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  1. Heard from a 100% reliable source that Kelty Hearts have decided to join the pyramid and see how far they can go. Obviously they will be starting at the bottom and are expected to be playing in the East of Scotland League from next season while they go through the licencing process.
  2. I was at the Ormiston v Leith game on Saturday and it was a great result for Ormiston who I believe had quite a few players missing through illness, injury and suspension. To be fair to Leith they are a very good side and could easily have won the game but for Ormiston's goalie who was outstanding.
  3. I understand that Easthouses were given permission to bring their last game forward so that they could go away on a stag weekend.
  4. You're right Duns Fan, Carl and his helpers have done well this season as have the Ormiston guys to come from near the bottom of the league and challenge for promotion. Ormiston also dropped silly points at Hawick and at home to Eyemouth. Just one thing though - referees are not "giving up their time" they are usually the only person on the pitch who is getting paid for being there. I also attended on Saturday as a neutral and thought the ref was appalling.
  5. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the formation of the Lowland League, the guys at Ormiston have been working towards improved facilities at the ground for years and certainly well before the Lowland League was even thought about. At least Ormiston won't be putting matches off because of firework displays or dog shows at their ground.
  6. As I understand it the referees have been instructed that due to data protection issues they are not allowed to hand over teamlines to anyone other than the club officials of the teams playing.
  7. Some of you obviously have a difficulty with reading. I therefore repeat myself THERE WERE NO ORMISTON FANS FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER. There was the father of one of the Ormiston players who was assaulted by a BURNTISLAND FAN.
  8. I was at this match yesterday and let me say right away that it was a very good close game which could have gone either way. Regarding the so called fans fighting, what actually happened was that a Burntisland supporter took exception to some industrial language from the father of one of the Ormiston players and asked him to desist. The player's father then asked him if he was going to make the same request to the players on the pitch who, like at every football match everywhere, were using the same language, the Burntisland supporter's response was to square up to the guy from Ormiston and I believe throw one punch at him. The Ormiston Officials who were there stepped in to cool things down and persuaded their player's father not to call the police. That was all there was to it and as Here We Go says all of this space would have been better used in commenting about the match.
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