDonough) - Lower league legend in England. Really funny, goes into depth about the drinking and shagging culture of playing in the lower league's in England back in the 70s and 80's. Good football read too. Most of my mates enjoyed this one after I mentioned it to them. CONFESSIONS OF A HIGHLAND HERO (Steve Paterson) - Another gripping read. A shame how the guy never learned from the same mistakes he kept making. Obviously had problems in his home life from an early age but never the less a great read. BUDGIE (John Burridge) - Not a great lover of the guy having had dealings with him in Non-League down in England but I really enjoyed his book. The guy is a total nutcase but he admits it himself. He was years ahead of himself in the terms of fitness regimes and sports science but another interesting book. NO HALF MEASURES (Graeme Souness) - This was Souness's first autiobiography just after he took over at Rangers. As usual Souey doesn't sit in the fence. Some good stuff about how Liverpool were successful during his playing days there. OLLIE (Ian Holloway) - Another enjoyable read. Written typically in Holloway's mad sense of humour. Goes in depth about his playing career then going into management and how. tough it was bringing up two deaf daughters in the process. Very funny in parts but deadly serious too. GET THE SHEEP OFF THE PITCH (Phil Staley) - I guarentee no one in Scotland will have heard of him but the guy was a North West of England and North Wales legendary Non-League manager. Tells his managerial career which was colourful. Full of tells of threatening to knock out ref's (seen him do it one day at Stalybridge), playing ringers and generally what a glamorous life it was managing in non-league football back in the 80s & 90's. Just a short book of about 150 pages so its not a big read. You can get on Amazon for about £3. OH JOEY (Joey Jones) - Joey played in Liverpool's first European Cup success in 1977. A Liverpool fan from North Wales, he lived the dream playing for his boyhood club but two seasons after winning the European Cup he was back playing with his local club Wrexham wondering where it all went wrong. Spells with Chelsea and Huddersfield followed, Joey described how it wasn't such a glamorous life playing for clubs like that back then before ending up in the lower leagues scrapping for a living. THE DEREK FERGUSON STORY - Not just about his time at Rangers but he goes in-depth about his journeyman career and should be of interests to guys that follow the lower divisions in Scotland and in Northern Ireland too. TAXI FOR FARRELL (David Farrell) - Another book of Scottish interest. The guy tells about his hard luck football story where not much seems to have gone for him over the years. Again this should interest anyone with an interest of the lower divisions up here. STAN THE MAN - (Stan Bowles) - As the title says Stan was some man. He was legendary player in the 70s with QPR who vice was gambling. Again, a very funny book which tells some great tales about one of the great English players that never fulfilled his potential. I also recommend Stan Ternent's book 'Stan the Man A Hard life in football', The Crazy Gang which was written by Dave Bassett & Wally Downes about Wimbledon's rise up the football league which was brilliant and Neil Redfearn's autobiography 'There's only one Neil Redfearn'
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