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  1. Even Deans and Holt said DGW would never play for FFC for obvious reasons. our new board tried to sign him. As they say in the Dragon’s Den - for that reason I’m out!
  2. So is youth development off the agenda moving forward? I really hope not.
  3. Their lack of accountability worries me greatly. I honestly fear they present an existential threat to the club. I genuinely hope I’m wrong. the fact they’re haemorrhaging staff, aren’t raising a fraction of anticipated fan income, and can’t even get match day catering right sets alarm bells ringing. worrying times ahead.
  4. We’ve got an alliance with SEVCO? WTF, I missed that. After 50 years of supporting FFC, if true, I’d be done.
  5. They should hang their heads in shame. But they won’t, and BPM will be on to tell us they’re a paradigm of virtue! Our club is a joke.
  6. For me it will be Rennie as I’m sure it will be for many others. Imposter!
  7. Seriously. If I only showed up after bad results I’d be omnipresent under your pals tenure. Regarding the ‘caveats’ the poster was only pointing out that, hopefully, there are conditions written in to some of the contracts agreed by the previous incumbents that will allow inexpensive termination. Honest question, as I do believe we both want the team to succeed, can we afford to extend the Rennie experiment?
  8. Calling MR a tactical coach is stretching it
  9. I think a lot of us will be done for longer than this season. And it hurts me to face that realisation.
  10. MR is an easy imposter and nowhere close to being a competent football manager. And great hearing in previous posts that a swear word will never pass his lips. However he’s was complicit in trying to sign a rapist. Get him and his apologists as far away as possible from our club.
  11. Totally agree. Watson seemed to feel the the fans pain. Rennie certainly did not. Change is needed now to prepare us for next season.
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