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  1. Everyone is just too accepting for my liking. Let the club know your feelings!
  2. Total clear out needs reported tomorrow. And that has to include Holt. Tonight’s tactics mean he needs binned. Disgraceful.
  3. Email available on club website for board member Kozary - let him know how you feel.
  4. Holt needs to be gone tomorrow along with EVERY player.
  5. Get in touch with board member, and PR guru, Kozary and tell him you won’t accept this!
  6. Really worries me that Holt is at FFC
  7. Last 5 games we have the worst form of ANY club in Scotland.
  8. It will all be over on Tuesday but where do we go from here? only team in the league with no wins in the last five games. We are rock bottom on form in the third tier of Scottish football. what do we do to change things? Personally I’ve got no faith in Holt, Deans, Kozary or Carrie, so what is the catalyst for change?
  9. Is he not there to rebuild the academy? I’d prefer he was nowhere near our club.
  10. He needs binned too but I don’t think we can afford to do so. if he has to stay he needs kept away from first team matters.
  11. Email Kieran who is a member of the BoD i did after the Airdrie game and got condescending platitudes.
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