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  1. If we want to challenge for the promotion play offs then we either need to recruit the right players to play the 5-3-2 formation or go to a back four to shore up the defence. Both Durnan and Graham are far too slow to be playing together at the back in the same team. The strongest back four available right now would be Church, Stanger, Taggs, Robbo. Hopefully Muir is fit sometime soon so that he can replace Hogarth in goals. We look OK going forward but a complete shambles at the back.
  2. About time! It'll be the usual names trotted out no doubt but right now I wouldn't really mind Andy and Trouts until the end of the season although they might be needed on the pitch more than in the dug out. I personally wouldn't be against the likes of Kettlewell or Duffy getting the job. Duffy with Andy as player assistant with the view of passing over the reigns one day? Although if Mulraney fancies another left field appointment then the likes of Andy Kirk and Stephen Simmons at Brechin spring to mind, two ex players who know the club well. Probably see the likes of Marvin Bartley, Jon Daly in the betting as well. As long as Bob Malcolm isn't caretaker then I couldn't really care right now. I'm just glad that we have a chance of staying up now.
  3. We are rudderless. He will never walk as his ego won't allow it and he also knows that he's finished after this.
  4. Starting to get the feeling that we could scud a team 9-0 and fans would still begrudge giving the team and manager any credit. It's always ifs and buts when we get a result. We are three points from the top of the league.
  5. We actually look quite decent going forward and were unlucky not to win in the end. Ferguson doesn't half get some abuse. Although Grant and Goodwin suffered similar at the start of their spells as manager. It seems to be an Alloa trait, fans shouting abuse at a previous manager then pining for him under the new manager. Ferguson might help himself by improving the defence by swallowing his pride and putting Parry back in goals and further strengthening the defence by dropping Andy Graham. Andy is quite possibly the best centre half I've seen in an Alloa top and a club legend but his best days are behind him and it looks like he is towing a caravan.
  6. https://t.co/Jc9UXyViQ6?amp=1 Hopefully be a good night on Friday.
  7. Some more Friday night football to look forward to next month.
  8. Alloa played some really nice football yesterday, Flanny is like the Scottish Pirlo in that holding role. Some fans are extremely quick to get down Grant's throat, especially when we conceded yesterday. Although Goodwin wasn't exactly a fans favourite when he got the job.
  9. Same amount of points on the board as this time last season and we are already relegated by Xmas according to some. Funny old game football...
  10. It's early days but I'm trying to organise a match between the supporters team and the Challenge Cup winning squad for sometime in November.
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