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  1. Usually I think the black shorts look better but that strip will be smashing with white shorts and socks.
  2. Even the discussion in the admin topic has been closed. Why the f**k is this so sensitive? Should I take his name out my posts on here? Is a couple of gangsters gonnae brake ma thumbs?
  3. I heard about this a couple months back but thought it was bullshit. What a signing he'd be.
  4. Maybe to do with the fact that if we sign him he'll be our player for the play offs and we wanted to keep things quiet? Then what's the courier thing about.
  5. What a guess tae! f**k knows. Legal action is a joke. Cannot believe the over reaction.
  6. .net is in absolute meltdown, someone mentioned a possible signing target before it is to be mentioned in tomorrow's courier. Only clue is that he plays his football not too far away and he is a striker. Any ideas? Hemmings perhaps?
  7. Poet's our very own VT Like a bit of a know it all little brother. Does your tits in sometimes but can't help but piss yourself as he rips other people and gets them riled.
  8. 'Young team' annoys me as well. Whenever we will it's not stop congratulating the 'young' lads for going well and when we lose you canny say a bad word because they're 'just young boys'.
  9. What a transformation in the last 6 months. Great times to be a pars fan.
  10. Got to be hopeful of something this season I suppose Gazza Glitter ma'man.
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