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  1. What a comeback. That’s what good managers do.
  2. Falkirk daft - Lewis is a complete patsy!
  3. It’s not all about signings though. And they’ve been average at best. His tactics are awful.
  4. Sad thing is our much lauded ‘fan owned’ board won’t. worrying times for FFC
  5. Glad we agree he should be gone. As do most fans. A pivotal moment for those in charge.
  6. They do that and the fans won’t return in the numbers they need. Strong decisions needed tonight,
  7. So do you agree mcglynn should be sacked ?
  8. If they don’t bin mcglynn tonight I’m done
  9. Happy to have a face to face chat with you both to discuss my concerns. I’ve got my concerns but happy for open debate.
  10. Sad. enjoy our club’s abject failure. pretty crass response btw. We’re not in 1980.
  11. Try something non McGlynn for our semis
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